The HACKER EXPERIENCE of Rainbow Six Siege Burnt Horizon


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    Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon is upon us introducing the newo operators Gridlock & Mozzie who are Fantastic and bring a lot of new strategy to Siege... but what does strategy bring if there is a hacker on the enemy team...
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      1:16 he predicted hibana rework

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      6:07 I really wanted to hear what his idea is

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      6:00 we will never know

    5. Galaxy_ _Games

      im lucky that i havent come across a scummy hacker edit : i went for an ranked match and i fought a hacker right after i commented this

    6. MR Sand Statue

      So here is the thing. One of my friend are hacking a lot in video games and he think is really fun doing that! just how can i make him stop....🤬🤬

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      6:09 gotta live with this :(

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      Here are the subtitles in case u need em "OOOH" "OH MY GOD" "IM HACKING"

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      2:11 Wtf no

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      awh that was a nice hacker tbh

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      Bikini playing smoothly: Me hearing DDLC song at the background: wait, that’s illegal

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      anyone else see the “like the video or i sacrifice your first born to clash”??

    15. Laurentius Nielsen

      Tuxbird=Novakaine BikiniBodhi=bouchiba2018

    16. Factory o' Science

      Hackers are just noobs to the game so they hack the game theyre playing to "be good" at the game and to ruin lives of gamers. So all to the hackers out there, you are all noobs.

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      Ok ok, i gave like but plz do not sacrife anything to Clash

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      2:11 read what it says

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      Just play on ps4 there are no hackers on ps4

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      9:02 Battle eye litteraly banned a red cone cheater

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      I was waiting for the hacker to goomba stomp him

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      Binkine friend" dude dude I hit a random headshot wall bang" binkine fucking dose it ever match

    25. Witted Shampoo

      When they add an attacker that essentially has a *boom* OOOOHHHOOHHOOOO

    26. Mp5 Gang

      Please no I heard clash isn’t very nice to newborns

    27. TheUnknown

      I remember when lion gave you wall hacks if you moved during the scan

    28. Nhat Huynh

      I saw this video in 2020 when bikini use the tcsg 12 shotgun when it was good,now i look at that gun now,it fucking suck

    29. NG_Redhead Raider

      6:23 if you fast forward 3 times lesions icon is in the exact same place

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      Bouchiba is the best

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      Sacrifice of the newborn has begun

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      2:11 uff

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      Console R6S players: never heard of them

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      5:58 enderman blink

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      Can anyone tell what Musik plays at the start of the video

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      The fact that you use bandit charm on Kaids shotgun gives me a genuine will to live

    54. Alex Cantrell

      2:10 I don't know why this is bothering be but when he says thank you a text appears for a micro second and disappears. If anyone is able to read it can you tell me what it says.

    55. GeRaKLiJOJAt

      9:39 ITs A Tf2 REFereNc?

    56. Colonel_Konami

      Favorite part is 42:06:09

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    58. Simple Cat

      I spent at least 5mins trying to read the secret message and all I can say is... There was never a choice

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      Pls don’t report me I call my tactical teleports rubber banding

      1. Crisisadvantage

        If I could use it properly it would be such a sick advantage the amount of times I got unintentional free peeks were amazing felt like a whole pro

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      Nice hax 😂 😂 😂

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      2:11 I found the secret message behind "Thank you" it says "Like the video or I sacrifice your first born to clash :)"

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      I need a ringtone where Chowder says unacceptable.

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      I hate hackers with a passion, how bad do you have to be

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      3:34 unacceptable

    76. Greyson Truesdell

      Pls don't sacrifice my kid


      the glaz clips on its silver age makes me nostalgic ; - ;

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      Great music it's called gourmet race from kirby so by law I have to say... This is some real gourmet shit

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      6:03 what will they add? 😭

      1. Name Robin

        @Mr. Snow k thx ;D

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        He made a community post and said it was like an attacking castle so that defenders can’t easily flank you

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