The *MOST OVERPOWERED* Weapon in Rainbow Six Siege 🤪


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    According to me... YOU SHOULD WISHLIST MY GAME:
    In this Rainbow Six Siege Montage we are now in Operation Shadow Legacy where Ubisoft is releasing the new op Zero and the reworked new Tachanka
    But how do they fare against the greatest of all time, the BOSG ACOG.
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    1. Reclaimer

      ranting about IQ's utility needing a rework. Give her glasses like warden that she can activate for a a short period of time. electrical gadgets will have that sonar effect but, they won't outline or anything.

    2. BonkHazard

      Bosg? More like Boss Mode, amirite?

    3. Electrodus

      Isn’t the bosg a shotgun?

    4. pawan hada

      I saw this comming.

    5. Clip

      Bikini: But im the better BOSGer Captions: But im the better boss girl.

    6. TastyOrca

      I completely agree except replace overpowered with unreliable

    7. Big Papa

      My first ace was with bosg on favela are you proud bosg daddy?

    8. Anthony Wickstrom

      Ok unpopular opinion but bikini is better then Marley just cuz he uploads more

    9. рууд а

      BOSG needs a 6.0 scope.

    10. TheUselessTeammate

      There is an unwritten downside to the bosh, the hitreg

    11. Monika Panainte

      You bought rainbow six siege from steam???

    12. Anep Hvnil

      Ah 😂 team skull theme song fit well

    13. Dan Hibiki

      Hey Bikini I am a bosg user and I was wondering how do you use it properly instead of just saying get good aim. sincerely VigilCream

    14. Josiah Elmore

      That lesion came up to him like cloaker from payday

    15. Rayyan52

      6:32 when you are out of breath but you keep on laughing

    16. HydroX_Valentin

      I'm Hungaryan pls like mein comment

    17. Anim Squid

      Sniper is a good job mate! Is challenging work out of doors. I guarantee you'll not get angry, 'cause at the end of the day as long as two people left on the planet, someone is gona kill another someone day

    18. Katvanner

      f for dokkaebi grenades

    19. Ken Kaneki

      why attachments does he run for the operators

    20. Yeji Kim

      He literally said SHUT UP KPOP when it's a JPOP it hurts I'm not hating anyone do you hear that I'M NOT HATING ANYONE ye and also love your vids bro


      No way kini

    22. Paul Walker

      I think Tachanka's lmg is best.

    23. Antirevomag

      This guy: *spends a good second and a half peeking before shooting someone and succeeds* Me: *peeks for less than a second- dies because someone conveniently looked at that split moment and shot*

    24. patrick hill

      15:25 yeah pretty mutch

    25. Dylan klempa

      Anyone 2021 🔥👅🔥

    26. camilo_fb

      15:07 Perfect Timing

    27. tim 45

      Where you from

    28. Den Skovorodin

      Vigil behind, vigil behind. Виджл бехайнд, виджл бехайнд

    29. sneyFN

      9:53 speddfire?

    30. ً

      They nerfed the bosg

    31. Francesco Catapano

      But mario's songs?

    32. William Essa

      6:32 Tea is ready.

    33. Teemu

      12:30 Look at the first shell when bikini is loading

    34. 요안녕하세


    35. MimotojiYT

      wait what is the song at 8:31 ???

    36. Yetty Meleni

      Not to try and be a flex but I’m low key a better bosger

    37. Hep K

      0:41 please enjoy ??????

    38. 마타타하쿠나

      2:44 bruh..

    39. Noob says Big oof

      I watched this video, and after that I landed every shot with the bosg Coincidence?

    40. Evan Richards

      i aM so clumbsy with bosg 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

    41. Ian L

      what about a three times scope to slam kids

    42. bflyboy e

      Wait What kind of border is on Australia It's all ocean There's no land border Where is it pointing to

    43. M.D. 12

      So how's the star u named after that thing Bodhi :) ?

    44. CBN ACE

      Are we just gonna ignore the sound at 4:16 ??

    45. YØUNGOD Xø

      360 thackter baby bosg op gun

    46. Дмитрий Филатов

      Border on Outback, Australia... BORDER WITH WHAT

    47. 푸른드래곤시론

      K팝은 죄가 없스무니다 ㅜㅜ

    48. Adam:D

      4:18 i hear ph song :D

    49. MMDs 00

      Diamonds: Black bierd is broken Coppers: Clash is broken Rank players: All shield operators should get banned

    50. zeke chen

      The funny pigeon splenomegaly arrange because barometer fundamentally seal after a unarmed heart. abstracted, lazy pastry

    51. JxDmini


    52. HENTAI feed


    53. jayrents

      New nickname for the BOSG “Troll Canon” since it trolls you as much as your enemies

    54. Andrew M

      he makes it look soo easy

    55. Charlie Lim

      beaulo: if you use vigil bosg youre trolling also vigil bosg:

    56. Nanokoo

      Am I the only one seeing that vigil at 3.31 ?

    57. Livi Nolu

      The BOSG is so inconsistent for me so i never use it :(

    58. Alex Hughes

      Anyone see that all his trickshots with the bosg are upclose with a small area on where the gun will go?

    59. bri ski

      Now we need BOSG 3X

    60. AlastorFang

      2 months ago but... I AM LOOKING AT BEER WOMAN!

    61. Tolga v.2

      3:35 there was a fcking vigil passed by

    62. DerpyBud

      My friend showed me bosg acog and it slaps idk if he got it from bikini but dayum is it good

    63. Ghost BR

      Show us your config in rainbow six pls

    64. Roger

      Kali Sad Noise

    65. CHERT

      13:32 tf2 nostalgia

    66. Cody DeMayo


    67. Kasp

      Is this thing a long range shotgun with an acog?

    68. Yusuke Kitagawa

      What did you do to your cat bikini

    69. Quint Benson

      The BosG is not a shotgun. It’s a lazer

    70. SirYEETerson

      Your cat was like *I shall scream with you REEEEEEEE*

    71. bartek Girguś

      Am i the only one that heard the p....h intro???🤐

    72. rewox_dt_official

      8:46min did anyone regonize that "swaping" from dokka with a male voice? 😂

    73. Yugoslav Ball

      I killed kali with BOSG ACOG today.

    74. 이름뭘로하지

      3:35 ninja

    75. Aurel novel

      Goldromi is the best french player !!❤

    76. Onni Virtasalmi

      3:06 ah yes, Amaru Jackal

    77. N0 0N3

      Bro the friggin team skull music kicks in bigtime

      1. N0 0N3

        Or is that team flare?

    78. Zaviel Har

      Thanks for tips is get 2600%kd by bosg

    79. Plague9945

      Even Bikini having fun on sleepy Joe.

    80. TerraMerc 73

      15:01 ame is that you?

    81. Harri Lentell

      3:34 walked past vigil in hall

    82. Chiaki_uc

      New name BikiniBosg

    83. Bruno Beltrán Belmonte

      A border in Australia?

    84. Pelle Cidh Ronge

      i like youre BOS G

    85. Ahmad Afnan

      Idk why he sound a bit like kwebelkop

    86. Aaron Lutter-Lee

      I cant believe bikini doesnt like outback T_T

    87. Master Dovahkiin

      Idk how people play this game for years i play almost every day for two years and fuck I don't ever really want to play it again

    88. Justin N

      Did I just hear a Syndicate reference in 2020, wtf

    89. Quinn Vitu


    90. Zuniga Willyam

      Anyone talk about 4:17

    91. Tux Cat

      Collab with my idol tux birb pls

    92. Redcy -G

      he should play pokemon since he has the music on

    93. TrojanSalesmen

      shiro tsk tsk tsk

    94. Bean Of Destruction

      Why does he use a vertical grip?

    95. Kieran Richardson

    96. VanDaOben16

      Killed a hacker wit BOSG today. He ragequited the game :D

    97. Dylan Passchier

      BOSGACOG is the best weapon in R6

    98. KONTИ


    99. Raisi

      1:37 Dude its my Birthday ;D

    100. Nãoficial

      Iae eu tb tenho um canal de raimbow mais ta dificil de crescer, agradeço se vc puder clicar na minha foto e ve um vídeo e se gostar me ajudaria muito se inscrever, sei é chato mendigar mais n ta facil pra niguem