The Funniest Bikini Moments of 2018 | Rainbow Six Siege & More!


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    The year 2018 is done, we've done a crazy strategy here and there throughout the year, latest operation being wind bastion with Kaid and Nomad coming to Rainbow Six Siege
    But I still love playing my boy Tachanka ofcourse...
    We also had a lot of fun in games like Far Cry 5
    So expect some Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay soon!
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    Friends in the Video
    ► Too many to know exactly, love you all!

    🎵 Music
    No way of tracking the music, you need to watch back the video it's from...

    🎵 Sound Effects by
    ► Your Brain httpsbit.ly2JETObQ
    🎵 Outro Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Thank you guys so much for this year!

      1. waffleboy

        K then

      2. Dillon Swain


      3. Orenzo42 ps4

        25:33 ph

      4. OJDunn

        What’s Ligma?

      5. Julio Delgado

        Your t shirt is cool

    2. Tokyo _hi

      Im german and the clip in 6:00 killed me

    3. michele galignano

      like for who see this in 2020

    4. Felipe Medina


    5. seedor8809

      Yo 2020 gang where ya at?

    6. Hasan Pehlivan

      what's the game at 4:00?


      6:48 what ıs thıs answer smoke

    8. Nicholas Fry

      wHaTs LiGmA?

    9. _ KeNn

      24:35 what is this song? 2020 here

    10. My name is artu

      Who else is watching this in 2020

    11. cool dude

      2020 wya

    12. Furkan Anıl

      Jager spinned 55.000 Times. Hes a SPINNY BOI

    13. potato Smb

      16:36 what is this game?

    14. Khaffit

      what a tie to be alive im happy I live at the same time as bikini

    15. Khaffit

      man get somne decoration in your room is so empty its depressing get a displate sponsorship or sth or ask your gf nina or whatever you will feel so much better with personality in your room trust me

    16. Uzaki

      Old bikini 😭

    17. Deniz Arslan

      24:20 look chat

    18. Carri7 PS4

      But why is your eye red realy?

    19. Caro

      23:04 anyone knows what game this is? why do i not know the game but i know the map?!?!?!

    20. Matěj Rickl

      Damn, I miss IQ with nades...

    21. Potato-Bro

      Whats the game at 17:42 ?

    22. Yıldırım Akgül

      24:12 de ki eleman buradami acaba :Dd. He say " you mother f*ucker" :Ddd

    23. shrek


    24. Haise Sasaki

      Hey 2018 bikini, right now you are 1.47 million subs, just to know

    25. Enrico

      What is the game that's not siege with tux

    26. Hotz Gameplays

      24:11 Press F for pumpkin

    27. Angolische Silberrücken Möwin Löwin

      Ich finds lustig wenn ihr deutsch sprecht

    28. Adamw [TT]

      Скажите что это за игра была похожая на радугу только от 3 лица

    29. SendPrudes

      Oh. It's over already?

    30. SHADOW_pylot

      One day I actually got 22 kills on bank

    31. Aarxn

      That moment, when americans speak funnier german then germans

    32. Turtle-boy 2905

      Bikinibodhi:This year was amazing Me realizing he has to do that for 2020:This is were the fun begins

    33. Bardinez

      30:56 hl scientist spotted

    34. martin eric

      Another year another Nerf to blackbeard

    35. xSplit

      11:40 oryx but no oryx

    36. sagzu sagzu

      22:26 bikini did this today on stream

    37. GXGBOSS 06

      What's Ligma? Can it be treated with bofa.

    38. Sidhartha Salagrama

      Which game was that? The one where he jumped out of the helicopter and stuff?

    39. XxGamingdolphin R6


    40. ThatOneGuy

      18:41 can anyone tell me what they were originally crying about

    41. Alexander Pollock

      What game is 16:37?

    42. Zeusing08

      Whats the other game seen here except for r6 and fortnite? The one with the wingsuit and parachute

    43. Duckler

      23:47 song please

    44. NoobGameplay Channel

      17:48 what is this game

    45. Zoltán Szekeres

      miért mondja hogy kurva garázs

    46. Anime CEO

      0:09 mfv = men favan ?? XDDD

    47. OC Sen


    48. Nizam Mikhalfani

      2020 still watching this

    49. THANOS

      2020 jaja

    50. Dirtbike1234855 Not my real name

      14:41 this game is way a head of siege lol I play that game on roblox

    51. Dirtbike1234855 Not my real name

      10:11 ho how it was a four on one lol he dose not know the true power of bikini

    52. MrVoorheesGaming 12


      1. Ben ce

        @MrVoorheesGaming 12 it's probably one wort but i don't care XD

      2. MrVoorheesGaming 12

        Ben ce thanks bro

      3. Ben ce

        Far cry 5

    53. The Damn Train 2

      17:23 You said "Fuck, Garage"

    54. Faldi

      5:00 what game is that?

    55. popi on koira

      5:13 what is that game

    56. Furkan Taşkın

      24:21 olm r6 da söven varmı la veletler burayıdamı ele geçirio (chat e bakın)

    57. Дядя Миша


    58. Ben Benson

      13:57 what Game is this? I played FarCry 5 but never Seen this Quest?

    59. Viper

      What’s ligam ?

    60. 13

      5:00 yoo what game is that it looks rad

    61. Hhysug7inwhs

      lookin smexy with those frosted tips

    62. Jules Moreau

      How dare u PLAY FORTNITE

    63. VoidLupuS

      20:10 bUt ThAT's DoC!

    64. Snail Bru

      I’m watching this in the 2020 pandemic

    65. stovejeebs


    66. EvenTitan

      God daymit it’s 2020 and I still laughed at ligma

    67. Ramazan Bayrakdar

      24:21 meaning fuck you bitch

    68. Tyler Martin

      17:34 that face you make when your staring at your crush and she looks at you

    69. Zétény Réti

      Kurwas in bish in my country

    70. Piekło

      how tall is mr bikini

    71. Atakan Tufan

      9:49 lol

    72. Fox mirror

      how i play the jager save mode?

    73. DEADMORTIMUS ///


    74. _ SniperLP1412


    75. Sw3 winsQme PL

      Bikini: stole a kill whit sledge hammer...... IT'S JUST TEAMWORK

    76. Giulio Guatteri

      13:12 what game is it?

    77. B_E_N

      ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i looooooooooove your nuggets ahnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      1. B_E_N

        jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa naufakjfaölkfjkjkjjkjkjlasfdp f siadohiop asdfö

    78. Riemer Dijk

      wich game is 14:00 and 14:20

    79. The R6S Shield Main

      8:15 is that.. is that *Bane?*

    80. The R6S Shield Main

      But it’s 2019 at the time..? (I’m was/am in 2020 by the time I finished typing.)

    81. SSA- Kingsman__

      Thats why ur name is bodhi

    82. Angelo Gamer

      That’s is doc bikini 2010

      1. Angelo Gamer


    83. Morris Nilsson Jacobson

      All tihs sub är from Sweden lock alla svenskar lika den komentaren

    84. Tsmart Tsmart

      11:49, Bikini predicted oryx

      1. James GT

        Wow you're right

    85. [ LEGENSCAR_DE] YT

      I here some german...

    86. László István Borbély

      Kurva means Bitch in hungary:)

    87. Pladasko

      What game does he play at 13:42

    88. 「 Kabuki 」

      7:30 OH YEAAAH

    89. Foxyy Cr3at1ons

      Kurwa mać that's the only thing you know? Jeez

    90. Dídac

      Bikini looks like Mario

    91. Doc Mercy

      God damn, the R6 zombie event was 2018? I want it back :

    92. Hekleburg

      what r the games u played

    93. Mackan


    94. Teunert

      What was that game with the helicopter?

    95. Tade from a moose

      Wow I thought u were black

    96. Astrodragon1

      What game is on 4:42?

    97. Drew Fong

      17:37 whats the song nem

      1. Drew Fong

        the second one, not mine dimonds

    98. Boochester 7

      17:37 is hilarious

    99. Glowing

      Bikini is the person who joins a tournament and plays and goofs around in it and then wins like $10000 and all he did was killing them with pistols

    100. Hollandspotje

      Bikini gets 1 frag kill in Oregon mrpit proceeds to get a triple kill real quick