The *NEW* Rainbow Six Siege Experience in 2020...


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    Rainbow Six Siege in 2020 features crazy new features that will change the way we play the game, so heres a montage showing off the new content, yeah still no Ela Elite video.... but I AM showing some new strategy on the Stadium map that features new content like BULLETPROOF GLASS
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Aight, if this video does real good ima get like a few more videos up this week so Y'ALL BETTER SLAP THAT LIKE BUTTON

      1. Seth Pascua

        U are a red doot user now....ur a fine siege player kini

      2. Amaro San Martín

        Mira :exist Bikini: i want it BIGGER

      3. yanosik56

        Bikini there is one bulletproof glass operator....BLACKBEARD

      4. Purpll

        How you gonna diss mira like that....

      5. VildaR

        What team do you play on SI2020?

    2. Th3B1ackD0t

      i miss this map :(

    3. Jen Exopie

      Well, you sorta got your "bulletproof Glass" Operator with the new season! Congrats^^

    4. Alexandreyu

      hamburgerpeepee I'm sorry. Or... am I ?

    5. Darcy Flood

      Hi I love you

    6. Yoshi 2oo8

      2:07. Mira: Am I a joke to you

    7. IanNuke 9008

      5:48 nice payday 2 reference

    8. Benjamin Schultz

      How do you know so many payday memes, but you never upload it?

    9. praise the lord


    10. KGK RainArmy

      Buttetproof wall we have Mira

    11. the fedoraplays

      What's the song at 1:29?

    12. marco limon

      I'm Spanish and I laugh a lot with your videos and I learn english

    13. SUPERBOLT65

      Bakini: “I want a bullet proof glass operator.” Mirra: Am I a joke to you?

    14. Turda Vlad

      I'm saying this extremely late, but what should i get first? Iana or Ace?

    15. adam _

      rewatching during online school

    16. Shadow enju

      Did this man really suggest adding another mira to the game

    17. quetzalcoatlcortes

      11:50 Zhoot clearly has melee on his mouse button

    18. TraDigitalGaming

      Wait since Glaz could shoot through the windows on the plane could he shoot through the ones here... can someone confirm or deny?

    19. Anstroke

      1:52 was that the actual Zero's camera sound?

    20. baby X devil

      So he wants a window that you can deploy that is also bulletproof, HMMMM I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THAT COULD BE 1:51

    21. Witted Shampoo4


    22. p

      2:08 music name?

    23. CaptainCrunchington

      At 8:50 the guy knifed Bikini's feet and not through the shield, and I find it a bit strange that the kill replay wasn't shown.

    24. LeSaR ченел

      6:56 that one guy in chat: oMg BiKinI? 0_o

    25. David Ntoranyi

      1:47 what's the song name?

    26. San Yun

      reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kid

    27. Rafael Carollo

      Who caught zelda musics?

    28. Šķŕы́Ŧы1_Ŧøxįĉ

      ДА,тут есть русские.

    29. ꧁Адонис Кастильо꧂

      🅱️enis Extendios

    30. Emoose

      The bulletproof glass defender would be more of an advantage for the attackers

    31. SunseT

      6:55 ебать бикини

    32. комментатор

      You ugly.

    33. Sgt Big belly

      Gotta love the payday 2 part

    34. Wouter Van der hoeven

      You know Mira has bullet proof glass right?

    35. Ximik

      6:51 да ебать Bikini

    36. Agent pelly#3639 my xbox name

      I wish I had 100000 reknown

    37. Jakub Zieliński


    38. swag man

      2:06 mira :(

    39. 死神_

      I love your videos

    40. seby

      Anyone else see that reload style?😂 9:07

    41. Виталька Игорьевич

      Самое смешное в этом видосе: Ебать Bikini

    42. Agat

      hamburgerpeepee sounds nice

    43. Big Lad Finners

      2:00 so you want a better Mira?

    44. B1ti

      You are my fav swedish person :)

    45. San7God

      Leonidas : give me your best battle cry Bikini 6:59

    46. Hello Crew


    47. Rick Sanchez

      Look at his reload at 9:10 😂😂😂

    48. Fletchy []

      Ahhh ya you make me wannaannaanannanan play seige at 6am

    49. roninkun

      track from 5:50 - Payday 2 Official Soundtrack - #05 The Mark

    50. wiktor tomasik

      Can i Play 1v1 with you

    51. Hamyuts Meseta

      oh bikini looks like he’s a three armor ngl

    52. Hamyuts Meseta

      oh bikini looks like he’s a three armor ngl

    53. Kristóf Éliás


    54. RECO2N

      6:52 he's russian like me

      1. RECO2N

        i mean the chat

    55. SenorXB1

      4:02 I feel like that text disappearing affect isn't appreciated enough

    56. Xgail fsdf

      U do realize that the bullet proof glass operator is mira right

    57. Hales Comics

      Poor mira

    58. Rafael LPM

      So...your name is Tobias?

    59. LTRA Studios

      Mira got forgotten :/

    60. Huhe Reak

      It already exists Mira

    61. Hudson Goethals


    62. Hudson Goethals


    63. foxes moxe


    64. Valdemirso

      “An operator who has a bulletproof glass” You mean Mira??

    65. kaper 3312

      What music is this? 11:55

    66. Victxr_kk R6

      0:42 * Chimera nostalgia increases*

    67. SigmaR6

      That would make mira useless

    68. Chris Edwards

      The only prob w bullet proof glass reinforcement is that it takes away miras ability and throws it out the window

    69. The R6S Shield Main


    70. Ilikepoop666

      Wait is bikinis name Tobias?

    71. Mrgopher1 7

      hamburgerpeepee I don’t wanna see Raid Shadow legends

    72. Darii


    73. JokerOttoVon

      12:25 min. Bikini got one bullet and a dream in his magazine. What is he doing. He reload. Marley is ashamed

    74. NucK235

      Bikini what type of sennheiser gsp headset do you have?

    75. dolphin5461

      8:34 so we just gonna ignore how he threw the c4 but it landed on the side of the wall?

      1. Grayson Da Jason

        It can do that lol

    76. D.-S. P.

      6:51 ебать Bikini?

    77. Wc Ente

      Hello everybody👏🏻

    78. Nate Pulliam

      Binkini is the op is called mira

    79. Rat Gosh

      Your operator description is basically Mira

    80. Navt_Play

      Ебать бикини?

    81. Giuseppe Coppola

      I think the stadium map should be a normal map, it looks so fun

    82. One_tap_69 r6s

      I believe the operator your looking for is clash

    83. I speak to stoves

      Mira: am i a joke to you?

    84. Nurulhaqq SAZ

      Please tell me is that harvest moon theme?

    85. SanaIsHotASF

      I mean castle has bulletproof barricades but it’s not glass lol

    86. FeelsFrogMan

      M i r a

    87. ray lon


    88. Ondra Papáček

      1:42 And What Is Mira? xdd

    89. Gta Tiger


    90. Random Xbox

      We already have bulletproof glass it’s called Mira

    91. Paul Pearce

      # OGHereford base

    92. daniel silva garcia


    93. Death Trooper 411

      12:32 This is John Wick right?

    94. Animated Madness

      That’s actually a really good operator idea

    95. Giorno giovana


    96. ElliotVR

      He said instead of reinforcing the walls they should reinforce it with glass pannels Me : **only can think of mira**

    97. Дядя Миша

      Do you play payday?

    98. lemon art


    99. CocaCrocs

      I cane here cus i heard this is the guy that got tachanka pistol spawnpeeked

    100. Billy Jenkins