The *MOST OVERPOWERED* Weapon in Rainbow Six Siege 🤪


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    According to me... YOU SHOULD WISHLIST MY GAME:
    In this Rainbow Six Siege Montage we are now in Operation Shadow Legacy where Ubisoft is releasing the new op Zero and the reworked new Tachanka
    But how do they fare against the greatest of all time, the BOSG ACOG.
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. Zuniga Willyam

      Anyone talk about 4:17

    2. Tux Cat

      Collab with my idol tux birb pls

    3. Redcy -G

      he should play pokemon since he has the music on

    4. TrojanSalesmen

      shiro tsk tsk tsk

    5. Bean Of Destruction

      Why does he use a vertical grip?

    6. Kieran Richardson

    7. VanDaOben16

      Killed a hacker wit BOSG today. He ragequited the game :D

    8. xxxLilMozart 0

      BOSGACOG is the best weapon in R6

    9. KONTИ


    10. Raisi Live

      1:37 Dude its my Birthday ;D

    11. Nãoficial

      Iae eu tb tenho um canal de raimbow mais ta dificil de crescer, agradeço se vc puder clicar na minha foto e ve um vídeo e se gostar me ajudaria muito se inscrever, sei é chato mendigar mais n ta facil pra niguem

    12. TheHedgehog

      what is the song at 11:46 ?

    13. NoRoom4commies 0

      You used runescape music....

    14. KekedByMe -XIZE-

      Boss g with Vertical grip 🥶🥶🙃

    15. Stylust

      RIP acog

    16. _Mouss_

      *0:50** Zelda Skyword sword 💆‍♂️💆‍♂️*

    17. Williams Silva

      15:35 i just couldn't hold the laugh, omg, it cracked me up so hard

    18. 4eyedFreek

      Figaro MVP

    19. -ArdA_sArı-

      Yo bikini i love youu ,keep it up u r so great

    20. Kai Wos is

      Didnt know that kini has a cat😂

    21. Derick 00

      Me: that’s cool let me play the Bosg Me but 5 mins later : back to the video

    22. Marcus Muccilli

      Why diid Bikini turn into an abusive stepfather at 4:14

    23. Anarchy Plague

      4:16 omg

    24. ghost hound

      Seeing the clip with Biden and the phone makes my ass itch Everytime.

    25. SunsetBurst 8605

      I love how everyone says the BOSG is the best weapon in siege but any time you shoot someone in the head it's an insta kill and it doesn't down in 2 body shots anyway that's why I like Kaids shotgun instead because it may only have a 2 times scope but it has a 10 ROUND MAGAZINE over 2 and if you don't get those 2 shots with the BOSG you better hope you can get your smg out in time

    26. Ayden Greer

      I like how the people he plays are worse than the people I play with and I'm a copper

    27. Filet Mignon


    28. Kuzey Tüt

      Communty : jager acog ubisoft: no Ubisoft: bosg acog communty ffffffffff

    29. Anthony Roman

      What if the BOSG had kept the ACOG but added the 2x scope

    30. donny chang

      I could watch this all day

    31. MicrovaveAttackHelicopter

      its op because you're good

    32. Equinox Ace

      By bikini called his cat figuru sorry if I spelt the name wrong is because he fingers u

    33. Beers Gaming

      I'm fairly certain you're talking about the G2 AWPer from Cs:go which in that case it's kennyS

    34. The Melisek

      Kini: noscopes with BOSG Ubi: Welp, guess you don't need the ACOG anymore

    35. 我鿆Sun

      That forsen at 7:16 got me

    36. Gustavo Braga

      4:30 "sarrada no ar" ( sarrada in the air)

    37. Shoukrit Dey

      U know u r good when u get excited on a no-scope with a shotgun at 7:40

    38. Blake Brown

      I feel like you I just make a RuneScape video

    39. 자바

      the korea

    40. Kingg Colten

      the vigil at 3:35 THO

    41. Weder Play

      Yesterday i almost got BOSG Ace but they killed me :(

    42. UltamateSacrifice

      okkkkk reaction andy

    43. Cumpot iz Yablock

      Вижыл бихайндъ вижыл бихайндъ - это конечно замечательно

    44. Eduardo Soares

      Trickshot against a 5x3? ... Yeah great video

    45. mcmodderHD

      12:34 Nice Reloading Animation on the BOSG here xD

    46. Capitaine_ Jizzz

      Gotta love that skyward sword music

    47. Henry Parsons

      Ok but why our cats have the same name

    48. James Finch

      5:40 Imagine reloading This post was made by the lmg gang

    49. foolmuun

      As a dokk main I can confirm that BOSG is a funny sniper

    50. Jonathan Beattie

      Anyone else think the helmet in the thumbnail looks like a mask you can get in GTA V?

    51. 치킨버거

      korea is god

    52. David Vitek

      Boss Cog gonna learn ya a thing or two

    53. Eric The Recruit Main

      you know i was fucking jamming when he started playing sea shanty 2

    54. Getting my friends to do dumb Stuff

      Let’s be real bosg acog is just kali but better


      Heheh just wait into the rework comes out.

    56. Viper

      Is it just me or Bikini kinda sounds like Octane from Apex?

    57. Plary.

      VIGIL,BEHIND!VIGIL BEHIND! Только Русские поняли этот акцент)

    58. O3x Loaki

      So is no one gonna talk about the Pokémon music at 5:19

    59. Troy Edwards


    60. Dinky420

      Love the legends of Zelda skyward sword bazaar song controversial but it’s my favorite Zelda game

    61. YesImHuman

      give a Amaru bosg

    62. Sparky 2039

      I deadass thought he was gonna tell us about the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise in the start of the vid😂

    63. toxic hornet87

      4:32 is the glitch i also saw but with ying

    64. mystic

      Nobody: Ph sisters: 12:16

    65. jacob maunder

      Petition for BOSG 3x

    66. Marvin L.

      The Steam videos of last farewell looks like crap. Why should we buy it xD Pls make a Video wich shows Why

    67. KGK RainArmy

      Best Op ShotGun VVV if you got it

    68. Tem uma bota Na minha cobra

      October 15 is my birthday

    69. DJPearson Gaming

      Looks like the stuff I do in a casual too bad I don't have a way to play anymore😑

    70. X3N0R10N

      28:03 TF2 Sniper : " I think his Mate Saw Me ....."

    71. Cheukhang Kwong

      Bring back the Chupinazo skin to rainbow 6!

    72. Pistolero0047

      So we have bosg acog but how about we get bosg 3x

    73. GrimmmX6X

      Bandit = lahey

    74. Valerio Pisapia

      5.15 bikini your voice look like a ggnome meme

    75. Jonas Morelli

      What would be even better is if he attached a suppressor onto the bosg

    76. Tehh Voxie

      Kaids shotgun is like that too but 11 in the clip I think

      1. Tehh Voxie

        And a lil weaker

    77. Himawan Satrio

      1:52 this Russian accent make me laugh

    78. Rafique 2003

      I like how much Zelda music you use, especially the twilight princess and skyward sword pieces


      17:43 im the only one notice this noises ?

    80. T4CO G4M3

      so there's part of a song at 3:10 . anyone know it?

    81. Mathis Bernier

      A border in Australia ? On an island ? Where...Tell me...

    82. [insert name here]

      *RIP pumpkin 2018-2018*

    83. RuFrost

      Question couldn't console ddos be almost completely mitigated with an anonymous mode since they need your gamertag to pull your iP

    84. Vibez

      What’s a bosg

    85. Antonio Lopez

      Get them to bring stadium event back please for the love of bosG

    86. Morgan St4f


    87. Kuzey Arı

      11:03 you tought that its last of us theme too didnt ya?

      1. Kuzey Arı

        13:42 ayyyy ma trick 😁

    88. W4DEMAN

      last farewell will be free ?

    89. Kirito03060304gaming lol

      you got youre ac back nice

    90. CastStarfish 211

      Add 3.0 X times scope for Acog

    91. Тимофей Кирюхин

      Bikini play with dardali, he is the best bosger monty and valkiriy, and he from Russia. And dardali won zironic

    92. Nate Dan

      7:11 I wanted to see Thermite’s perspective of that lmao

    93. GX Shattering


    94. Diavolo Gaming

      Hey can you guys watch my videos I have cool highlights on there and I really think you would like it

    95. Adra Havila

      previous remove clash only for bikini next remove acog from bosg only for bikini

    96. BUM HED

      BikiniBohdi = Gehab

    97. J gamer pro


    98. um ser humano aleatório

      I'm brazilian and I love this chanel

    99. Youssef Sherif

      Bikini please we need this tachanka elite

    100. Pro player

      Hey bikini I got a question. Are you playing on test server for operators? Or you play a lot and you got all operators?