They Gave us BOSG ACOG In Rainbow Six Siege 😎


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    UBISOFT GAVE US BOSG ACOG in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides
    This is absolutely CRAZY of a buff and we finally have a 3 Speed with AN ACOG
    Sorry Jager xD
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Make sure to SLAP DAT LIKE BUTTON and share with a friend and PREPARE THEM FOR BOSG ACOG!!!!! WE DID IT!

      1. Da Al

        @Oh yeah !! 🤣

      2. Thepyrothingguy

        Ah si you like dumb shit that’s fun well follow me welcome to tf2

      3. SYN_Soldierz

        7:42 wamais face😂

      4. Justas7101


      5. Edu Tube

        I’ll buy vigil just because Bosg ACOG

    2. TheI._.IBored

      Sound at the minute 4:02 ?

    3. Moxie's Voiceover

      Now all they need to do is buff Vigil himself

    4. Rocco Kubierschky

      Bikini gets Bosc acog Bikini: let’s not aim Xd

    5. leon.legends

      Bikine are you a vgin

    6. Miguel Marques Ramos

      Hello bikinibodhi, I'm not gonna lie I don't think bosg good or something like that but I think that day someone is cheating cuz he uses DMR is kinda toxic but apart from that i luv you =3

    7. Sean Pacheco

      NoW tHiS iS pOdRaCiNg!¡!

    8. YATO god

      3:21 тут клеймор )) RUS

    9. Bderix


    10. Salman Ali

      Oh wow this was eleven months ago and in the thumbnail it shows the 2x optic this dude predicted the future...

    11. Mon ke

      2.0 X predicted

      1. Mon ke

        @Festerr nope look at the picture when you click on the video

      2. Festerr


    12. Dabowler68 ch.

      The very first clip of the video is outsniping Kali with the BOSG lol

    13. Lucas Burkhalter

      Holy crap the transition from shooting wamai to being on cams was insane

    14. _g_3 It4


    15. Mariano Alfano

      Bro you re playng at 60fps..

    16. Melancholia • YT

      When the 725. from warzone arrives in other games

    17. Dani Rosta

      Can somebody tell me what is that 2.0x sight on the thumbnail??

    18. The amazing jaden Plays Wolf simulator

      Stardew valley music?

    19. Gerald Gringo

      Someone gets banned at 7:10

    20. Dario Cervantes

      Bikini: an acog! Finally!! Also bikini: hip fires every time he gets a chance

    21. qHidde

      5:43 look at the charm they already leaked zero for months

      1. Dani Rosta

        Look at the thumbnail! Bosg has the 2.0x sight on it! Wtf

    22. Mr. Birb


    23. 電風扇

      Am I playing CSGO?

    24. Tahj Guraya

      That wamai tho 😂😂😂

    25. Banana Man

      I watched this when it came out, but I'm rewatching, and this made me thing of my 725 class in MW..... Slug shots Sniper scope Commando foregrip Slight of hand Either add a barrel or stock, your choice I literally named the blueprint BOSG cause yes

    26. Lemmon Grab

      i like this more because its playing the doki doki theme song

    27. AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa AaAaaAaAa

      The sight you use in the thumbnail became the 2.0x sight, did you know something we didn't

    28. Saints Spider

      Now it’s time to bully for MPX acog

    29. Adam Asiejczuk


    30. james nicholas

      its still here on 2020 thermite 556xi

    31. A10 Paul

      Imagine Ubi added the Russian ACOG

    32. 13 bul13ts

      Look at 0.20 what charm has bikini

    33. Gerihun 102

      I like the stardew valley backround music

    34. King Golden170

      3:05 Monika has entered the chat

    35. No One Asked But Don't Care

      I am here from the future The BOSG is the only gun on defense with a traditional acog

    36. Emre Berk Aktepe

      Wait wait wait. Which charm is this in first clip?

    37. •Ava Vlogs•

      If any body is watching when Sam Fisher is coming look at the three goggles on the bosg 5:38

    38. Vitor Germano Schenk

      I am the only one that was gonna comment about doki doki literature club at the background?

    39. jxst1ce xoxo

      Bikini and the gang : just casually playing and messing around Guy on the chat : HaHa LoL eZ

    40. AH-64 Apache

      #deletedoc will be here next season bikini.

    41. Casper Darling

      🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷 BOSG Acog is best thing to have ever happened to Siege 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

    42. Wandering Warlock

      We've come full circle, the BOSG ACOG is now the only ACOG left on defense. Quake in terror

      1. Miguel Marques Ramos

        BOSF IS POOPO mas bikinibodhi calls people cheater for use the DMR or toxic so he is very poop but apart from that he gud youtuber

      2. D I C E Y


      3. Caleb Butler

        Yes it is quite scary

    43. zI Prisma

      The sight on the thumbnail looks like one of the new ones

    44. Alessio Braga

      Omg dokkaebi with nades

    45. Gage Gonzales

      This video is 9 months old and the thumbnail has a picture of the 2.0x scope :O

      1. Evan Sondgeroth

        Gage Gonzales its because at that time, it was the acog for the M249 and M249 SAW. good observation tho!

    46. Chaoz Matt

      10:13 is kinda wholesome ngl

    47. Samael Strebinger

      we need bosg 3x scope now

    48. Paketverlust 1

      4:22 you hited he was then downed

    49. SpectreGamer

      OMG!! I one taped a Kali with smg-11 +70 mts

    50. I'm Cardboard

      Question: why is it on shifting tides?

    51. MaxTheAnimator

      The fact that ubi added the scope in the thumbnail in the shadow legacy season is awesome.

    52. Lord Command Grab

      BOSG ACOG is still a blessing to this very day and I hope it never goes away.

    53. McDuckee

      Almost a year later and Bosg is going to be the only gun with an Acog, bikini’s power is too powerful now.

    54. Keuppi

      4:45 Is that Laeppavika's Rauski

    55. Lumic

      Next we have to give tachanka 2 LMG

    56. Agat

      the bosg is OP and i love it

    57. Noice M8

      Shitting tides*

    58. Maximus

      Bosg acog is actually garbage, it was just a meme and it died in 30 seconds. There is not one situation that you should use the bosg in. Long range in doesn’t do a enough damage, and it close range it’s pointless because you can’t hit anything. Stop saying it’s good just because it’s a god damn meme

      1. Jeremy Velez

        Just use the laser if hip fire is hard

    59. Max

      10:46 did he really just put in il vento d'oro for half a sec? :(

    60. Jordy

      Thank you ubi, very cool

    61. Omena Peruna

      7:40 I'm not racist but holy shit that scared me.

    62. OnyxOwl70

      *Real Men Use Real DMRs* _This post was made by BOSG gang_

    63. The R6S Shield Main

      We need bosg RUSSIAN acog. Infinite accuracy

    64. Shaun Bang

      Lmao “MARLEY! Give me BOSG ACOG!”

    65. sam rjay

      7 33 is the best thing I've ever seen 😂😂😂😂😂

    66. tamara :/

      The ddlc music in the back be guuudd👍

    67. Dentifrice

      now the acog will be gone next season :(

    68. Wuko

      I love how bikini almost said NÆ MEN HVA FAEN

    69. Ya boi Metal head

      if you say bosg acog as one word it sounds like a lovecraftian monster

    70. Ильмир Рахимов

      You Cool!

    71. Indians wake up and Stop putting emojis in memes

      Bikini : uses alda when they banned vigil and dokk Me :crying as a maestro main Bikini pls get alda acog back

    72. Pookie2112

      wtf the bosg is like a sniper

    73. CreativBeast

      i gently open the door 3:05

    74. jaja du

      Oh there is a cog


      5:33 with happened to your game?

    76. Hityouwiththatt Official

      What’s the song playing at 11:00 ?

    77. Vedant Nambiar

      I wish I could mute the laughter

    78. Ashton Janssen


    79. Julian Toro


    80. Sultan Emad

      The 1k dislikes are jager and bandit mains who lost the acog

    81. zflexxa_ -

      Now... Acs12 acog

    82. thatbrazilian boi


    83. Charlie Grant

      When people realise its kini the forget how to breath

    84. Neon R6S

      6:33 Doc might be a little to spawnspeek 👌😂

    85. Xpert Gamer

      3:04 when he says "hey team" siri goes on lololol

    86. Hokkaege.

      5:33 Haha BOSG Go Bom Bom

    87. Stoned Gamerguy

      Saving up for.vigil cause of this video 🤣

    88. ChristophTv

      Just remember bosg still a Shotgun XD

    89. Nolan Yamada

      Who is EverlastingNut and why is he always in your games?

    90. I’m a Stove

      Putting bosg acog was the worst mistake Ubisoft made

    91. Alex Dimitrov

      Because of you now I can finaly get kills

    92. Dutch

      Now we need an ACS12 acog

    93. fundacja scp


    94. Smallppgang

      No way Marley and Bikini just happened to get into a match together

    95. Progamer200

      Your the main source to ruining this game

    96. Angus Waterhouse

      The wami plug walk is to strong for even bosgacog

    97. emo flamingo bruh

      1:04 but i love dokkaebi ;_;

    98. Saintedcookie 98

      Whats the chance of marley and him in the same game lol

    99. Trap

      *thats the cutest fucken thing I’ve ever seen in my life* 3:13

    100. Vloppaa

      So when is alibi going to get acog for the brand new slug shotgun