The *NEW* Rainbow Six Siege Operator Flores in Operation Crimson Heist


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    TODAY on Rainbow Six Siege in this montage we have Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist and with the new operator Flores.
    This Rainbow Six Siege Montage features flores siege, and you'll soon now what flores of Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist is nothing short of a blitz, blast whatever, PogChamp pancake
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    PAYDAY 2 OST - Heist Successful
    PAYDAY The Game OST - 13. Breach of Security
    Super Mario Galaxy OST - Blue Sky Athletics
    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess OST - Postman's Theme
    Mario Kart Wii OST - Coconut Mall [Qumu Remix]
    Pokémon X & Y OST - Route 1
    Katamari Damacy Soundtrack OST - Katamari on the Rocks
    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword OST - Skyloft
    Undertale OST - Bonetrousle
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      like the vid for more payday 3

      1. DanTe

        kini payday 2 vid when?

      2. Low Hian Teck Isaac


      3. Arcuser Arc

        Wait, its a Trap!

      4. Faery

        I refuse to like the video, then.

      5. Luan Linhares

        They should make so you could put jammers in the walls or make so if the bomb is close to a jammer it would take longer to place it. It would be a great buff(in my opinion)

    2. doped is dope

      payday 2 reference

    3. pablo salazar

      9:35 Caramelo?

    4. Simple Person

      Wub Wubs gone is a perfect reason for crab rave

    5. Doom Slayer

      1:35 "Somebody Heard Explosion And Called The Police!"

    6. Arthur Morgan

      I like the payday2 sounds you put in,good times

    7. Ahmettalha Demirhan

      payday 2 time

    8. lethargicsauce

      Red Robbery, Burgundy Burgulary, Pinkish Pilferage, Maroon Mugging, Fleshy Filching, Scarlet Shoplift, all alternative names 4 Crimson Heist

    9. HeavyMiliac 935

      Viva Argentina!!!

      1. Juan Gabriel Ramos Michel

        Aguente Argentina pa!!!!

    10. Nikita shov

      Rainbow Six:Siege Day 2

    11. Someone_With_No_Name

      flores is quite literally gay

      1. Someone_With_No_Name

        @Juan Gabriel Ramos Michel i mean im not wrong

      2. Juan Gabriel Ramos Michel

        Mmmmm no

    12. Arthur Morgan

      The raiding the vault bit at the beginning makes me want a tdm mode in siege so bad bro

    13. ꧁Evil Hedgehog꧂

      0:02 *I respect you for using a PayDay2 soundtrack*

    14. Wolfygames

      Hello everybodhi

    15. Gruma 65

      8:24 perfect sync

    16. grown spere

      That gave me payday 2 vibes

    17. Joris Kisielius

      Guys is bikini swedish or french

    18. Agent Snake

      I always like your videos you are the best 😇👍

    19. _ HUNFIGHTERS_

      I loved the payday scene 😂❤️

    20. Kevin Gutierrez

      The unadvised replace densply polish because patch theoretically number but a careful humidity. abstracted, easy page

    21. Jayme Flores

      That’s my last name 🤣

    22. lethargicsauce

      after playin around with Flores a while, he's defo one of the best new ops we've gotten in a while, prolly since Ace and Melusi

    23. Zsavage1

      NEW DLC and 50 more bugs .. so many hackers and battleye is worthless catches NO ONE.. love how they put that FAKE list of people ban during a game.. and if the hackers don't wreck your game.. don't worry .. UBI's next patch will fuk it up for you.. same bugs in this game that were in it 5 years ago.. dev's LIE and say they fix them .. THEY DON'T.. and if they keep going the way it is now.. they can change the name to RAINBLOW PAINTBALL.. .. WORST developers I don't think any of them have ever even held a gun let alone shoot one.. Hey here is an idea UBI.. hire developers over the age of 10....

    24. Roberto Emiliano Delgadillo

      pls more videos

    25. lost metal

      Tienen hora pa?

    26. Daniel Christie

      Payday 2 music highly enjoyed

    27. Chiter

      9:12 🤣

    28. Tomasz kwiatkowski

      8:38 lmaoo

    29. pro noob

      3:47 you were killed by an italian youtuber, wtf

    30. Stéphanie paska

      I got a kill with the gonne-6

    31. Fornax

      Oh I didn't know about the mute buff. Cool! Also, I didn't know Flores had four of those explosive drones!

    32. Twinkletoes NZ

      Flores is a Linux user

    33. Drax

      Plot twist: he is gay (Ubisoft adaptacion of Payday)

    34. Volta Alta

      That first push into the bank there was the sickest and most aggressive thing I've seen in siege, I love it!

    35. Blank

      Pretty good strat I figured out, have a Monty and have him guard/ plant diffuser. after they try rushing to diffuse and melee monty you can pretty much drive your c4 sticks onto the diffuser and they cant do anything about it bc bulletproof drones are a thing now

    36. bird dude


    37. Epic Toast69

      Is anybody gonna talk about how they put your powered up get in there from ana in overwatch when finka used her boost

    38. Bonedonut - bndt -

      I really love this R6 content creator multiverse ❤

    39. Just A Commenter

      Flores: is a thief Payday 2 gamers: *its payday fellas*

    40. Dayan Gafar

      Flores,meets Kira:So it is the same type of gadget as mine,a lot of range and immense power,great durability too Kira:Did your developers watch jojo?!?!?!?

    41. Ttops06

      Going to be honest, kini can make any operator OP, her OP.

    42. Çağan Günşar

      The real Sheer Heart Attack

    43. that one cloaker

      Me hearing all the payday 2 sounds: happy cloaker noises

    44. h7x 4

      i want to buy flores

    45. TeddY

      gay -

    46. SonySonic

      payday, but not payday. i like.

    47. Ronnie Wear

      EXPLODE ONE ON ME 😄😂😄😂😄

    48. thatnoobgamer

      I like how the explosive drone has the raspberry pi logo combined with a grenade

    49. Dominykas Jurkevičius

      omg u were playing with my favourite streamer AbsoluteAJ

    50. Nathan

      Mute blocking those things doesn't really make sense. It's a signal jammer, not an EMP. Unless they're gonna change that too? But then it'd affect friendly devices as well.

    51. myass21ASS

      7:57 thats very aggressive

    52. Peter Sha

      I thought it's a Glaz vid until I read the title...

    53. Litios

      He is argentinian bro, happy af

    54. Tomi Pici

      gay charachter , next lesbian , or tranx pls

    55. Karamb1t

      Tip: Flores is actually the 1st gay operator in siege

      1. l Celi l

        i hope not


      I hear payday 2 muisic

    57. HKS 808

      nice payday 2 video

    58. HKS 808

      is this the payday 2 song

    59. Thalor's Wrath

      Kini, I always like the video, don't you worry about that

    60. 3volution2

      Nobody gonna talk about how in the chat it said “I was stuck” “you need a step bro?”

    61. Epic Bossn

      Bikini I have an idea for a new hashtag #gonneacog

    62. Luke Long

      Bikini you need to play PAYDAY 2, I swear to god it is worth it.

    63. Tobias Morell

      Please tell me he swears in argentinian

    64. Cass

      That robbing the bank intro was so hype

    65. 00 7

      The Gonne-6 literally fires a shaped charge projectile (can tell from the concept art) I don't get how it won't be instantly lethal on humans. Like just imagine getting hit in the liver by a small jet of plasma..... ???

    66. Ultima Fox

      Flores is about a facemask away from going on a rampage against a reality-bending clown, a dark god and get his shit kicked in by literal Jesus

    67. Dokkabean

    68. Cryptic

      Yous all realise how op this is right your just crawling in a corner suddenly a drone blows you up

    69. Alberto Salazar

      wow Caramelo speaks spanish and u are playing with him? I tought u didn't like the spanish people in your streams xd

    70. Orbit

      Me on Xbox not getting the update: Sad Xbox noises

    71. your ace

      I couldn't play r6 I got suspended but looks cool

    72. Mikael Christian Krutisov-Oyola

      I appreciate the payday music and voices and all good job 👍

    73. Drepcikon 6

      this is just test server normal??

    74. Floio_ Not1

      I can’t see him or use him and I am on ps4

      1. kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv

        Its the test server

    75. Skullsncrosbones Bassed

      I’m sorry but I’m gonna need more Payday 2 stuff From you

    76. Flickhs

      How do you get the operator early and when is your t coming out

    77. JuanM Chavira

      Flores gadget are the suicide bombers from terrorist hunt

    78. Dakota Houser

      How do you get to the uplay?

    79. Gritonsius

      I love all the payday references

    80. IndoPhazrX

      Hearing Razormind in the first part made me smile :) Edit: I guess Payday 2 soundtracks are basically the whole thing- Nice

    81. Lover Life

      "drone gang bang"

    82. RCxpert

      nein nein???

    83. Math Team Dropout

      His editing style is SUUUUPER similar to Hush

    84. Puffy Poofi

    85. Zipzac

      It took me a while to realise that this is early access

    86. the power of gaming

      you have the ultimate edition of the game?

    87. Simp Squad

      So its basically a rcxd

    88. Heavy Stalin

      But HOW does this update work?

    89. chrid straus

      This comment will get blocked soon but. Ubisoft upper level staff sexually assaults their employees. There nw security spies thru personal Webcam. We call them rats. Rapists and terrorists rats.

      1. chrid straus

        @kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv no proof

      2. kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv

        @chrid straus so you're just guessing? So you have absolutely no proof?

      3. chrid straus

        I guess

      4. kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv

        You know this how?

    90. Максим Салтыков

      now droning is officialy gay

    91. Mace Highlights

      Am i the only one who hasnt gotten the update yet?

    92. DanTe

      bikini knowa about payday 2 :)

    93. Darryl Morley

      Why is it called Crimson Heist if there's no heist taking place?

    94. Ryus Alv

      Ratero Means Thief. Your Reliable Mexican Guy.

    95. you

      Isnt defense the terrorist group?

    96. ssandroAle gesBor

      ONLY ONE OP???

    97. Andrew Deady

      I knew someone was gonna make a payday montage of the new op lmao.

    98. Craig McDermott

      why has this not come out on playstation?

    99. Подарки От Эльдарадо

      First world bank is nutshel

    100. thainfamous mobb

      I can't find him in the operators when will it be available again?