THE NEW CLASH of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion


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    Clash is my new Favorite Operator in Rainbow Six Siege whcih I chose during the Marocco season Operation Wind Bastion that brough Kaid and Nomad aswell as the CLASH BUFF
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    🎵 Music:
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate OST - Wario Ware Inc. Remix
    Magnus Ringblom - Beautiful Days
    Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games 2014 OST - Mushroom Bridge
    Payday 2 OST - Backstab
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    Angry Birds OST - Main Theme
    Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon OST - Yamato
    Anders Ekengren - Scratchy Movie
    I Wanna Be The Boshy OST - Sonic's Theme
    Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Windfall Island
    Crash Twinsanity OST - Slip Slide Icecapades
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Leave a likerino if you want ANOTHER vid on the Clash Buff using the Full-auto-SMG!

      1. Nathanprod

        best clash main is you bikini

      2. Swiftly Fat

        Bikini...I’m pretty sure it’s just you and me now who mains clash but if you wish to know I watched you play clash and was like I’ll do that and I did...and now I think I can battle you in terms of ‘clashability’

      3. Angel ofIron

        Thank you sir!

      4. Benita Fernandes

        BikiniBodhi Was that angry birds theme song in the background

      5. Toni_PJs

        Please tell me if KS actually succed you off at invitationals...

    2. tiago arve

      Recruit is the best operator,change my mind

    3. Rayne Lee


    4. MN TEAM


    5. Spareteacher 96

      Hi bikiny I'm trying to be a good clash main can you tell me what gun wuld be the best to use

    6. Shnut

      No hate but even in his own clash montage he lost half of them. No Hate Tho, BikiniBodhi is great

    7. Mark Sun

      Ubisoft: releases a bad operator BikiniBodhi: *makes it overpowered*

    8. Ryhanmo

      0:56 what did you just said?!!!?

    9. HideonRD


    10. HideonRD


    11. FCRY 4 GUY! SKATE 25

      DID YOU SAY THAT CLASH IS A BAD OPRATER IF SO i like your vids keep it up man good job

    12. Egsoz 1

      jackal is getting banned everytime now

    13. Droop S

      Clash is a mistake I wish she was not made everyone hates her u have to be lucky that the other team is dumb

    14. The R6S Shield Main

      Nöt really new, but ökay.

    15. 小星

      What's the name of “wulala” with crab rave

    16. its freaking raw

      Clash is in fact NOT toxic

    17. Reaper XG45

      "I wanted to nuke her" "Chowder, she's Japanese and you're American" "OH NO!!!!"

    18. Mc Spankies

      I fucking hate clash because she is utterly annoying when she starts screaming

    19. 「 Kabuki 」

      3:09 omg the synchronisation

    20. BOOMER

      Wait was this just ranked mode?

    21. cstrutherskgs

      How do you counter this?

    22. cstrutherskgs

      Clash should have a sensitivity limit. Or make it so it takes very long to swap.

    23. Dawson Fitch-Edwards

      At least I’m not the only one that alaways wants to ban ash

    24. Mantas Mal

      what if clash could elecrify barb?

    25. TGMA Productions

      3:08 that is some niiiice beat matching man

    26. Santiago García

      when ranked was shit

    27. serpil aksoy

      i HATE CLASH

    28. George Joestar

      Very nice and gay

    29. NotAstraa

      How can i get that weapon skin that says police?

    30. Dominick Cap

      Dude clash was so fast when this came out and now she is like -5 speed

    31. Kono Dio da!

      JAMESKII !!!!

    32. Skyler Moon

      You should be despised if yourself for thoughts moves. Jk keep going

    33. Skyler Moon

      Why does clash have POLICE on her shield. She betrayed the police team?

    34. M4ICON jooj

      2:02 I got that reference

    35. DaEggie

      Bikini clash is outta the game

    36. Cinco Chishom

      Dokkabei is going to be sent to my shadow realm aka MY BED ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    37. Kermit The ancient frog

      Thanks master bikini for the lesson

    38. Ohmnill

      I can counter you by proning while u knife and shoot ur legs

    39. Anakin Skywalker

      O my god, I have realised that was the Clash tongue and not his lib

    40. YuMni

      ah yes backstab 3:02

    41. Delderi

      Why i see people turtle with Clash, but not with any shield operator. Is her shield bigger?

    42. Alex DeBroux

      Maestro would undoubtedly win that arm wrestle. You can tell by the veins, the arm size, and the expression

    43. Death inside

      Hotline Miami 3: wrong spawnpeek

    44. 「 Kabuki 」

      americans nuking japanese in rainbow six siege

    45. •๖ۣۜMaruu•

      8:07 *is that Jockey noise ?*

    46. Popularkid20 GAMES


    47. TheMemingWatcher

      Wonder how Bikini felt when Clash got disabled.

    48. Its Elef

      U Said U Gonna Teach Us To Be Good With Clash But We Need Ur Sensitiv From U PLZ Show Us Ur Settings🙃

    49. PepperMint Box

      I want to see if this strat is just as effective on console Wait... new vid idea *BIKINI*

    50. CriticalSwift

      *"ʙɪᴋɪɴɪ - ɢᴏᴅ ᴏғ ᴄʟᴀsʜɪɴɢ"*

    51. Gru’s FBI Service


    52. Spenser Denovich

      Shes in the same skill tier as mira

    53. Ömer kuranel


    54. Hudson Ly

      Smoooth Operator

    55. JOSHCOD 487

      I’m proud to say that clash was my first expensive operater

      1. YuKkI


    56. MuckiGirl

      When u using clash stabbing them look-like slapping them

    57. Atlas

      wats the song name at 7:12

    58. Cubozork


    59. Dragonheart Rave

      Love the Crash Twinsanity music near the end, brings back nostalgia, also, nerf clash..out of the game

    60. NokiNokka

      I like the angry birds theme song at backround

    61. Jäger Bandit

      I watch his videos because of his pronunciation and how he say gad daimn eat(god damn it)

    62. Marcin TV

      jk -

    63. Marcin TV

      ur vids wack like warden

    64. TreKt

      0:58 "the worst opperator to join this game" Amaru: dont do it, please

    65. Logan Schwarz

      @BikiniBodhi What's the move called when you do the 180° turn when you're swapping?

    66. Mr. Apriows


    67. dylan crougnaud

      Clash the uganda queen

    68. The real

      7:13 When i hear this all i can think of is burning down weed fields with a flamethrower.

    69. Mercer Rosenbaum

      Chowder she is Japanese

    70. Nestor Rodriguez

      8 month later, nobody vote for ban...

    71. Deviant soul

      Tachanka is actually first he is just to powerful the game has gone haywire

    72. Kaidin Stroble

      “People don’t know has cash works.” Pulls up jameskii who has played like 5 hours of rainbow six siege

    73. Duke_LetoII

      I love you for your hate towards Ash mains. But I hate almost as much the new Doc spawn peeking mains.

    74. WP_N0TZ W

      I touched myself

    75. Niall Reel

      I don’t understand why Tachanka is sow low down the list, bc I have got some serious kills with it

    76. SiKoShadow_YT

      How its named the final song?

    77. Juan Pablo

      Some one from Mexico

    78. Mx Ace

      I fucking love clash and her bald shiny head

    79. MaxTheAnimator

      Clash was banned 6 times and i was like BRUH I WANNA MEME

    80. James Verner

      Block repel.... No one has ever done that....

    81. Justin Castillo

      Bikini: I'm gonna teach you guys how to play clash Me: yall hear sumn?

    82. DingoSaurus

      sorry but tachanka is great

    83. Cristiano Sabian

      3:09 the syncccc

    84. HyperLyne

      She’s better now that she has an automatic weapon.

    85. MrGreenster

      You said you will teach us how to Play clash like a GOD but i just saw how you are getting kills with her and Nothing i could use in Rainbow !

    86. Ezra Marmur

      Lol 8:46 he misspelled headshot

    87. Arch231AngelPLAYZ

      I main dokkebi, y u have to send her to shadow realm :(

    88. Lancsdragon

      I wish the sight on clash and wardens pistol is removable

      1. Lancsdragon

        Thanuslover666 its only because I love the sights on a glock it isn’t cause I hate the sight itself lol I meant you can remove and put it on like an attachment as you pleas

    89. Imanolultimate

      Bc of bikini, I am one with clash

    90. Riley Herren

      The captain alex sound effects destroyed me


      6:40 kids don't understand dis joke

    92. your wow

      What id we called germans germanians

    93. Venkkat

      SPREAD THE WORD #giveclashelite

    94. Bence Szatai

      5:50 fastdox.plg is hungaryan player bikini

    95. Mates Games

      good video

    96. Shiitake Mushroom Salt

      Feel bad for the people who dont know how to counter shields clash gives the the shock of a lifetime

    97. Lenny

      You can't have clash without ASH

    98. Andrew Tempesco

      Thanks I have clash but when I switch my weapon I didn’t know you could turn around

    99. Sir Aero

      I tried to master this trick on console... It takes a lot of sensitivity...

    100. Callie Graham

      When I play clash it is either I suck but sometimes the opponents are stupid