The WORST Operator in Operation Ember Rise


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    In Rainbow Six Siege Amaru might be the most overhyped operator ever
    When Operation Ember Rise just got revealed with Amaru & Goyo I had my eye on Amaru BUT since we've played with her, she's sadly not there yet
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      MORTALS! If we hit 25k likes on this video in 24h, I'll be getting you the GOYO Video THIS WEEK :)

      1. Kevin Pacheco

        Bikini u popo amaru is is gud

      2. Duggy Fresh1313

        Nate is not dummy he is a hed

      3. Go-Pro Home and Building Maintenance

        The doc was a fan

      4. Adam Ammar

        BikiniBodhi Mon. Basiles

      5. Adam Ammar

        BikiniBodhi Mommy Basiles

    2. Murray Gecko

      2:09 I love that doc

    3. manu ozores

      10:55 why is maestro like smaller?


      Amaru is now OP!

    5. Lone Wolf

      Amaru is a good operator

    6. Clush

      Hey guys I just want to say that the iron sights of buck isn't bad

    7. R6 Amaru

      I dont do nothing to you ;-;

    8. Sawbucksgold

      Amaru is a good operator

    9. Quix Nix

      Idea for buff. Give amaru an enhanced rappel on top of the hook. Super quiet and fast maybe.

    10. Barış

      4:38 that alibi is the real one...

    11. Los Randoms Valen Verga

      438 there is an real alibi

    12. Nathan Deery

      Who’s watching when she’s actually really good

    13. Naughtyrabbit

      fan vad amaru kan dö :)

    14. Ivan Markov

      What is that song 2:44 ?

    15. Requis Is Me

      She’s not a bad operator you’re just not good with her

    16. ondra kadlec

      Guys where is the hayaaaah sound from ? 3:07

    17. noobz.

      Btw 4:39 that was the real alibi XD

    18. christian ortiz

      I like how he looks at the doc and not the alibi first

    19. 13 bul13ts

      4,41 there was a real alibi

    20. leonardodc01

      AMARU IS A GOOD OPERETOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. Andrea Pasquini

      Come on work stupid fucking grappling fuck

    22. TheMilanTV

      Me watching this after her bufff like o.o

    23. Àron Pürzel

      3:08: If Amaru would have balls she would have a problem somethimes

    24. Jamie Hall

      Anyone1 else realise that at 4:38, the alibi right next to doc is real?

    25. Jaden Ackerman

      No she’s not u just got to know how to use her

    26. Its WayoX

      Who's the bad operator now huh?

    27. Egemen Mut

      She doesnt work like that you must use it away from the bomb sites

    28. Iniv gameplays


    29. Aidan Reid

      HUfast is recommending this to me on the day that amaru is getting a huge buff

      1. IYAH Friendz


      2. Vladimir Putin


    30. Migliorigno

      You cant spell dropshot whitout hot...nate was rigth

    31. ExoticBubbleGum

      The three main things in siege,Surprise.Denial.Breakdown 9:08

    32. Dana Turner

      4:34 isn't that Alibi real??? I swear she moves

      1. MaruxeTV

        lol you are right

    33. Aym4n-_-KSA1

      Edit the title Amaru is good now

    34. GamerBoy 4Life

      At 4:41 did anyone see that alibi right next to doc? I did for sure Bikini did you think it was a fake lol.

    35. pedro landal

      4:40 that IS a prisma álibi?

    36. Egsoz 1

      people that come from future update

    37. CHITOXD13

      the music is so good dude hahahaha is a zelda xD

    38. MathDaBoi

      I call her Amarula

    39. mr cummings69

      Ur just bad with her lol don't use the shoty

    40. Jirasit Akarathanakulkit

      Goyo are the same

    41. Red force Gamer

      Amaru isnt terrible u r terrible

    42. Alain Hamoun

      Amara is a good operator *dies jumping through window * Me: cries in grapple hook AMARU IS A BALANCED OPERATOR Édit: took me like 5 seconds to make/come up with this lol! Pls get this likes bikini need 190 mil subs

    43. Keanu Roberts

      Why would you go into objective??????!?!?! Just use it as a easier way to get to the roof or escape a situation????/ Or flank??

    44. Kahng Dj

      And that is how you shouldnt use acog with G8A1

    45. Arco Games

      amaru operator

    46. Dreams

      Back then wehn buck had nades ;-;

    47. Islatoz

      7:43 payday2 music. Inow am a real boi

    48. Pető Ágoston

      She's my main

    49. Lauren Wild

      She should pull her gun out and ADS faster

    50. fl4vi0o


    51. Mummy’s Secret.

      She’s not bad, you just gotta get gud m8 No for real, if used correctly, you won’t die all the time. There’s a clip in Marley’s video “Marley’s Best Of 2019”, And It Shows A Clip of Him using Amaru, and acing.

    52. Danielosky

      I love payday2 songs 😂 my favourites game

    53. Madhav Sajit

      4:40 that was the real alibi

    54. A S

      АУФ ☝️☝️🐺

    55. Taktikal Mothertrucker

      AMaRu Is A gOOd oPerAToR

    56. Iljk

      anybody else recognised Alibi moving a little at 4:37?

    57. Yoshz

      Hate her character design so I’m quite happy that she is hot garbage

    58. Lew15

      why is this recommended to me now after i've just bought her

    59. Toasted. Toast

      „HALLO THERE“ Hallo=Hello in german

    60. Finlay MacDonald

      4:38 um you walked past alibi

    61. Supernova Gaming

      Can you at least appreciate the double shotty

    62. TwistedSync

      That super mario galaxy bee world music though

    63. Roger Gaffin


    64. Smely

      Soo Pc are good bam bam but bad Mind.

    65. Aaaa Bbbb

      DoNt AmArU into objecc

    66. Asdf

      4:35 did anyone else see the alibi's arm move

    67. chikinbenlol

      Guess what someday bikini would main Amauru

    68. Tomate Plays

      man, you are legendary for using sonic generations rooftop run theme, that was one of my favorite games.

    69. Prof.Dr. Baum

      Well now I know why I have never seen her beeing played in game

    70. Joel Thomas

      Tip: don't Amaru rush straight to objective, rush on the same floor and try to get there as early as possible so you can get the element of surprise on them

    71. FieD

      PayDay 2

    72. DRAV-Corp

      If you wont go in while repelling then dont go in with grapple, easy choice. She isnt their to rush objective like a moron. Its just like whining while jumping in normally.

    73. Sadin Rahman

      If amaru had her secondery while grappling..

    74. Diogenes Rex

      they need to make it like the new cool aid man where the window doesnt break open till she's there

    75. Alex Rowe

      I love how he dances in sync with the music 2:11 what a legend.

    76. raseknaldo145


    77. Riley Stokes

      New viewers- why does everybohdi pick the bottom of the vote? Old viewers- ITS THE LAW

    78. Hidden Nyte


    79. TheMontoya09

      You guys just aren’t playing amaru right..... drones are her most important gadget. She has the potential to cause the most damage. Imo her and Nokk are devastating due to the fact they can catch an entire team off guard or throw them in a panic and allow your squad to make a push. Play smart ppl

    80. Tr-87pRo

      Still Payday 2 music?

    81. Frasburn

      4:38 you got trolled and you didnt even know it

    82. flc kevin

      Imagine using grappling hook to rush then you hit goyo shield

    83. Cool Kid

      I will come back in a year so hold my choccy milk

    84. Covert 125

      Amaru good operator

    85. Parker Berry

      Amaru does suck, but she has a different role than how bikini plays her. She is made to rush into the building but on the other side. This is so she doesn't immediately due but can hold outside objective and is there to kill roamers. She is more or less there to make roamers obsolete.

    86. Lord_kapkan

      That moment when you get a black ice duplicate but you’re new so you got happy about the 2500ish renown

    87. The beast Hunter

      Worst video in channel

    88. Kauziger Bergeremit

      Amaru is op but you can't play here

    89. john mckinney

      Armaro has better guns then warden a better ability and is faster so warden is the worst but I know you main him after all this is a opinion

    90. Nuke3 !

      It’s not that he sucks it’s just the spots you decide to go and what time u go

    91. Zeno

      Bruh everyone is actually retarded if you think she’s the WORST operator in rainbow six siege, just don’t grapple into the windows lol

    92. VarVarith


    93. ll Leaf ll


    94. F3AR 12HRS

      6:49 when you fail an exam

    95. Big Boie

      i am under trees and plants what am i. *amaroot*

    96. Ebic Gamer

      8:45 Qwueck

    97. MY EYEZ

      If you put your speed at 0.25x And pause at 4:44 that was a real alibi XD

    98. ya boi

      Amaru not that bad tho decent

    99. ApexHydra-

      This is what I think they should had done: The barricade doesnt break down before you get there, the momentum of amaru should break through, also get rid of the terrible delay when you make it inside.

      1. ApexHydra-

        *notices that someone else had the same idea...* Dang it, I thought I was clever.

    100. Matyáš Hrneček

      She is not that bad mean yeah she is not the best but dont be agressive try use her more for the movement