The Funniest Rainbow Six Siege Video Ever 😂


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    Rainbow Six Siege is very Funny and brings the best moments these are some of the best moments from Operation Ember Rise and soon we'll be playing Operation Shifting Tides instead with the Ela Caveira and Capitao Elite skins, aswell as the new ops Kali & Wamai and doing a lot of funny stuff there too
    haha xd
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Whos' ready for BIG UPLOADS during december? Like the video or I ded

      1. Nate Emenecker

        bikini i love your siege videos but i hate them like, why use Nintendo music and not play it! so hows about we play some animal crossing or Mario cart? if you dont have a switch ill get one for ya no joke uwu

      2. dragon

        Gilla om du e svensk

      3. Khiactus

        I love super Mario 64 u have a cool preference for games.... I love final fantasy VIII too

      4. Chat Pitre

        I *disliked* jk lmao

      5. Kamzo

        what do u use to edit your videos bro

    2. Milan

      So the editing and the song makes it funny? Did I missed something

    3. Gerihun 102


    4. Raptor Mutant08

      3:31 That is soooooo relatable!

    5. The UnknOwn

      Man this thumbnail 😂😂😂

    6. Aymane Mahmid

      did i just found that video is racist to muslims

    7. Maro Zegaro

      2:02 hello from Poland

    8. Igor Cieślak

      you offended Poles: ((

    9. Jack Jones

      3:00 „Just stand by the wall and commit Sudoku“ I think you mean harakiri

    10. Vincent Valentine

      I have been legit curious what he means when he says "namen vafan" because i haven't been able to find it in any translations. So I finally asked a friend of mine, (who happens to be Swedish ) who explained in more detail and why it didn't show up . In translation For those who are curious it doesn't really have a translation because its more to express. Namen usually is used to express surprise. (Like gosh or wow for English ) Vafan is used when things don't work out quit right. Bikini has explained this in a few videos but I was curious about the full translation and am genuinely intrigued and glad I asked about it. Swedish is quit an interesting language 🤔

    11. SuportBlackZ

      😂 LOL LIMÃO 😆

    12. limoka 123

      Siema im from poland:D

    13. Máté Ríz

      2:51 what is this song?

      1. Aymane Mahmid

        نشيد صليل الصوارم copy it

      2. Aymane Mahmid

    14. ChronicalSiege

      The guu clip gave me vietnam flashbacks to the 1000 times my Pokemon fainted to poison

    15. M45T3R

      2:16 That's right! Biedny Max :(

    16. slattstarr

      he was typing servers are shit today also lol 9:30

    17. Giovanni Mercurio

      My teacher in the “movie day” 10:05

    18. qinwy

      801 ppl disliked the video don't have r6s ig?


      Ubi:We’re removing bullets from r6 because they aren’t balanced and on the place we want them right now

    20. Andrew Yurovchak

      Whats the passive ability he is talking about at 8:23?

    21. Maurits Luijendijk

      Your a wind blazer phhhhh 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    22. PiotrCh

      Nie obrażaj polski! ten kto też tego chce niech da łapkę w górę pod komentarzem

    23. jgriff 7890

      Ik the choccy biscuits tempting bikini but u shouldnt of risked it

    24. Mackattack gameing awesome


    25. luxor luxor

      2:09 kurła polski pierwsza klasa zajebiscie 10/10

    26. Kante PL

      2:12 hey is no funny am form poland

    27. Federico Santin

      6:11 OKIDOKI

    28. DerCaptain

      2:50 swedish flag wtf xD

    29. Russian Austism

      Siege tales am I right

    30. Ocarado LoqsLemes

      I Ssaw THIS ROSAPO_OMEGALUL IN SO MANY VIDEOS. Rosapo_omegalul its one of the guys that bikini killed

    31. Niall Duddy

      who else is watching this is quarantine and wishing it was 2019 again?

    32. Omega04

      was the first clip in a ranked game?

    33. MLG Omega

      He sounds like godly noob

    34. Egsoz 1

      i just love when arabs play with bikini they are so fun with him like in 6:05 he was an arab

    35. Edvin Holmestrand


    36. Sheep羊


    37. ChimpanzEE

      6:52 I bet he means that because he got in a frost mat

    38. Uaill

      5:36 You have committed the greatest sin

    39. Oi Bib

    40. tomsky000

      2:39 some hearthstone shit

    41. Kuba Pawlików

      I m Polish too xd

    42. Aban XD

      2:50 is that an Arabic song

      1. Aban XD

        And why did you put the Sweden flag 😂

      2. Aban XD

        Cause I'm arabic

    43. Maro Zegaro

      I am polish

    44. H2O


    45. Xate

      gamers when they hit a nice shot "makes fart noises"

    46. Never Lucky Never Pro

      Yeah polish is drunk stereotype :-;

    47. Szymon Szczepaniak

      Im from Poland

    48. SCHINY JJ

      Fuck you bikini im polish for real

    49. Khiactus

      Omg super Mario 64 i love it

    50. 『Atomic_Morphs』 [Redacted]

      2:50 Bikini:*plays isis anthem* HUfast:I guess its fine :D

    51. Walter com W

      Not today bitch ;-;

    52. MathDaBoi

      4:44 Thats litteraly the only legendary charm I own. Its not bad...

    53. Keanu Roberts

      siege tales uwu

    54. Kiadxxz

      Bikini why do I see you use blackbeard?

    55. 13

      5:09 Damn Bikini you‘re evil for that subtitle

    56. Tachanka

      4:50 its inspired by spanish civil war

    57. Forcoll Br9070

      Bikini got spider sense

    58. Olaf Piętka

      Nie wszyscy Polacy piją dużo to jest bardzo zły stereotyp not all Poles drink a lot, this is a very bad stereotype

    59. crispy chips

      Pierdol sie

    60. Jett Steinhardt

      I never subscribe to anyone but I just made my first subscribe to Bikini🥴🤙🏼 Honestly your content is actually so funny and entertaining and can’t wait to see more😁👍🏼

    61. Alphy IA


    62. Ex Valor


    63. Sebastian Emnevik

      Yo does anyone know what background music is playing at 4:30?

    64. Niekryty _Eden

      Who's from Poland about me?

    65. Bashar Kanneth

      not today beach okey

    66. Nawafksa090

      2:50 ok

    67. Mikołaj Machowski

      Im from poland kurwa

    68. Marise Garcia

      Bikini do some awesome play Frost trap:helo there

    69. Cyprian Giedrojć

      2:10 i feel offended

    70. Concon Gamer

      I’m also polish

    71. S A N T I P O N C E

      Boobisoft please fix client sided debris

    72. Tas R

      I’m not drunk, I’m Polish ;-;

    73. Hxsia

      06:08 he is arabian guy 😂

    74. German Smoke

      РаСсСиЯ СвЯщЕНННЫЙ Страна

    75. Krystian miraszewski

      Polish is my country and that is not funny

    76. Captain Timy

      no more client sided debris boi

    77. ShadowNPG

      Polish=Drunk XD im always drunk? XDDD

    78. Jeffydeat Gamz

      I died when he played the isis song at 7:47

    79. Geers 15

      10:00 How dare hek you get up there? 🤔

    80. Jacobgaming8 . . .

      4:41 Use That On Orix Cause He Literally Kicks @$$ 😂

    81. kosgot gaming


    82. MrBroxMan

      my eyes immediately went to the i icon on the top corner and clicked it. not even mad.

    83. Im a Whale

      bikini is so addicted to chicken nuggets the only thing that saved him from an overdose was his nose not being aleto fit 5grams of pure nugget at the same time

    84. mertz clement

      11:45 DRUGS

    85. Thrilling WAVez

      So nice that u are using the old pokemon music :D

    86. Brandon Sperberg

      Song @ 8:26?

    87. Aziz

      You can’t just put an Arabic song in there before blowing up the hostage are you saying that Arabs are terrorizing the world

    88. Scott Hogan

      Why does miras elite look like kylo ren

    89. Martin Søråsdekkan

      1 like = 1 less chunk of chicken nugget in bikinis nose

    90. Lukas Kukier

      Do you want hear something Polish??

    91. Eclipse_16

      I think bodhi likes the hoenn region

    92. Macieq macio

      Korwa :D

    93. Marvin Krause

      8:24 whats the song 😍

    94. SharkWeek EveryWeek

      Fuck you that poison sound from pokemon still makes my heart race, man

    95. lil Zorro_therealone2

      finally opened my bear

    96. Drax

      When you are drunk, you are not Polish! You're russian.

    97. Nobeylol

      Anyone here the stardew valley music around 3-4 minutes

    98. yHill

      "Hello everybodhi" i love to see that

    99. Kristóf Adamovics

      7:00 xdd A magyarok mindenhol ottvannak^^

    100. STG Blankk

      11:28 bonus vid