The *NEW* Rainbow Six Siege Operators Are AMAZING!!! | Shifting Tides


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    Operation Shifting Tides for Rainbow Six Siege is here with the new operators Wamai and Kali
    Should we give them a nerf or buff or are they perfectly balanced as all things should be?
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    1. T7 King

      Song at 0:39?

    2. Behmi _05

      What is the name of the song whamai is dancing to on border ?

    3. Beohn

      How is bikini so good with red dot It’s like the shittest scope in the game gIfTiNg mY nExT 69 sUbS fOrTnIte sKiNs

    4. AH-64 Apache

      Not using aug on wami = disrespect ;/

    5. илья Батурин

      1:48 лучадор и авог

    6. uLucKI Games

      Assista ulucki comigo na Twitch! Can u guys help me tô take 50 follows on twitch? Im from Brasil and have dream to be a streamer Thank you , GUYS ❤🥰😥

    7. Robert Aguilar


    8. Levente Vasas

      shifting tides? more like shitting tides

    9. NaPole NieWojne

      nikt polacy: mamy rapera w grze xDDDDD

    10. Abel Terrible

      You do not get between a man and his RuneScape AIGHT?

    11. Jakoby169 I

      Bikini what have u done to me I keep playing warden and clash

    12. John Doe

      0:01 I see no black ice.

    13. raaviolli

      now that kali has MP9 she will be gud entry fragger :D

    14. Azm4h _


    15. Aathityaa Swaminathan

      00:28 seconds he says not easy to play like noob jager in the bottom. Now the 2 speed hurts wakanda booshiit bikini

    16. Carson’s Dad

      Bodhi should join FaZe

    17. St4ermin

      But why in the votation everybody vote the last option???EVER, STOOOOP!!

    18. Snail Bru

      7:15 right in the balls

    19. Tymon102e

      Wamai's name should be "Soldier of Uganda"

    20. Will Hardy vickers

      Silva 2

    21. Никита Пак

      One thing that i watching Bikini its a JOJO reference

    22. Herrrera Guzmán Enrique

      0:40 name?

    23. Mazzy

      What does her gadget do?

    24. Dr A

      0:39 the last thing the ubi twitter guy saw before dying

      1. T7 King


    25. Jappledapple

      what's the name of the song at 0:40

    26. cheri busher

      When wamia fell he dabbed

    27. FkYee

      No no no no

    28. Ade Agusta


    29. Brendan Rose

      What was the song at 0:38 seconds



    31. DanilaGarilaVanilaTequila

      Ok tell me if im stupid but did he get shot by Kali at 2:08 and survive?

    32. Максим Снимщиков

      I like JOJO

    33. SpecialoTodes

      BIKINIII !!!?? Where Is thé ,,hello everbodhi" on thé start videooo!!!!!!

    34. Jessie Flores

      What’s the song at 0:43 ?

    35. エンリコ


    36. Mad O matic

      Do you get all ops in test server

    37. Nico Pickel

      Shifting tides? More like shifting Tiddies

    38. Luca Sacchetti

      0:41 song??

    39. Iván Garzón

      *red dot*

    40. Sno Boring

      6:33 Everyone in the chat: hEs fAKe

    41. Sno Boring

      Bohdi: fricken dies Also bohdi: it workd doe!!

    42. Juan Antonio Ramírez

      0:40 que canción es?? What song is??

    43. Insecur3

      What’s that one song at the beginning when wamai was leaning with the ability

    44. zWxchtiger

      Bikini Play Clash again pls

    45. Eldar Sapdenav

      Ниче не понятно дизлайк

    46. Gabriel Dias

      Now I want an ugandan operator called Commando

    47. The Bowerly Arthur

      " stop playing runescape " _ Bikini

    48. Bryan Jones

      Can we get iron sights for kalis sniper

    49. BaptisteMain


    50. Lamar Jackson fanboy

      I thought he said shiting vibes

    51. FBI

      Wait for nerf

    52. **

      Still don't know how her gadget works

    53. Christian Guerra

      Gud content 👌

    54. Gusss

      I imagine kali, while dying, saying « how is that a miss? »

    55. Prometheus

      Which weapon skin is he using?

    56. f.m. 03


    57. Cyborg Robot

      kali means black woman

    58. Ms And3rs0n

      What's that darn song bikini put to wamais weird walking lol

    59. AlphaWoulffe

      Where are the new ops from

    60. Daniel Tobias

      JAger? NO ITS Jäger! Its pronounced like Yay-ger

    61. Thel RADame

      I love RuneScape

    62. ELENA P

      Can someone buy/give me a decent pc to play rainbow six?

      1. T7 King

        I got to learn nothing is free in this world

      2. Darkhalo25

        Like someone would buy a stranger a pc and give it to them for free.

    63. Taco

      bik bodhi moar liek biq booty

    64. Blitz the First

      Why do u have to put subtitles for everything

    65. UnknownSensei90


    66. ShinyKingGarchomp

      "He looks straight into the camera, only maniacs do that." The only one on there team that wasn't looking straight into the camera was Vigil

    67. Efe

      Nobody: Bikini when he kills someone: *BONK*

    68. GodlyGamer

      I really like his dance

    69. Jhett Ray

      Wow 3:50 too

    70. Jhett Ray

      That khali shot 2:10 should’ve downed him

    71. Dusky Dawns

      0:32 my humor is trash

    72. Rylan Murphy


    73. Rylan Murphy

      It’s killing me what song is that at 45 seconds of the new operator dancing

      1. Gruusader

        It’s Giorno’s theme from Jo Jo’s bizarre adventure

    74. Atomic Spark

      *The sniper is op*

    75. J Mark

      2:09 how did kali not down him he took damage wut???

      1. Madness1845

        Arm shot that didn’t penetrate to his chest. Clean leg and arm shots don’t down you.

    76. Vigil

      The wamai wiggle is a great distraction

    77. Captain Charisma

      I love how he uses a ton of WindWaker music

    78. Giobby66_CNL


    79. MeRoastIsRuined

      i always thought wamai's icon was a little robot but now i realised its a person and its honestly ruined it for me

    80. KV Koldun

      Operation shifting turds

    81. What DaDuck

      The sniper needs a Nerf

    82. ViPeRxShOcKz

      What’s the song at 0:40

    83. Willzed 76

      Open pack pls!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍❤❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍

    84. VarJ

      Всем привет уделите внимания моему канал! Уверен вам понравится мои видео !

    85. Taco Turtle

      What's the song at 0:40?

      1. T7 King

        @Taco Turtle thanks

      2. Taco Turtle

        Never mind, I found it. It's Giorno's theme.

    86. * Statue *

      Me want the d40, not keratos, unless it got sight

    87. SourSylveon

      The new defender looks straight up like black manta

    88. The Caboose

      it shouldve been the pillar men theme because his name is close to wamuu. Giornos theme is overplayed now anyways. Dead

    89. Jacobmichaelh

      I subbed because of Zelda 🤣

    90. SkatyZツ

      whats the song at 0:40

    91. big leggy

      3:10 well this is the last place I expected to find Alpharad

    92. ☆NxrdEddie☆

      Pause the video at 0:46 and he looks like Will Smith kinda lol

    93. that one person

      0:33 FLINT LOCKWOOD!

    94. 게임플레이창조자

      That's a good one.

    95. mushroom 33

      Shit becose I don't hear Tini.... Something and then BIKINI!! Man wtf

    96. 김도현

      9:45 Using Hong Kong Police? COMMUNIST!

    97. skeptic puma

      Love osrs (runescape) I hear the music playin and its lit, congrats on 63 fishing!

    98. Sniping Filthy


    99. StormTrooperTN

      0:42 what's the name of the audio