The Copper Experience of Rainbow Six Siege


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    This is the Copper Experience in Rainbow Six Siege
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    I love playing like a copper and with my copper friends, we play Tachanka, Castle, Clash and Ash (ofcourse)
    and it's just funny
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    🎵 Music:
    Johannes Bornlöf - The Division 1
    Kirbys Dream Course OST - Cloudy Mountain Peaks
    SP: Fractured But Whole OST - Kyle's Mom
    TLOZ Wind Waker OST Beedle's Shop
    Runescape OST - Sea Shanty 2
    Martin Gauffin - A Walk In The Park 5
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
    ► Your Brain:
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Look at my new hat

      1. Cebur4shk4

        GOODBYE LORD 😭

      2. oh no wheres my son


      3. Anthony

        Look at my feet

      4. Juan Garcia


      5. Rat poop

        0:59 I saw content slave

    2. Cebur4shk4

      Hello rework operator Tachanka in this day.

    3. Longking_187

      Im from Viet Nam

    4. Mark R. Chander


    5. Unsuspected Laughter

      i feel so bad for myself and everyone else in copper, because all there is in copper are hackers/smurfs now. so its like impossible to get outta copper with bronze experience

    6. fatal50cal

      this was the best time fr siege

    7. Matthew Wilhelm

      5:19 rest in peace. 😢

    8. The R6S Shield Main

      A man whö uses M1014 in siege is a man öf culture

    9. AmmuFox

      I watched this because Wolfy’s Mom said I should and I am very happy now.

    10. Witted Shampoo

      Wolfy is the “content slave”

    11. Axarionn

      wait killed an unarmed black man? that aged well

    12. Мансур Вакаев

      Content slave 😂😂

    13. Parker Stevenson

      I still come back to this video to watch it in the create subtitles view point just to watch with the subtitles I spent an hour making. Sadly they are not published to the official video but eh its been like 2 years.

    14. TFG

      Kali Will have the Clash's SMG

    15. Crystal

      i promise all coppers aren’t this bad

    16. Tsar Bomba

      Wolfy is your content slave? *c00l*

    17. Arthur Guimarães


    18. DSY_ dvma

      No man bikini says koby

    19. 8

      *my content slave*

    20. Skyler Moon

      Tachanka’s bad? Them how am I getting so many kills with him, and they say he underrated.

    21. Craz3 Milkshake


    22. vrxndon

      I don’t find funny in any video bohdi makes, hes the dollar store of Marley.

    23. Will Of Khonshu

      With everything going on all i could hear is the south park song 'Kyle's mom is a bitch' lol.

    24. Vivi P

      5:16 R.I.P Kobe

    25. Ad53YT

      0:59 CONTENT SLAVE!?

    26. PineappleDog

      I've been playing for around two years and I still don't know most of the maps

    27. Lord Tachanka

      6:26 kini wasn’t detected? 🤔

    28. Thomas Pena

      Kobe :( 5:18

    29. Xlord Playz

      Tachanka isn't bad cuz he is the lord

    30. Lucio DIAZ

      For Kobe 5:18

    31. Alfie Proctor

      Can we get a rip for Kobe

    32. oğuz ekinci

      5:18 Kobe... R.İ.P ( ; _ ; )

    33. Roma Grușca

      Castele rocks every sht

    34. Roma Grușca

      Fck u

    35. Tú Trần

      What Việt Công ?

    36. Vtownkiller

      Wait I'm in this video, how did I manage that?

    37. shaqstolemychips

      My content slave 🤣🤣

    38. chuong le

      I'm the vietcong in sài gòn here :>>

    39. Mr MVP SIMP!


    40. A28Wolf

      I love how my two first (defenders) operators were Tachanka and Castle...I feel bad now, except for the fact that i love playing Tachanka

    41. David Vasic

      0:59 Oh ok

    42. Rainbow Six

      Who else think that the Tachanka Scene on the start was Bikini not Wolfy?

    43. chau long tran nguyen

      Not viet cong mà là việt cộng

    44. HatschiBubu's LGBs

      Nice vid!

    45. Crosby The Wolf

      Train them with the worst and they'll be better with the best

    46. Brahden Blackburn

      You know it’s a good video when it starts with fortunate son

    47. Robert Ellam


    48. NubeTube 24

      That's some high cwolity 'kyles moms a b' background music

    49. Destroy Skater

      Lol the crab dancing at the end of all your videos 😂 and the sound of awesome found it after looking it's awesome dancing song I'm going to be dancing to it for a while when I get good I'll upload a video of me dancing to it 😂😂

    50. Robin Smit

      Why does Wolfy sound Dutch

    51. Rytas Jankus

      Wolfy content slavr

    52. Rytas Jankus


    53. Benedek Kiss

      Castle is Big Shaq

    54. Onel Bautista -

      Your content slave Huh!

    55. Dolph.-

      6:30 outside and still not dit ???

    56. EL _ Yiğidoviç

      0:14 operator rave

    57. Ignacio Ebeid

      0:00 Song?

    58. Birds are cool

      Favourite intro ever

    59. nick pipoca doce

      Alguém br

    60. Alfie Richards

      So we all finna ignore the transition at 5:14

    61. Josué Macedo

      6:26 how you not spotted in the outside?

    62. Reuben Bell

      Loving the Hitman music

    63. CrazyRussianGuy


    64. Max Lee

      d e t a i l s

    65. krazed0451

      "You killed an unarmed black man... Call the police and ask to join!"

    66. SkyStrikeZ


    67. Zack Nolan

      You’re friend is a furry hah!

    68. Pomocnik

      Content slave

    69. Kevin Liu

      You killed an unarmed black man hahahahahahahah

    70. Sajad Naseer

      My CoNtEnT SlAvE

    71. Kento_ Music

      Good stuff

    72. hippo4627

      im not even copper yet

    73. Uulogie

      That thunk. I cant lol😂😂 6:29

    74. Themilkman siege

      My content slave

    75. Junaid Zafar

      O lalala

    76. Patrik Barna

      6:26 xddddd

    77. Nicholas Bélanger

      Good video

    78. TSM _DaRk

      I main castle man why you bully me😂

    79. Fanatic

      “My content slave” Noice

    80. JJ's Trim

      You should make a beaver with a Bikini doing crab rave instead of just crab rave for the outtro just saying

    81. JJ's Trim

      German or Swedish which are you Bikini

    82. Argedian Haloway

      I’m also playing a lot of with wolfy who is my slave- i mean my friend

    83. Mr. RealisT

      Content slave

    84. Appii.

      Tachanka is my bae...

    85. Joey Berry

      Nice opening . Dirty VietCong .

    86. Hey Yo Bro

      Tatanka helm for chowder is a T.V.

    87. Your Father

      I got a boner while watching this

    88. Kai Lore

      5:36 I killed him 😏🤙🏻🤙🏻

    89. Irbaz Karim

      6:26 that has to be the funniest dude

    90. marlinazul

      Things in copper -the ash that blows themselves up -the dude that thinks blitz is immortal -the cav that integrates people outside

      1. Obama Mama

        That one guy who deserves to be in plat but is solo queuing and getting mad at his teammates

      2. RedXyclone332

        @BrokenRedBench np, man. Most people don't care about spelling so stuff like that gets left in.

      3. BrokenRedBench

        RedXyclone332 I’m glad somebody gets my dumbass joke

      4. RedXyclone332

        @BrokenRedBench *INTEGRATION*

      5. BrokenRedBench

        Apparently Cav uses calculus on operators to figure out their total surface area

    91. Dapper :I

      My -Content Slave- Friend

    92. Ya Boi p92

      My content slave rip wolfy

    93. Behnoosh Khalilipoor

      6:30 song?

    94. Perfect Chris_

      wolfy the content slave

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    96. Remy’s Army

      The first clip was faked

    97. Remy’s Army


    98. Mr.Friendship

      subzcribe to me i will sub back i promise