The Godlike ROOK STRAT in Rainbow Six Siege


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    In reality, this is just a fun Rainbow Six Siege Montage, I'm only mucking about...
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      if you like this video I will upload on sunday again

      1. Zack Gamer

        Una dos tres cuatro XD

      2. Steven Baldwin

        How do you get on the bed

      3. KillerBunny697

        @Ilikepoop666 yes i have done

      4. Ilikepoop666

        @KillerBunny697 just check at his twitch channel

      5. Chrisgamepro431

        BikiniBodhi if u need me to show u some Spanish tell me :v like the numbers or some words :v

    2. JustSpectoR

      7:31 wait, is it just me or that was KARLSONVIBE? Wishlist Karlson on Steam btw

    3. Schlecht Gamer

    4. Santino Gelormino

      Amó como dice cuatro

    5. Klassic Ahmed

      Im already excited fir the ace reveal

    6. LST - TOFFOLO1

      Oh GoD--- oh chanka

    7. omega sans_YT

      Bikini im colombian its cuatro not quatrro

    8. 2 Shows

      7:32 is actuallyyy K A R L S O N VIBE! YEE

      1. JustSpectoR

        Milk gang approves

    9. Jose Balderas

      holi prruu

    10. Pepe Galindo

      Me encanta tu acento

    11. MaxTheAnimator

      K A R L S O N V I B E at 7:32

    12. Karl Axel Göransson

      Wtf kini min 4:23

    13. Bderix

      10:15 wait Bikini can miss BOSG shots?

    14. Rafael Rodrigues Costa da Silveira

      Like the fact that watching for the second time I could see Karlson Vibe :) Never see that coming Kini, very cool.

    15. Erikgoesyeeto

      Are you. Evan braddock. [this is pro league ready]

    16. IhmeBoomer

      0:25 Audi

    17. Squeeky Boi

      bruh this is like old blackbeard

    18. Jairo Power

      Like si bikini sabe contar en español

    19. Bul' Men'

      7:32 - karlson vibe

    20. CHUS66

      Uno, dos, tres cuatro bikini xd soy español

    21. Dorian Pid

      Does anyone notice how he has 700 alpha packs

    22. emperor chewbacca

      I miss his acog

    23. anto diaz

      Bikini do the same whit remorked tachanka is more op XD

    24. jacob maunder

      Is any body gonna take notice that he had had 760 alpha packs

    25. Reapr

      Early Gang

    26. ThunderDoot


    27. SrDeoxys

      I liked so much when he talked on my language :)

    28. Priapistic Skunk

      "The paprika is in the way!" Points at bellpeppers.

    29. Vladimir Putin

      Loving the Banjo n Kazooie music

    30. Sandwich Pleese

      Hey Rook no giving oral sex to the war criminal ok?

    31. xLoKs TiGeR

      you should have played that mexican song un dos tres

    32. OTF_Mentoz

      RookBeard is now a thing

    33. alan lopez

      uno doSSS TreS cuATrOO

    34. Peeper McBeeper

      *760 packs* OPEN THEM

    35. The Runaway Me

      Mans said quattro

    36. Grande Lorenzo

      Hi Bikini when you were count uno duo were count in italian...i am proud of you

    37. alan.

      7:31 karlson vibe masked

    38. Knownassam


    39. Hisoka Morow

      We not gonna talk about the 700 alpha packs

    40. Jiashun Ye

      Wait Bikini can speak italian?

      1. Jiashun Ye

        anche se ha fatto un miscuglio di 2 lingue , ma siamo li'

    41. Victor Orduna

      I love the fact you say oh god and you write oh chanka HE IS THE GOD

    42. Akihiro

      00:49 rpz les français x)

    43. BbeefJerkyy

      He tells clash to go away, AND CLASH GOES AWAY

    44. Lelitox20

      that Quatro instead of cuatro makes me angry also nice video

    45. SquiDBlyDo

      Rip rook acog

    46. Sam Zúñiga

      es raro que vea estos videos hablando español

    47. Ryan

      Rook buff, gets a new face shield

    48. joao pedro nicacio

      in portuguese UM DOIS TRES

    49. Monster smith

      Karlsin vibe at 7:30

    50. Cameron Glick


    51. Mark Zuckerberg

      Me right now: I am on de bed

    52. oof er

      Hek yes big boi starts using ops how dey meant to br used😂😂

    53. Rasin

      honestly this is barely a strat because this is just what a shield op should be doing.

    54. Dog Gordinho

      Tresssss dosssss. Quathrrorooror. I'm brasilian

    55. Mathew SVK

      KARLSON VIBE!!!!

    56. Sergio

      im spanish cuatro is with 'c'

    57. Not Me


    58. Steven Baldwin

      How do you get on the bed

    59. archx snipezz

      witch operator uses the bosg? i been tryna figure that out for a while

    60. Just a Glitch

      Hey uh, kini, when are you gonna open those alpha pacls😏

    61. Danielle West


    62. Lemur Boy

      So many packs😧😧😧😧

    63. Minty uwu

      “I wonder what they’re gonna do with computer games in the future?”

    64. EaAdrianXx

      760 packs 😤😳

    65. Terco9890

      Welp here we go!!!! Another clash disable coming soon

    66. Red

      “What happened there?” p a r t y

    67. James Radford

      This strat is pretty much blackbeard when he was first released

    68. EdgedPixie


    69. Momin Butt

      Bikini I knew about this a long time ago 😔

    70. Your Favorite Jojo

      Clash is broken once again

    71. Tronoid


    72. Smurf Playz

      I almost had a epilepsy at 3:06 I swear

    73. Izaak Zammit

      Imagine Ubisoft patched this strat by making clash take a dump randomly that gives you the Ela stun effect

    74. Jesscraft101

      7:32 karlson vibe

    75. Colton Malenstyn

      I love the Kirby music

    76. Unknown p 153

      Do pack opening

    77. Unknown p 153

      How many packs 🤣

    78. Deepjams

      2:59 i never realized how much clash looked like yeah boi kid

    79. Arturo M.

      Cuatro* great vid as always lol

    80. Nicloma

      7:30 KARLSONVIBE!

    81. Rook

      You don’t need a strat to be god-like with Rook, just play as him. Now take your fucking plate

    82. Oava

      Next time on alpha pack opening get a pro crook kill for every common

    83. Vitão Delas

      Tá falando português mano

    84. julian echeverria

      U N O D O S T R E S C U A T R O

    85. Веселин Вълов

      Soooo broken dude

    86. madara games 13


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    88. Yoshi Bald

      is this update out everywhere? because i don’t have it

    89. Yoshi Bald

      nederlanders? hebben jullie een update?

    90. Sushigaming

      This is why they’re removing acogs from defense

    91. niklas_khl

      i love the karlsonvibe at 7:30

    92. Samuel Fernandes

      You're an actual genius

    93. BartXTV

      Why there are no test servers on consoles. So that console players also have the right to check. #FreeTestServersForEveryone

    94. Hazzy

      so its a better mira shield

    95. Sveaxy

      Oh my God that was Karlsonvibe, a video of my other favorite youtuber Dani I love this crossover

    96. Metayet_ SK

      You speack spanish :00000 I am from spain :D

    97. Solaire1869

      Bikinibodhi has counted to 4 in my language OMG

    98. August

      0:29 oh no, you turned into Custard Kappa PepeHands

    99. Dokkan Remake

      Quattro is italian

    100. ooferzz

      Nobody gonnna talk about that fire Pokémon battle music