The *WORST* Challenges of Apex Legends Season 1: Wild Frontier


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    Click the link here to download Apex Legends Season 1 free on PC, Xbox, and PS4:
    Today we're not play Rainbow Six Siege
    No today we're hopping in to the new Season in Apex Legends
    !!! Wild Frontier !!!
    I got some gameplay on the new Legend Octane who kinda looks like Mozzie from Siege, completeing some challenges for my battle pass with my favorite legends Mirage, Octane and Bangalore

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      Seeing Apex Legends gameplay and then hearing "Hello Everybodhi" is kinda cursed.

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      Minute 6.39... RIP🥺

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      When the Payday son was playing while he was getting kills and stuff, that shit sounded and looked RAW bro

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      Undertale musik noice👌👌👌

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      fortnite except ACTUALLY good

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      5:04 ÄHHHM... WHAT?! Bodies?? - What are Bodies!?

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      Peashooter challenge

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      Can appreciate the use of operation black light

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      3:30 You got killed by Jameskii 😂

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      Can I play on the Wii?

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      this game is a copy of Titanfall 2 do more siege bikini

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      Tae bo he~ dda ra man ha se yo!! dda ra man ha se yo!!

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    16. GALEXO ALT

      And octane is Finka except he removes health when you use the stim and octane does drugs so don't do drugs kids!

    17. GALEXO ALT

      Caustic is a fat r6 smoke

    18. Druid_Fuze

      Bro he punched the champion to death

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      Dont be kids. Play Titanfall 2)))))

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      Bikini why you play this game of shit play rainbow do it for tachanka

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      Anodda one? AYYYYY

    22. seanster_94

      Considering how the game is free and EA needs to rely on sales within the in game store, you would think they would have put more into the skin and unlock departments of the game...only 4 legendary skins per character, same with the guns (some with less than 4) and of the 4 skins they are split into 2 sets both of which are just reskins of each other...the purples are cool but they are mostly the same skin with a different color...I really wish they made the skins more unique

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      This reminds me of how fortnite started

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      Bikini I think your Twitter is hacked!

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      That stealth section was like Cod 4

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      apex have China cheater every round

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      I’m not sure if it’s my phone or not but his discord won’t load in it’s just grey circles and lines any suggestions??

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      i love payday 2 soundtrack

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      Why he tried to sell me on buying the battle pass for this game. It’s the worst one I’ve seen

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      challenge ur selves all kill has to be finisher

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      The win a game is the best challenge ever. In going to start doing that challenge more often with my friends.

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      Love the game and the new legend is sooooo much fun but I have to admit the battle pass is pretty shit, their skin game for all the legendarys are amazing g but the ones in the pass are just so bland

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      I don't follow you 'cause your challenges, i follow you because you are too cool, too crazy, and i love you. Greetings from Italy! 🇮🇹

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      2:30 "I have mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still, that I become invisible to the!"

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