The *NEW* Operation Void Edge Experience 👽


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    Rainbow Six Sieges Invitational is ON and the new Operation Void Edge is RIGHT around the corner! We also had the pleasure of playing LIVE ON STAGE with the creators cup!
    Dont tell me I dont have the best memes live.
    Void Edge brings us the two new operators Oryx and Iana and the new Caveira Elite!
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    1. Clush

      G A R A J

    2. Klassic Ahmed

      Did anyone realize when the oryx hits a wall with his gadget all 3 he needs to recharge 3 times

    3. stamina344

      Spawn peeking with tachanka in esports.what a legend

    4. Mod Shop Indie Crafters Market

      0:46 Bikini why are you in a custom game? 🤔

    5. Devil-Finder


    6. Leo Hood

      why did all the names just say player?

    7. Ali Ammar

      Macie jay loser loser loser noob forever

    8. Oracle

      Whoooo alfredo

    9. jaespect

      Send badger and marley here

    10. john tan

      Oh lol just saw teo in the european team

    11. Gianluca Sciuto

      Ma stava giocando con un italiano

    12. ツRoberts

      rip chanka

    13. うずまき

      6:01 Hakerman


      4:25 Alucc🇮🇹

    15. Luis Brito


    16. Dedert 120

      nice bodhi

    17. papa- goiabas


    18. Andrew Yurovchak

      Is bikini bohdi a ubisoft employee?

      1. Therapiists

        no but he knows people at Ubisoft.

    19. Igorusz

      Sorry about my language,but In a race,you dont need to win,u want fight to win,and bikini is this man,congratulation about the BOSG NO SCOPE!

    20. Mr .Dorrtio

      I got a glitch where i could do a oryx dash when I was laying down

    21. Kaos Channel

      Without voice . I can still hear Bikini laugh after every kill

    22. Ja Baited

      I like how the announcers were just talking about bikini using the bosg acog

    23. Elite Sören 0815

      Youre my Hero Bikini

    24. Unknown dude


    25. Tushar Ranjan

      Why you killed only Macie maxxx ,😂😂😂😂

    26. bertocc 05

      Ciao raf

    27. Andrea_DC_


    28. Protti 73


    29. L' Occulto

      I'm still thinking that bikini is the best...

      1. Therapiists


      2. MisterFister88

        Jostrekt is better with bosg

    30. TheMemingWatcher

      I just realized Bikikni in real life looks like Warden in the Stolen Goods event.

      1. Therapiists

        Oh my fucking god he does.

    31. bertocc 05


    32. MexicanAquaman

      I see a bosg clip and i use the gun and try to do some dope stuff with it but 9.5/10 it doesnt work and i die. Then again im on ps so i cant lean without adsing so theres that but vedy spiccy video👌🏼👌🏼

    33. Alstreim


    34. SR. TUMO


    35. Daniele Gaglione

      Like per chi ha riconosciuto alluc nel video 🤣🤣🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

    36. San7God

      6:02 and there we have our god

    37. Mr trash

      Bikini is the master of bos g acog

    38. PunKing From Writer s Home

      İ was saying the say Holy fuck

    39. NajtuR

      Why he have co19😂 (covid19

    40. Nexxus -


    41. Cristobal Alvarez

      He’s not wearing the bulletproof vest correctly

    42. batata com acucar


    43. Anthony Quitaleg please hit like and subscribe 😀

    44. KuziKuzi ZumZum

      Dude I Wish I also could be a nice gamer and go to the tournaments :(

    45. Fuckingenius

      oh i shot maciejay with bosg i make thumbnail...

    46. Vito De Nicolò

      Per chi ha notato degli italiani >

    47. P3b448bles gaming

      How u kill man twice in thumbnail 😦😦😦🤯🤯🤯🙊🙊🙊😤😤😤😟😟😟👀👀👀

    48. Delia Luna

      Ehh everybody names player and some numbers

    49. San7God

      5:53 You show that (CO19 in bikinibhodi's suit ) that scared me ;-;

    50. Acheron Arch

      Ok now i know Bikini is from Europe but i need know which country

    51. Bockerson

      6:06 Kini's vest predicted the coronavirus

    52. fl4vi0o

      Dez big brein taim

    53. fl4vi0o

      Ops mai golf

    54. XIPE

      Bikinis never die!!!

    55. silence

      Bikini: *omae wa mou shindeiru* Macie Jay: *nani!?*

    56. Wly

      Anyone else see how he queued for custom shen he was on Oregon ?

    57. Hitguy 43

      F for monti😥

    58. hidden venus

      i think you’re the literal reason why i keep coming back to siege despite how much of a headache it can be.

    59. Peter Ma

      Saying team Europe and then showing an African Bald 👩‍🦲

    60. BenTheAryan

      1:13 wtf just happened

    61. Orange Eel

      As a Monty main, those first ten seconds was like watching a horror movie

    62. Mat_TheWhite BF5


    63. tuks

      0:13 You Got Jebaited!

    64. JUST_ ST3L30

      4:25 Italian teammates XD

    65. Sergio Moreno


    66. Corn Maized

      Where’d he get that awesome clash cosplay from??

    67. Squidaddy99 !

      Playing in a professional setting** Bikini still playing to have fun cause that’s all that matters!

    68. Aksal Cahjarjo

      I now he can win that game

    69. Communist Productions

      I know it's late but I cannot find anyone saying anything about the guy at 7:40 SCREAMING TACHANKA he loves our lord

    70. Imrechtfürmich

      6:51 They can look up and see the Operater?

      1. Communist Productions

        They have a screen at the bottom right in front of them

    71. Maxim Basuda

      Poor Macie, so many spawnkill die.

    72. D4rk V3n3

      i'm so happy beacuse you play with some italian

    73. Games Ursoforte

      hello everybodhi

    74. Atakan Tufan

      10:12 get rekt

    75. santi team

      1:25 new meta vs pro players just go without shooting like ur a clone but u r not the clone :)

    76. TheGhostKillz

      BOSG ACOG NOSCOPE *cummies*

    77. Seu Teteuzinho

      00:00 When I see the first seconds of the video, I just thinked an one thing: nerfed. *SUPER NERFED*

    78. Juanox Lobos

      Anyone see 5:53 Co19 and now is Covid-19 :O

    79. River Otter

      Let’s be honest, the show match was just Bikini memeing MacieJay to death

    80. Andres Calvo

      Bikini u r the best youtuber in my opinion i love your videos

    81. Reverse_card


    82. Charlie St Louis

      dude no the drop shot on macie was gross i almost threw up

    83. skar 48


    84. Rover

      Wait, Clash’s uniform says CO19... Put “VID” after “CO” and see what you get 0.0

    85. bird

      *OH YEAH!* -oryx and aids man

    86. Zephyr 76

      Hey guys if you liked this video then consider checking out a similar video I made

    87. debianer82

      That Zelda music in the background! 👍

    88. Flow

      Mamma mia quell'italiano e le tattico con bikinibodhi😂 Only Italian fans can understand

    89. Jack Judge

      Oryx when he jumps up hatches. Me Mario

    90. Niccoló Parisi

      4:27 forza italiaaaaaaa 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

    91. Destructa_X


    92. Vaughey Adrian

      Welcome to KissMyDonut's epic r6 server🎮 a community server, where we can chill, chat, play games, advertise, and even more fun and entertaining stuff! In this server we have Bots games memes music

    93. ItsMrDanny


    94. Extrox Xain

      Who’s better Oryx Or Iana

    95. - TheNameIsTicken -

      What are the best sensitivity settings?

    96. Alien Atmosphere

      ORYX: Busts through wall Ooooooh Yeaaahhhhh!!!!!! Kool-Aid Jokes are on the horizon.

    97. Qls_ame

      Bella. Ho un canale HUfast e porto video di Brawl Stars con 17000 coppe. Mi fareste un enorme favore passando a iscrivervi al canale e magari condividendolo pure con i vostri amici. Grazie mille: #ame#

    98. Shadow_ SoulTM

      Chi italiano 4:23

    99. Luke H

      RESPECT the windwaker music!!

    100. Tyler Levine

      its so cool