The *NEW* Rainbow Six Siege Event is INSANE!!!!


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    Rainbow Six Siege has launched a NEW event in Operation Steel ´Wave, the M.U.T.E PROTOCOL Event which is SUPER WEIRD, in todays rainbow six siege montage we are exploring a weird world where Melusi isnät the operator which annoys you the most.
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    1. Bykaru

      I didn't even know this existed and never played it

    2. Aaron Lutter-Lee


    3. waffleboy

      When Bikini gets a Finka:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    4. Colonel_Konami

      The drones are Ender Pearls

    5. Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng


    6. Shigekiyo Yangu

      Why is this 2 months ago?

    7. BlaxaI Black

      Why is this recommanded NOW? I was already hyped they replaced the garbage halloween one with something new...

    8. Theo Gillan

      That tweet about the hitbox is so dumb. If he didn't have the skin you would've missed but because there is a cosmetic you now cry? Pathetic

    9. discopanda27 l

      man this mode beats the Halloween Puppet Mode by a long shot

    10. noah connors

      You have 2 seconds of i frames after you leave the drone and that’s more than enough time to kill someone

    11. Tobias

      4:27 the backroubd music is from a game but which one?

    12. Gary

      I love playing Skyrim

    13. HaloFunGaming

      Lion looks like a gold friendly giant

    14. Ahmed Sattar

      3:43 did any one notice the reflection of the garage that glitched for some ppl? i just did

    15. Grecha

      Amary is a gud operator

    16. Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng


    17. Adstral

      what was the sneaky music at the start?

    18. Turda Vlad

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! a long time ago a friend of mine told me the event was shit and i actually like it a lot :(

    19. Leo Hood

      11:59 sample text

    20. noxxy.

      Vigil... C3-P0 lookin' Ass...

    21. xD bruh

      5 45?

    22. Rick Saanchezz

      u got unbanned LOL how

    23. Gnomie

      what’s the song at 11:28? i know it’s from skyrim i just don’t know what it’s called

    24. Sky Mala

      Theres a new event coming out soon called morephus event

    25. Nimacol

      Nice video! I wish mine were as good 😂

    26. Garrett Marshburn

      sample text

    27. Noah Lofton

      God loves you all and can help us through this tough time!

    28. Pharrell de Livio

      I got MVP 9 times and not once did the animation work

    29. ArtJ45 Gaming


    30. Leart _Gaming

      I got a fucking clash Royal ad wtf XDDD also ngl that looks so fun the why you play it

    31. H3ll80Y

      11:22 diiin diiin'r finally awake

    32. TC NPIFANI25

      779 alpha packs?

    33. Modzee 87

      How would a prep phase in this game mode even work when the attackers literally become the drones?

    34. Shaun Rumleski

      imagine getting sledge hammer body slammed by a n english man in a gas mask

    35. Dominic _


    36. lucas nao

      Why magnet is scriming at the end xd

    37. Chris B Nuggets

      Of course it's the godly noob that is complaining about the game. That guy is so shit and annoying

    38. Nachtibus

      These Pokémon background music is the best

    39. Luke E Isaacson

      “If you want one bundle, you can choose to buy just 1 bundle” Me seeing his next clip with a drop of 7,000 R6 credits*: 🤭

    40. Noctis Lucis Caelum

      Looks like titanfall buy on wish

    41. Artsias A

      The I-frames are a little bs imo. Attackers don't get punished for spawning right next to a defender. Just the fact that they can move during the I-frames is what makes it so bad.

    42. Weeb Star

      this was the worst event ever bcs of all glitches

    43. Delsin Hays

      Lions new skin is a reference to The Rocketeer. Not Skyrim dude

    44. Muted Sausage




    46. Raúl j_m

      11:28 " imagine it started up Skyrim on your Computer" plays Oblivion music.. xD

    47. Ramy Bohairy

      I will subscripe only for, "SPACE CHIPPP$". OHH NEOOO

      1. Ramy Bohairy


    48. Ghost 46

      Open you’re packs you nearly have 1k

    49. b. m.

      honestly its a robot head. there is not much at the sides just loose wires plus with the shape bullets would bounce right off. i say leave the hit box and learn to aim cause if that was any of his other head skins it wouldn't hit.

    50. LadrãoDeJujuba

      11:59 simple text

    51. K Wilson

      I think we need a pack unboxing with the 700 alpha packs

    52. CuzImPhilipp

      8:32 what the xD

    53. SenpaiKunn

      I was happy now because the bug is get fixed maybe no invisible person again

    54. Richard Oakley

      I love the new game mode because you can just appear behind an attacker or defender and disappear

    55. Necos

      *sample text*

    56. to_ny

      w o t

    57. ayne V

      ubi nice game

    58. River

      I got super lucky this event. My free pack gave me the Kapkan head skin, and the pack I unlocked from winning a match gave me the body skin for Kapkan. Which was awesome, considering how much I'm missing all of the cool skins I had when I played on PS4 before my switch back to PC. Edit: That Lion head skin looks like the Rocketeer.

    59. Andrey

      7:44 how the fuck was that an hs you literally shot ela in the shoulder

    60. Andrey

      this game is turning into fortnite its not siege anymore

    61. Andrey

      this game mode is bad i would to see not such trash gamemode from ubi they should fix the game instead of making such bullshit

    62. Blitz Krieg

      They really need to leave the events as a gamemode option for custom.

    63. benke b

      Waht sond its it 9:35

    64. Harry Underwood

      Horrible glitches aside, i do wish that there was a Prep Phase. Kind of renders certain operators (and in many cases Reinforcing) useless.

    65. David Frommweiler

      And go to the secret room with chibi smoke

    66. satvik patel

      I luv beekini's inglis

    67. kilocharge556

      i love getting grenaded thoby some one on a roof

    68. Riley Sturgis

      No ones gonna talk about how many alpha packs bikini has

    69. Most likely Real 22

      I respect the TF2 music my guy

    70. Chester Harris

      U know it's a good day when he uploads

    71. Diego Hernandez

      Now i find the attacker team in the roof in one of the objectives throwing grenades, i hope he doesn't encounter that.

    72. KillyWonka

      11:19 why I don’t use the bosg

    73. Sebastian Ellis

      team skull grunt is sending out Bikini

    74. BB Games

      That’s why I bought all packs lmao

    75. Queen Looney

      I'm happy they fixed the glitch because the game mode is great I love it!

    76. ButterFingerz

      So... when the alpha pack opening?

    77. Jonathan Shelton

      I’m glad they fixed the invisibility glitch but of course people have to find a new glitch

      1. Niocolas Michael

        The ceiling glitch for example. Used to TK these people on the spot

    78. Joshua DuPay

      sample text, only real gs will get this

    79. Discredible Mischief

      DUDE?! whyy and how do u have that many alpha packs😰779 packs jesussss

    80. Heiner Bünger

      1:54 "attackers win all the time" you have no idear

    81. Meaty Schmeaty

      Me: "Lets go i won an alpha pack, i'm gonna open it right away" Bikini: *chillin with almost 800 alpha packs*

      1. Emir Mednolucanin

        That's literally what I do!😂

    82. KillerBunny697

      Pls bikini make a new twitch live

      1. KillerBunny697

        I want sub to you

    83. Oceey

      When you want to open the alpha pack?

    84. E Vazquez

      At least he can enjoy siege again watch the last video if you dont know what I mean

    85. Waffle

      are we just gonna ignore that he has 779 packs?

    86. Phoenix

      Have yall seen the movie robots? (3:40)

    87. Davis Ginn

      Complaining about Jackals hitbox is the first thing I did when I saw his headgear 😂😂😂

    88. Night right

      Don't make her unfair though

    89. Night right

      Buff hibana

    90. Night right

      Buff hibana

    91. Night right

      Buff hibana

    92. Night right

      Buff hibana

    93. Night right

      If you think hibana should be buffed comment and make bikini know we want a hibana buff

    94. Night right

      Buff hibana

    95. Night right

      Buff hibana

    96. Night right

      Buff hibana

    97. Night right

      Buff hibana

    98. Night right

      Buff hibana

    99. Night right

      Buff hibana

    100. Night right

      Buff hibana