The Diamond Experience of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion


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    This is the Diamond Experience of Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Wind Bastion
    In Widnb bastion we got the new ops Kaid & Nomad but the meta in Marocco is pretty much the same, the strategy is, have no strategy and just do dumb stuff.
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    🎵 Music:
    Undertale OST - Muscle
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Dragon Roost Island
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Gangplank Galleon Remix
    Runescape OS OST - Sea Shanty 2
    Banjo-Kazooie OST - Spiral Mountain
    Magnus Ringblom - Toys From The 60s 1 (Reggae Version)
    Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky Snitch
    New Super Mario Bros. OST - Overworld Theme
    Pokémon Platinum OST - Team Galactic Theme
    Jonatan Järpehag - Clumsy Police Pursuit And Patrol 1
    Sly Cooper 2 OST - Paris
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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      Engine ok tell me what the song is in the background of 1:24

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      That Logan Paul suicide forest reference woooooow

    6. Jimmy Williams

      And i cant even reach gold because of smurfers

    7. Daxton Taylor

      I don't know which is more epic, the gameplay or the music(Is it bad that I recognize all the songs?)

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      6:03 you cry,you cry so much and this is gud

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      Jawoll das nenne ich mal ne Deutsche Unterhaltung

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      Hero's never die moment

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      1:15 In germany we say: It's a Ehrenaktion xD

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      Metty Maley is beeter

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    17. Nebula AL

      7:39 because I saw the white sleeves I thought that warden had p90, sadly not though

    18. Ben PIlgrim

      What is the unwritten rule that on all polls everyone pick the bottom on

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      Hi i'm from Germany an Love your Videos

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      The hanging on the window frame thing always happens to me and my bro

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      Can we please get cav c4

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      Bandit : sorry Bikini : thank you you're forgiven :) Glaz : headshot sorry man Bikini (dead) : thank you you're forgiven :)

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      1:17 this is the forbidden hymn but I like it :)

    33. ChickenBürger

      1:09 Bruh KS didn’t speak German there that was that brbrbrbrbr

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      This was the German Hymne from the time Off Hitler xD

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      Did he hit you with his knife and give you a 38 hit WTF 😂😂 PS: Love your CONTENT 😘

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      King k rool

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      what the music at the very start?

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      Are we seriously ignore the suicide forrest thing😂😂😂😂😂

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      Bikini “how’s it hanging” Logan Paul “yo more dead people ha”

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