The EVIL Rook Giveaway Strategy in Rainbow Six Siege


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    Christmas Rook might be the most evil character in Rainbow Six Siege especially when I'm doing my giveaway challenge strategy in Operation Wind Bastion which is the m
    Marocco DLC for Rainbow Six Siege.
    Still waiting for that rework for lion glaz castle or tachanka cause I dunno Kaid was meh
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    TLoZ: Ocarina of Time OST - Kokiri Forest
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    Christmas Music - Jingle Bells
    Katamari Damacy OST - Katamari on the Rocks
    Håkan Eriksson - Sunshine Strut 02
    Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games 2014 OST - Snow Theme
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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      Slap a like on the vid if you enjoyed the Christmas special! :D

      1. Dominick Cap

        this was posted on my birthday, thanks for bringing bouchiba back bikini, He really funny. I was laughing after every word bouchiba said

      2. Adam Ammar

        Mommy mommy Mason Lucas. Zoey. Keegan. Zoey Ezekiel

      3. غنى عيران

        I need the real end music

      4. Casimir Gore

        First code isn't long enough anyway. Nice try.

    2. Rafael Tremeschin

      ever feel useless? just remember that there's an animation for cav picking up armor

    3. Dylan French

      Bodhi violated alk which is sacred in this video...

    4. KatanaQuits

      im on console so in case someone missed it (i expect they didnt couse its been two years) heres one of the codes: 66VB-WWF3-CGJ6-BMFM

    5. Carter Ray

      86CL-X6MC-EEPB-VVMD for all of you pc players, sadly, im on console

    6. a piece of bread

      Are we just going to ignore how he has over 150 alpha packs?

    7. Jordy

      If only I was as epic as bouchiba

    8. tumolotion

      i couldnt resist the urge to make it 400 dislikes i am very sorry

    9. Comrade Brezhnev


    10. Comrade Brezhnev

      I FOUND A CODE LETS GO - Oh crap

    11. João Paulo Oliveira Gomes

      German Guy is so col lmfao

    12. vu dat

      Bring back bouchiba

    13. Prex02 Jackson

      I have never once betrayed the other team as rook and am proud to say it

    14. Danielson Family

      Bouchiba is so wholesome

    15. Emoose

      Once the people find and use the codes, are they unusable to everybody after that one person uses and finds it?

    16. João Vitor

      I found a obvious code

    17. Miladsr6channel

      rip 1 sub lol

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    19. zueiraa extreme

      Why does bouchiba disappears so fast?

    20. Otto-Jan Vangaeveren

      Everytime i do this they kill me😔

      1. Big Chungus


    21. Legend REDX

      Rip the old houss

    22. vitinho gamepls

      Where are the codes, i know im late but i want to know it

    23. Joao Vitor

      Plesee call me Tony :)

    24. KuTzyyr

      0:35 in 0.25

    25. Csomi 2006

      I’m a ,,main pulse” too... 😂

    26. Dominick Cap

      Bouchiba is so funny

    27. Monna Lisa

      What song in 10:11? Pls

    28. John Moore

      i got a code but it did not work ):

    29. F.B.I


    30. Oskar Karlsson

      did someone get the first code?

    31. Jhon Lev

      That Mario song always reminds me of minus8 videos

    32. Soviet Union

      First code is right after he says it

    33. Gianluca d'ambra

      9:08 loved this moment

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    35. Battledamaged

      I wanted to see another one this year:(

    36. Suprm .-

      IT's the 50time i watch this Video but i cannot Handel that accent

    37. R8

      its that time of year again

    38. AgonyNinja

      This was uploaded one year ago


      5:13 That frost shotgun beat completely matches with Dank engine song!

    40. Aaron Gregoire

      Lol first codes at 0:37

    41. Bling Bloaw

      There’s only three though

    42. King Spartan

      Damn bout to be a year ❤ crab man

    43. Vong Quan

      You too :)

    44. John Men

      Why not just put c4 in the bottom and explode it when they are on it

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    46. Grapey

      8:04 aimbot???

    47. R3AP3R -w-


    48. ok boomer

      10:21 I was ready for the drop ;-;

    49. Alexander ._.

      c mamo el tachanka

    50. CC

      Watching this on dec 2nd 2019 feels weird

      1. Suetekh Set

        Even weirder watching this 2020

      2. Suetekh Set

        @nep its even weirder to read your comment on the 24th

      3. nep

        Watching this is 24th December is the weirdest

      4. Suetekh Set

        @Dillity it sure does

      5. Dillity

        Watching this on dec 12th 2019 feels weird

    51. Karma

      I didnt get a code i think ;-;

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      I sow 1 won

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      Hello from 2k19

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      i'd love to see bouchiba create a channel i'd sub on my alt aswell

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      I found code 10 months late... :/ ya I’m good hru

    57. roni

      Bouchiba is the god 👑

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    59. big leggy

      the CIA attempting to assassinate Fidel Castro like 9:50

    60. MR. alperen kuşcu

      Hello my frend

    61. OhhhPez

      I always wanted to know who the people are that get codes in videos...

    62. Easton Howell

      This is a message from 2019, shortly into Year 4 Season 3 - This is sad because no one will ever do this anymore, even in casual. Everyone is so tryhard and toxic now, and meme strats like this are no longer able to be done. I wish we could go back to the good 'ol days of old Hereford and Ash and Jager ACOG, among other things.

      1. Thebigboom Gaming

        This is very true and it kinda hurts i remember back when everyone would just human cenitpede atkers and defenders all together

      2. AfloatZ

        I do this strat literally every day

      3. Václav Tomašec

        mate this is season after and i did it this season like 5 times and never anybody killed us

    63. quah wei

      Anyone got the code

    64. Caner Marf

      You ashhole😂

    65. Robin S

      The reason of my trust issues

    66. Otng. Smithy

      I know I’m 9 months late but I rly wanted one of the codes where are they

    67. WdYm. m8

      Bit late but 4:26 code

    68. NitroFlare YT

      Pokémon omega ruby and alpha sapphire music

    69. sos ses

      Im gonna say the v word

    70. Shiba Raccoon

      This type of trust betrayal is why we cannot have casual knife fights

    71. Bees2020

      Thanks for code!!!!! AHhHHhHhH

    72. Bees2020

      Thanks for code!!!!! AHhHHhHhH

    73. Big Nut

      This gives me order 66 flashbacks

      1. Owen Kelly

        flashbacks wedding red me gave This

    74. mr west

      Did any one find the codes

    75. Jun2x808

      We got more bouchiba... We want more of Fraser

    76. Andrea Lombardo

      😂😂😂 you are great!!

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      Bouchiba is awsome lol

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      I’m 8 months late to the codes

    79. Sløppy

      I found a code ;D

    80. Diogo Falleiros

      Guys did you found the codes?

    81. thomas siegers

      5:00 BOUCHIBA

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      10:10 song?

      1. Logan Henry


    83. Cherri47

      Ninja plays r6 then gets killed by bikini

    84. sTaTiiCz Hose

      What is that song call 10:11

    85. Harrison Don

      What was the name of the song that played during wolfy twearking?

    86. Niccolò Farsetti

      This nideo was made by V. egans you can't say the v word

    87. MR. MANNY MAN

      2019 any one ever find da codes

      1. MR. MANNY MAN

        @GeneralConscript whereeee

      2. GeneralConscript

        I found one,I won't tell you! ITS MINEEE

    88. Dimwit Donkey

      Daaaaammmmnnnnn wooooooollllffiiiieeee!!!!!!

    89. Balint Plaszko

      The code what i found didnt woek on xbox but i want to get r6 credit :(((

      1. felix2912

        Balint Plaszko np

      2. Balint Plaszko

        @felix2912 oh shiiiiiiiiieeeettt...... 😂 Thank you btw

      3. felix2912

        Balint Plaszko its works on pc and ppl already redeemed it.

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      Tachanka i choose you

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      This Video should be name Top 10 Anime betrayels

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