The MOST TOXIC Blitz in Rainbow Six Siege


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    There's one easy way to make people quit, Blitz.
    Blitz might be the most annoying character in Rainbow Six Siege in fact, maybe ven more than Ash
    But hey, it's fun when you're on the Blitz's side.
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      1 Like on dis video = 1 F for Operation Health

      1. Axel Hvetlander

        Are you swedish

      2. Matt Toy

        It's been more than a year and i think it got worse...

      3. Sky van Opstal

        Meine gutte

      4. Ryan P.

        6:52 fucking Ubisoft cant even fix Blitz

      5. LoLmancz N00BIE

        F :'(

    2. مركة فاصوليا

      I dont want blitz to be nerfed or buffed I just want them to make the shield work

    3. مركة فاصوليا

      I put a silencer on the pistol

    4. TONY THEP

      I remember I killed blitz when he flashed me, he just left the game.🤣

    5. Ivan Dharmawan


    6. J lol

      I fucking love the blitz memes

    7. Michael Laatz

      1:31 best part

    8. Zayn Azad

      This video had more character development than most Netflix originals

    9. Og Rave


    10. Rafael De Jesus Diaz

      ahh, pre-nerfs.

    11. Ghost&Skull

      Now he is weak and still get banned in Ranked 😂😅

    12. MJG

      When I play rook I'm fast as fuck boi. Reality: I'm slow as hell 😂😂😂

    13. SuperBlaze907

      7:32 fortnite sucks

    14. Anonym lmao

      The Mira looks so cute 5:12

    15. Sky mix

      Nicht allo sondern Hallo

    16. ScootyNums

      I miss shield insta kill melee so much

    17. Nova-grape

      Okay the marty death was fucking good.

    18. Snakebren

      Another video on him?

    19. Leroy JethroGibbs

      00:34 what was that red outline?

    20. Amany Abou Elela

      But fr fortnite woulda fixed it

    21. XxColdPlayxX #822

      What is the song in the beginning when ayy bois

    22. jobro yo

      Soooo me?

    23. Im A Cat

      The backstab tho

    24. Lord Barkan

      what is the classical music of the video ending?

    25. Better naw

      Backstab pd2

    26. Alex Hughes

      As a blitz main I was kinda salty at all the nonstop flawless plays but then the shitty shield mechanics showed up and I knew I wasn’t alone

    27. MrG Mugget

      " fortnite would of fixed this by now" no matter how much i hate fn they would of fn fixes all there bugs ubi just doesnt care its annoying

    28. Himari the g0d

      "swedish beaver" lmfao

    29. Noah Bacchus

      I forgot lion used to have wall hacks.

    30. Gagak Hijau

      what you buy original or what

    31. El Have

      and thats why only poor brain tards play this game the only do stupid

    32. Sgt Big belly

      I hate how HUfast considers this to be a music video for picture in picture mode

    33. BlackSkull83

      How to Blitz effectively 1. Suicidally run at people 2. Destroy everything

    34. Sevastian Gomez

      Any blitz main has A BIG PEPE AND TOU KNOW IT

    35. Masterteeth128

      I’m sorry bikini but don’t play fuckin casual

    36. Es Wo

      It is not allo It is hallo

    37. Cornelius C


    38. Steven Xu

      Why did this video show up for #COVID19 lol

    39. Willy Cheez

      Did you just say Blitz may even be more annoying than Ash? Don't joke around

    40. Javi

      1:32 A.Cap.N.A.Dream 😔✊

    41. pannycakes

      Liked for the payday music

    42. Jolly Roger

      2.05 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    43. The Asian Man

      We shall remember house

    44. S1mple Gaming

      Yeah rainbow has a good bit of bugs that they need to fix instead of adding stupid weapon attachment skins they couldn’t fix hit reg

    45. DOZER

      The begging is just the equivalent of saying *_OH FUCK_*

    46. Lautaro Alvarez

      fix the game ubi :D

    47. Joel Ramirez

      Enemy:sees blitz Enemy:Fu** this s*it I'm out

    48. DivideByZero

      This is why they nerfed blitz

    49. Kurdo

      I also main blitz! :D

    50. Let's go boyz 101

      That k you for titling the video after blitz and then actually playing him throughout the video. Other you tubers could never

    51. Stalinuim

      Ja, I approve.

    52. Patricio Samuel Serrano Sánchez

      1:36 black stabb payday 2

    53. Miguel Marques Ramos

      Bikini dont worry about shield, the shift through mine que relieve ir hoy but it das frost

    54. Bronson Avalos

      6:40 man I've been there

    55. music entity

      Blitz "pls shot at my I DEAR YOU" *enemy runs away* Blitz *chasening the enemy * "GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE"

    56. Davius Gladius


    57. Unhonoroble Warden Main

      That's got to be the best blitz main I'll ever see So it would seem

    58. Ritchie125

      O P E R A T I O N H E A L T H

    59. Zach Willden

      This makes me wanna play blitz more

    60. xXLOW_LEVELXx !

      What is that witch charm

      1. xXLOW_LEVELXx !

        How do you get it

    61. Pac Man

      Get your ass back here!!!!

    62. murka a

      7:03, у меня это так часто происходит, что я даже какое то время думал, что это стекло простреливается, а не баг.

    63. Dirtbike1234855 Not my real name

      At the end I like do dance to crab crave

    64. Rookmations

      I love how now a days ubi is like yea hes in a good place when literally you have to be 4 meters to a person to flahs em but even though thats shit you can flash wlthem whether their looking at you or not.i want flash bangs to be if you sightline has em at all your fucking flashed and if not than you not with a much longer diatance if ya know how bright irl flashbangs are.

    65. Panzerkampfwagen VI


    66. Alt TrashQualityZen

      1:14 playing illegal things Ubisoft: nahhhh That player:ban him ubisoft!!

    67. Felix Jonas Hönicke

      Tininwini Strickbikini... Im Germany we call this : Deutsche Sprache 🤤😂

    68. Snicshavo

      Blitz is the best operator to BLITZkreg

    69. Noah

      I miss old blitz :(

    70. TheNooblet987

      That's a low blow kini.. 7:28

    71. Iljk

      haha die “Eins zwei Haferbrei” musik im hintergrund(fast)

    72. totally not skip

      5:05 Englishman laugh

    73. Noxzl

      Bikinibodhi du måste likea för du är svensk

    74. roberto ricardo

      so blitz had 1 sec cd back then huh?

    75. Timo mybier

      the way they pronounce HALLO is ridicluios

    76. MrArbeter

      I hate arguing against people who play Blitz they are always so ignorant so i always end the argument by saying Ignorance is blitz

    77. I'm Kacper *_*

      2.38 THAT FACE LOL

    78. Officer Tempeny

      7:04 frost deatroyed the shield's glass.

    79. Weekly Dose Of Memes

      Me when I watch this video at 3 in the morning Me: MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    80. zeze

      His enemy never shot him in the legs wtf

    81. Warlight

      remember when BuffBlitz was a thing? and yes i'm talking about both when he sucked and when he's overbuffed

    82. ManiX207

      mean while a year later ... still getting shot through the shield

    83. DropOnlyTv

      The last 30 seconds explain, when I try it... It happens all the time

    84. WolfGamer89 auz

      0:38 F for caveira who almost clutched the game

    85. Vexiiss

      Old kafe :(

    86. meliten

      Everytime i play blitz i forget he has a gun

    87. Holy Kebab

      my blitz experiences more like last two one. Shield do not protect me :D

    88. VolticAssassinYT

      Anyone e watching in 2020

    89. Unturned warrior

      So this is the Ghost Division? Makes sense.

    90. Ondrej Sedmak


    91. Good ol' No Name

      Just rewatching this to remind myself the pure terror I would feel when I saw a Blitz running at me. Now I just laugh and pop his kneecaps or I run up and melee him. Defending while fearing Blitz was pretty great

      1. Willy Cheez

        @Scary ScottishClown Yeah. I mained Blitz, and it is the hardest thing ever. It's so nice and fun when you smack someone with the shield and it goes through them, and then likewise their knife goes through your shield and kills you. Such a shit game

      2. Scary ScottishClown

        @Good ol' No Name there is no worse feeling than being shot through your shield. It's a horrible bug and one that's probably cost players about 5 controllers or m&k's

      3. Good ol' No Name

        @Scary ScottishClown As long as they don't fix his shield hitboxes but he goes back to being a 5 speed like in the video I'm good, I still want to headshot him through the shield like I manage to do sometimes

      4. Good ol' No Name

        @Scary ScottishClown Nah just bring him back to the monster he is in the video, then defending won't be such a cakewalk.

      5. Scary ScottishClown

        He just needs rethought and adjusted. Shield sprint is scarier than his blind tbh, especially with the shield bugs still existing. What I mean by that is he'll die before he's in flash range

    92. 大陸人都是狗屎

      Now this boi is a little suck now....

    93. Ķ Ü Ř Ğ Ə Ř B Í Ñ Ģ

      And that is why you stick in party chat.

    94. Brayan Hercules

      "You fucking swedish beaver"😂😂

    95. SkulpturKrone 17


    96. Skittelzz

      Shame over u

    97. Bumbum

      Casual 😂 Iol

    98. Osu_Chan69

      It’s hallo kamerad

    99. freddycoolcool