The *BROKEN* Operation Shadow Legacy Experience... 😅


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    Today in this Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy montage we are taking a look at the new operator Zero and how actually broken this season is before it gets fixed and put on live!
    This season sure was broken as all h***
    Don't miss this Rainbow Six Siege Montage or i cri :(
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    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time OST - Lost Woods
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    Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games OST - Bob-Omb Battlefield
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      If you Wishlist Last Farewell: I'll upload twice next week

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        nope dont care about that game

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        Wishlist Karlson on Steam Milk gang

      4. Force Glare

        I have a question for u bikinibodhi

      5. Nick 4

        Whats the Name of the Musik at 0:09 ?

    2. Bruno Candido

      0:18 If you have a few spare hours... I can show you how making infiltrator a viable perk deck is a master piece of design.

    3. Dominic Sibielak

      I fucking play skyrim what the fack

    4. Romeo Cimino

      13:52 monke !

    5. NITRIC FOX 78

      You make me happy

    6. Leonel Pineda Pastrana

      the bumblebee of the grenade is the best X

    7. Vojta Šmehlík

      smurf test server

    8. Benjamin Elmes

      I searching for the clip of: Monkey on ping Xd

    9. Boomer

      10:29 that was absolutelly amazing! The choir was perfect!

    10. Darth Revan

      I Love the ocarina of Time music in den background

    11. Matthew Lecompte

      Character is realeast bikini NEW *BROKEN* OP

    12. Mattias Xxxx

      6:55 achieved the Kill, but at what cost

    13. jan ike sina

      Your game looks lame :\

      1. jan ike sina

        @Jacob Hobson dont remember, not memorable

      2. Jacob Hobson

        It’s looks so shit doesn’t he, he just keep pushing it

    14. Jaden Hefington_Cuhz

      3:09 surprised this didn’t get copyrighted

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    16. 채동진


    17. Diego Brando

      What this meme's name at 2:16?

    18. Tsuki Shima

      this has nothing to do with the video but yet the ad before wendys thought that they won the chicken war the fuck they aint got shit on chickfila zaxbys or like every where else.Thank you for your time

    19. Wyatt Ratliff

      That's the effect you see when Amaru grapples into a window or something. She must've gotten stuck with it.

    20. Hálisson Araújo

      2:16 name of that weird song?

    21. phill7915

      5:58 ah a man of culture playing that music i recognized it at 6:00 though had to listen in

      1. phill7915

        Started at 5:48 i think

    22. Ashley Desano

      What is the music at 0:07

    23. Vague

      7:25 Ninja??

    24. Cali Shr00ms

      "Operation Health"

    25. Sneaky Bastard

      And I thought op health was bad

    26. Glock

      that skyrim thing threw me back so far

    27. Koiden

      0:08 how did he not kill you lmao

    28. Goob Dam

      The people looking into a wall isn't fixed I played my first game in 6 months and that happened to me I thought they were cheating

    29. ShawneeNation

      13:37 in what universe do you get a hit marker on a downed guy

    30. Lusor_Elges

      Yoda is 900 years old xD

    31. Boss Paweenat

      5:22 Thank you for teach me new word. I am swallow my lunch and no water near me

    32. V9Tadpole

      As someone who no life’s payday I can confirm it’s payday with fancy graphics

    33. Carl Von Cannabyz

      The throat singing was hillarious😂

    34. wapo taco

      Skyloft music really hit different to me

    35. Vlanson

      Bodhi, I have a question. Just how claims for UMG and other companies do you get each video? lol

    36. Professionally Retarded

      0:24me: *months of torment and hell flash back to me at the snap of a finger* Also me: oh it isn't sponsored by raid. (PRAISE BABY JESUS)

    37. sosa

      It just works

    38. _ Hamlet _

      Flat tail studio. Hahahhaha

    39. Schnee Wolf

      Question. What music is playing at the start (0:06-0:11)? I tried to find it in the music link list but I couldn´t find it. :/

    40. Visama

      fck now I want to play Pokémon Pearl/Diamond again

    41. Santiago Correa

      Its payday2 fellas

    42. Emre Dereli

      ı love bikini

    43. Ex

      8:25 the AS VAL is now in siege bois

    44. Ismaele Picone

      I'm Italian and I must tell you that alibi is not said alibai try to repeat alibe

    45. Mettnett

      Who is the boy named Span?

    46. Anonymous Lee

      Could we get the Amaru weeb zoom as an optional feature for sprinting? Plz Ubi.

    47. Tony Publicover

      What's the song at the beginning where he knifed Mozzie and Warden

    48. Starый Пажылоуэ

      Эмиль же Русский?/Emil is Russian?

    49. Xavier

      unsubscribed and unfollowing on Twitchand unsubscribing from YT. never seen someone be so toxic to their viewers over a mechanic NOBODY had a problem w for years until now. it’s honestly kind of ridiculous that you would flip out over something so stupid when the whole point of the TTS the test server and when I say test server I mean like emphasis on the test is the fact that your junk or dinner if you wanna keep 10 of those grenades he will probably get a nurse to have around anywhere from 3 to 5/ first of all second of all the words stand I don’t know if there any but Ubisoft literally makes everybody over powered in the new reworks and when they drop you off Raiders this is not anything new or unexpected that you can’t say you didn’t see, it’s Ubisoft they do this with every operator instead of the way I saw you treating your twitch viewers it was disgusting I screen recorded the entire thing I’m going to go posted in sub Reddit and everywhere else that I can and try to spread the word because honestly I never expected this from you bikini I’m not mad I’m just severely disappointed in how disgusting you would act and treat the people who supports you over a mechanic that Ubisoft designed.

    50. FunnySkeleton

      Operation health meme in 2020? Lmao

    51. Squishy Liam

      He really just hit us with a elder scrolls reference in 2020

    52. Genovesator

      (1:44 )You are a good meme. Thank you

    53. vegeta777 مرحبا árabe مرحبا

      Que asco ni un cuchillaso

    54. Michael Albert

      llmaoo the intro melees WOT

    55. Pusshiッ

      Tá de hack main.

    56. Fournier Eventos

      Kkkkk eu sou BR e adoro esse cara

    57. Selim Kocak

      Look at this sound bikini 6:55

    58. Jamie Loriis

      sub to envii

    59. Nicolas Margni

      Eminem VEVO killed you xD

    60. Quetly Gaid rahman

      please make video about montagne thank you

    61. Noob Squad: Wolfpack

      Operation Shadow Optimisation

    62. Mexican Goku

      The fact that bikini through so many created videos and this one he always uses tracks that were featured in payday 2 like black light and it makes me happy

    63. GonRan

      THIS IS R$.

    64. Elijah Montgomery

      Todd Howard and Skyrim were the best parts. You seriously outdid yourself with that. Had me in tears.

    65. Sebastian Merrill

      7:18 if he existed 10,00” years ago he would be human, Neanderthals died out 40 thousand years ago

    66. Schnulli 1238

      Operation Health 2.0

    67. M3RKY J4CK

      Why’d they change Zeros Operator Art he now looks like a pissed of kid

    68. SlothyBones

      Anyone knows what kind of coat zero wears?

    69. Magic

      I love your vídeos but i don't understand you because im spanish, my english os very bad xddd. Good video man :D

    70. Jay 1 Jay

      0:06 does anyone know the song

    71. seyada

      1:50 he just got isekaid

    72. Stef

      Got every ad on the internet so disliked

    73. Recruit Main

      Had to stop watching these glitches are too cancer

    74. purpledigimon x

      Thanks to that skyrim intro, I've found myself playing it again. For the 7th time. With 200+ mods. That I spent hours and hours on downloading and getting right. Thanks.

      1. Darth Revan

        I have 2000 hours in die game

    75. Ecliptic Equinox

      12:16 who’s this operator?

      1. Darth Revan


    76. Ecliptic Equinox

      Not pulling out the elder scrolls skyrim meme would’ve been the better mix up

    77. Elian Jugalbot

      Can anyone tell me the song @ 2:17?

    78. Webif

      sounds like a pea shooter

    79. A Slemmer

      What about the sound bug?

    80. Felipe Santos

      We need a operation health seasion part 2

    81. Baturalp Akan

      why you dont play with me

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      Is ur game gonna be free?

    83. King Of the hill

      Bikini we need #bosg3x

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      Good to see the Bosg acog in action ;)

    85. YourMovie IsHere

      Guys how does year pass works? If I bought it, will I have all the season pass?

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    87. Cr4c1he4 d

      BikiniBodhi i have a question can u call the acs12 as Dosenöffner caus its in germany a beautifull thing

    88. Bendegúz Cseh

      Hi,kini what is the song name in 0:06

      1. Bendegúz Cseh

        @Jay 1 Jay oh my gosh!!Thank you very very much!!

      2. Jay 1 Jay

        La castle vania Operation black Light

    89. Sr. Donutt

      fun fact: the bugs get fixed only in chalee map

    90. xVixson

      U should include the teammates reactions on ur final kills lol it would be hilarious

    91. thespindler202

      Hi everyone, I would like to throw out an opinion. Keep in mind that I am a gold and plat PS4 player who has played by myself or with one friend since velvet shell. I really do not like map ban. It is beyond frustrating to play maps such as Oregon and consulate literally 16 times a day. I haven’t played half of the maps in the map pool. Map ban is good for pros, so it should stay exclusive to pros like how operator ban used to be. Map ban ruins the experience for people who play without a full squad or a mic. That’s all folks. If you read this far thanks ;)

    92. daniel rivera

      Sir are u dead

    93. The Greatest Warrior- Fallen Angel

      Se sei italiano e adori Bikini,lascia like 😂😉😂😂

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      I just want to say I respect you for throwing that tournament. Now that I know what was really going on.

    95. Jowi 82

      Music of Zelda

      1. Darth Revan

        Zelda OOT

    96. Shawn Park

      I forgot Bikini played Payday lol

    97. Charlie Leffler

      The first day of the update nearly every game one of my teammates had to restart cause it wouldn’t let some players see anything. Also the sound glitch has happened like 5 times in 2 days.

    98. Tillerrrm Monopoly

      Thought I watched 8 videos nah, just a hundred ads

    99. DomiGizzle05

      Do a dedicated zero video

    100. Matej

      #552 COMMANDO ACOG