The New Clash of Rainbow Six Siege


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    Clash is now Epic
    Play the new Buff Clash instead of Ash or you're a little wuzz in Rainbow Six Siege
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    🎵 Music:
    RuneScape OST - Grumpy
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Snow Worries
    Super Mario Sunshine OST - Delfino Plaza [Qumu Remix]
    Crash Bandicoot Twinsanity OST - Totem Hokum
    Aero Chord - Surface
    Angry Birds OST - Main Theme
    Kirbys Dream Course OST - Cloudy Mountain Peaks
    Kevin MacLeod - Monkeys Spinning
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
    ► Your Brain:
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      1 Like on the vid = 1 Epic

      1. Dio Brando

        1 like for uomopecora

      2. Repent Gaming

        BikiniBodhi as a Thermite Main I’m very pissed at what happens at 7:44 considering I don’t have it for the 556XI

      3. Cheesus Friest

        For the Lord! Do a Tachanka+Mira Strat next pls. It is OP as hell ❤️ Keep up the great work!

      4. marchiori

        I have a R6 highlights channel!! Check it out

      5. Deegan Herlan


    2. TrulyImpossible

      New drinking game: take a shot everytime bikini turtlebacks someone in this video

    3. Police Driver

      BikiniBodhi + Clash = Monster and Badass

    4. Oracle

      Holy hell hibana looks like fuckin momo here

    5. xREIVIiXx

      What is that guitar rift that he plays when he says kkona lol it’s bad ass

    6. Benny Garcia

      I love clash

    7. Rikyfer8_ Channel

      I want the speed at which Clash switches weapons to be the same as when it was released, maybe slightly slower.

    8. Gianluca Cruz

      3:29 UomoPecora... If you are Italian you will understand lol

    9. not dodo

      3:29 uomo pecora in ENGLISH is sheepman

    10. Rockharcos

      Tachanka op I still can't play well in this game but I aced 2 times in a row with him XDD

    11. Miklós Miltényi

      Noo dont be this toxic 😭😂

    12. lizer herrera

      that last part with lion he had ultra instinct on .. he crouched and dodge your knife bikini.. hahahah it is what it is

    13. S A N T I P O N C E

      Sauce eater

    14. Councoun en fait

      Autoroute means highway

    15. ASPECT -

      My first reations to clash when she was released Me:Its boring sees bikinibodhi:Now its fun

    16. Rafajel Perica

      What's the song at 8:12 ?

    17. Socks


    18. Ad53YT

      1:31 ight ima take a crap

    19. Yesnoge Пробел

      рецепт плова:Разогреваем казан с добавлением растительного масла. Нарезаем мясо крупными кусками. Очищаем морковь. Нарезаем соломкой. Обжариваем баранину в казане. Перемешиваем. 2. Нарезаем две луковицы полукольцами. Когда мясо обжарится, добавляем лук. Добавляем 1 ч.л. соли и 1 ч.л. черного перца. Перемешиваем так, чтобы мясо было на луке. 3. Когда лук обжарится, вливаем воду. Она должна покрывать мясо. Доводим до кипения, убавляем огонь. Даем протушиться. Кладем сверху морковь. Не перемешиваем. Томим 15 минут. 4. Добавляем 1 ч. л. черного перца, половину чайной ложки карри, 1 ч. л. зиры и черный барбарис. Томим под крышкой 3-4 минуты. Засыпаем рис. Посыпаем 3 ч. л. соли. Добавляем 1 ч. л. куркумы. Заливаем водой. Накрываем крышкой. Очищаем верхний слой чешуи с головок чеснока. Добавляем в плов. Накрываем крышкой. 5. Готовим салаты к плову. Первый салат Аччик-чучук. Удаляем плодоножки у помидоров. Тонко нарезаем помидоры. Измельчаем перец чили. Добавляем в миску. Нарезаем лук тонкими полукольцами. Посыпаем 1 ч. л. соли. Перемешиваем. Накрываем салат. Ставим мариноваться в холодильник. 6. Второй салат Турп. Очищаем маргеланскую редьку. Натираем на крупной терке. Кладем в миску. Третий салат Зерна граната. Надрезаем гранат. Раскрываем. Соскребаем зерна в миску. 7. Когда вода впитается, убавляем огонь. Оборачиваем крышку казана в полотенце. Делаем углубление по центру в плове. Накрываем крышкой. Ждем 15 минут

    20. Lunumu Gamer

      5:15 Jojo reference lol

    21. Kenzo

      Since this will get lost in the sea of comments, I might as well confess. Sometimes I shit in the shower and stomp it down the drain

    22. crafter 5000

      2:06 bikini nut

    23. PANDA _Treyra

      Speak a good french pls no autorute this is autoroute

    24. Niels Spruijt

      3:57 G E K O L O N I S E E R D

    25. sliightDriizzle

      I’m so glad I play siege on a console in the western US and will never ever ever have to encounter Bikini in game... I’d hate to get styled on this fuckin hard

    26. Vector Skywalker

      We need a clash elite skin where she has hair

    27. Paprika 39

      Toilet blue

    28. Kingz Warz1

      6:01. That was a great transition tho

    29. Frenzy

      Oo LA La

    30. hi there

      Poll about Bosg Acog...

    31. Adam Dergham

      Bikini is it just u and me use clash so we can turtleneck enemies like last time I tried that on BB and it worked

    32. tyt ane

      Autoroutes os french

    33. Crow senpai

      It’s a shame how weaker she is on console.

    34. itsscloudd

      7:03 when you try to jump into a hotel bed

    35. Lorenzo Carrara

      At the minute 3:29 Marley kill someone called uomopecora in Italian uomopecora means sheepman

    36. ZOMBL

      Autoroute is pronounced like autoroot

    37. Grayfeur

      Pas de français ?

      1. ZOMBL

        Grayfeur si

    38. Samuel S. B.

      What's the song at 8:01?

    39. scp-96520-fr

      Clash is amazing it's my defense main

    40. Jeff Katschberg

      0 isn t a number IT s nothing

    41. Detective Wolf

      I have watched most of ur clash plays and have been trying them myself, i am 65% good with the turtle, the 180, and being good distraction, and 35% crap aim with her smg and pistol

    42. james lucas

      Bruh I hate clash bc her sheld like there shouldn’t be a shelid op on defence if it was a half sheld like blitz it would be fair but that’s my opinion

    43. iamcoolerthendad

      8:45 That moment when you thought ash was good

    44. Juan Gutiérrez de Terán Lopez

      you are the best flash main because you are the only clash main

    45. Raphael Biendl


    46. Happy Dino

      1:40 Me: umm there is a deadly twich drone in front of you

    47. Ghost

      Clash mains ....

    48. Brunt_crisp YT

      Were is free beans

    49. DATgoodQUACK

      Why did they remove her, deplorable shields and claymores?

    50. Grumplesnart

      Congrats on almost 1 mil!

    51. YeetTheAlex

      What is this song?????? 8:00

    52. Sløppy

      I like clash but Just because the glitch

    53. sem nome ッ

      Br da like

    54. Flemyng Fondraz

      Bonjour je suis francais

    55. Yvng Mxx


    56. Boonk Gang101

      It’s amazing when I use her but not when the other team has her right????

    57. Sándor Laci

      Clash is the most disgusting operator in the game.

    58. Mr Pavoshkovski

      whts tht song on 8:00 !!

    59. Maximus

      people only dont like clash because once someone hits her shield it moves a lot and shes really vulnerable, if shes played correctly she can be really annoying and really fun to play with. CLASHISNTTRASH

    60. Orange Gamer

      clash is beast

    61. Ross Kardash

      #IQ THICC

    62. Somebody

      Bikini, whenever u use clash's pistol u have a trigger finger

    63. Mm Mm


    64. 4everRiot

      .What is the piano song called at the end ?? 8:45

    65. Matteo Di Remigio

      3:28 you just killed a poor italian guy😥😪

    66. The Schwomp

      2:08 notice how his teammate just left in disgust.

    67. james add

      why the new update need 72 gb ??? LOL cant update even delete all the thing in my computer .

    68. Adrien

      How many people did Bikini turn into Clash mains? He definitely turned me into one 🌟。♥。😉。🍀 。🎁 。🎉。🌟 ✨。\|/。🌺 CLASH MAINS!!! 💜。/|\。💎 。☀。 🌹。🌙。 🌟。 😍。 🎶

    69. Samuele Raspa

      8:00 song?

      1. Samuel S. B.

        I'd like to know too

    70. delimiter

      That play at 2:10 was so toesick it made a tm8 ragequit

    71. Joan Canario

      Bikini I have a question, how viable is it to use turtle back shield seriously as an offensive form of the Clash? i main clash and i wanna be better with her, love u ;)

    72. FuzedPlayz

      Best siege HUfast with the best comedy 😂

    73. Will Wilson

      I love the crab at the end 😍😋💙💙

    74. The Nik

      When I read the title I though they buffed clash 😢😢

    75. Jay

      whats the name of the soundtrack at 8:15?? I need to know!

    76. Ct8mya


    77. alex. .absinth

      Mega Nice Alllllooooooo

    78. -unclepear-

      We need buchoba

    79. Jack Cawley

      I just another black beard video by you senpai

    80. JP Prince

      please do more on clash!

    81. TheWereWolf


    82. BanditGamez xD

      8:17 I have that skin

    83. lowercaseraccoon

      5:09 A JOJOS REFERENCE?!

    84. Simone D'Achilli


    85. Luke Cerru


    86. Logan Lyttle

      I'm a clash main and I started to use your strats but much more aggressively and it's made me so good

    87. Ruebo

      4:10 I like birds, too

    88. Saadim

      that mario sunshine music in the background takes me back

    89. MistakenFor 123

      I dont enjoy clash i hate clash

    90. mr. random name

      Easiest counter to class is to EMP her shield as thatcher and then just smack the shit out of her

    91. TheCosmicc

      As a rook main that just opened 50 alpha packs and didn't get that beautiful rook legendary skin, I am about to never play siege again

    92. Moreno Kristovan


    93. Samli

      5:10 I have that as my notification tone so I immediately checked lol. I heard the same thing later on and just assumed it was in the video, but it was actually my dad texting me that my grandparents were killed in a car accident lol.

      1. Thwack

        Yo hol up.

    94. Brizzy

      PLEASE someone tell me what pokemon music is playing at 7:23

    95. Water Boy

      add base to your outro!!

    96. Emlékszel rám mi? Eklör

      what is the meme's name at 5:10?

      1. Moreno Kristovan

        Jojo bizarre adventure reference, psychic powers called stands, this is the power of the antagonists stand in jojo bizarre adventure part 3, just, za warudo or jojo reference

    97. Argard

      6:02 OMG THAT THING ooooo

    98. 007Tanith


    99. HELLISH '__' BERZERK

      8:46 wut is that song?