THE WORST GUN EVER In Rainbow Six Siege 💀


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    So Ubisoft changed the ACS-12 shotgun into a slug... and it's absolutely horrible... thank god they buffed it but this is a Rainbow Six Siege montage of when it was at it's worst EVER, so far Operation Steel Wave feels pretty good, what's next Echo Elite video?
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    1. BikiniBodhi


      1. Bence Hortobágyi

        Im buy now

      2. Yo merengues

        ACS ACOG !?

      3. Sonny Jenema

        your youtooz looks as shite as your country brother. maybe bring back the masculine identity of the viking swede?

      4. Bruh Master


      5. Darkshadow388

        Yo this literally dropped on my 18th birthday

    2. Efe Bayar

      D I S G U S T A N G ! ! ! !

    3. MassiveLegend

      The doc keeps missing

    4. Wyatt Rutherford

      On console this weapon shreds

    5. Dat Boi Dan

      That gun is insane not that it has the 2x

    6. Franklin Westlake

      Ironically at this point ACS + Baliff maestro is my most aced OP

    7. Quix Nix

      Acs12 is mini tachanka

    8. Quix Nix

      Every time I use acs12 i pop off

    9. killed_by_goodby

      And they've buffed it again, to something obscene

    10. Kayron


    11. Xaracen

      bikini using the unbuffed acs is me with r4c.... sometimes gets random headshots, otherwise do fuckall

    12. antocrack007

      2:14 there was an ace Isn't there?

    13. VladySlavo

      1:46 omg there is an italian in the chat

    14. Szalonnaskenyer

      Nov. 4. This fcking gun is the best no need to reaload mostly 2x scope 2 buletts to kill damn

    15. Mr bom

      What the reason to take it when you can take 1911 or rg-15

    16. D4RK Sh4rDz

      Oh how the tables have turned

    17. Ggjeie Jsjejs

      10:02 you can hear a pow from heavy' s taunt kill

    18. Haikal Kal

      1:13 you predict next operator gadget sound

    19. LukeyTWW

      I use aa12 for spawnkill but ok

    20. postys wife


    21. Boza 04

      We need

    22. Boza 04


    23. Jose Luis Garcia Marcos

      But now is more op It is 50 damage And now is like a normal gun you can hit a guy and end him at more than 40 meters And im not very well playing and i do many aces whit that gun You is very good so u can do more i think

    24. Magic woosh6145

      Who else is watching this for the 10th time

    25. funkymonkey3206

      Say sike right now

    26. Domonater 9

      That guns OP U just can’t use it right it’s automatic u dumb ass

    27. ZephyrSpirit

      2:11 wtf is ace doing?

    28. Fresh-nagyon friss

      The crosshair just changed :c

    29. Lapis Goblin


    30. Mr_Flowers 1104

      1:14 you know the game is broken when you outsnipe a sniper with a bad shotgun

    31. King Of Pool


    32. Lil Ra Ra

      This game ruins too many real life guns.

    33. Shadow Fire

      Bikinis scream always makes me laugh

    34. I go by many names

      Remember when kali came out and was a god amongst men with that scope? What happened

    35. Frosty Icicle

      Hmm bikini what’s worse, the ACS12 or the UMP

    36. Hunter Holmes


    37. Raven Knott

      Honestly the pre slug version was better

    38. IcyMuteBen

      Now this gone is broken, with it having an acog, we did it, we got #ACS12ACOG

    39. Bruno Candido

      "Worst gun" did you ever use the bailiff?

    40. praise the lord

      #ac12 acog

    41. ayad tariq

      2:10 ace is like Hello there

    42. jxst1ce xoxo

      The ACS was trash at the beginning of steel wave and now they pretty hit hard. The thumbnail lowkey looks funny af

    43. TheRed Safire

      Have you tried shooting them in the head

    44. DRAV-Corp

      its all fun and games until they put the new 2x scope on it and get slug rounds

    45. Bluemoon

      Muly is hacking He shoots through walls

    46. cald3ras

      Actually, thats one of my favorite guns

    47. That Ghosty Streamer

      This reminds me of the smr from bo2

    48. AlvaroS046

      5:57 One Tap

    49. NeroxYT

      Is a shotgun no a sniper

    50. pardalopardos _

      this gun is crazy you just suck with it

    51. TheIronTommo


    52. IDKr6 6

      Did he seriously out snipe Kali with a SHOTGUN

    53. Member of the SchutzStaffel

      A full-auto shotgun,but only fire one bullet each time, wat ?

    54. Devdimmadome

      I like how because it has 1.5 scope he loves it

    55. Zack Gehlhausen

      why no red dot nerd

    56. Matthew Prue

      Acs-12 acog?

    57. RyZe Team R6

      Why do you sound like Kwebollkop

    58. Dennis Gjoka

      The UMP-45 is the worst gun by faaar

    59. Gabriel Miklos

      All of the kills he got were headshots therefore the gun is bad but he's good at aiming

    60. 夜桜八重


    61. Adam Rinaldi

      What even makes a gun good or not good to you people? If you are good with it then you are good with it, you should know how to use it. Not just blindly running at people as if you had an mpx or an mp7. Idk I just see people calling weapons trash but watching them play with it is all wrong in my opinion

    62. Adam Rinaldi

      This gun is a very good gun the question is that are you good? Can you hit those 2 slugs and knock down that enemy? Are you peaking too far out? Maybe it's time to stop blaming the gun...

    63. Matthew Allison

      Okay, I will give the gun the fact that holy shit the sound is great. The "Thonk, Thonk, Thonk, Thonk". That is fucking great.

    64. PaTo

      Someone see ace when kill zofia ace is like wtf ??

    65. Jays Gaming

      2:11 did anyone else see the ace

    66. Colton Wagaman

      Watching this is pure pain

    67. Gianmarco Gargiulo

      The pizza pasta got me (I'm Italian)

    68. fart ballz

      2:11 what is the ace doing???

    69. 核廢料nuclear waste

      2:11 is he ace??

    70. Lorenzo Riedi

      If kini like this i will play this gun by an year

    71. gray buster

      I got a 4k last night

    72. Rixsloot

      Bohkin BHIDHI IS HUNGerY

    73. Franco Fanchi

      Are u playing with laser sight?

    74. mladej-coty nightcore 樂


    75. Francesco Pettenò

      smettetela di tryhardare e togliete l'accappatoio sui test server ha ragione

    76. Guuse Mint

      At about ten meters the damage drop off made the gun deal 25 damage meaning that the acs needs a range buff or buckshot again

    77. Tyler Jansen


    78. Swag Banana

      Qualche italiano?

    79. АCat

      That gun is super disgusting my friend make an ace with maestro i was protecting him with clash

    80. stasiek _mlg


    81. aonarcan


    82. Kooya

      Get this an acog next

    83. はいWait

      ACS12 Acog??

    84. domahawk 22

      Can we get an acog on it like the kaids slug shoty or bosg

    85. Jim Pickens

      This thing needs an acog...

    86. Ztencil


    87. mojobluez

      9:42 zofia do be locking in a triangle choke undertaker style

    88. Masen


    89. Diablo

      give this thing acog too bc compaired to the tcsg the ts has a higher fire rate technically bc of the spam and the bosg just needed it

    90. Rierarosalie

      "Dubble dicker" 😂😂😂😂

    91. Banana Gang

      He didn’t notice the Ace right beside him in this clip 2:05

    92. комментатор

      60 % laughter

    93. Sauron Maia

      I cant even hit somebody with bandits shotgun from point blank range

    94. firesoldier

      Out here using pokemon music for the background

    95. postraumatic

      #ACS12 ACOG?

    96. Richárd Karácsonyi

      Too focused on nutting

    97. TheCorpClan

      5:00 the clutch with 69 health and the worst weapon in the game what a legend

    98. Literally the United States of America


    99. Arizona Green Tea

      Now we need acog on this

    100. DanidasLlama