This BUFF Will Change Rainbow Six Siege ...


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    Welcome to a new montage where we will make #BOSGACOG consume Rainbow Six Siege 1 player at a time
    This is the buff we need
    Vigil and Dokkaebi are your new overlords and the BOSG and it's ACOG will take care of you
    Seriously, who needs Amaru or Goyo when all you need is BOSG with ACOG?
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    Banjo-Kazooie OST - Treasure Trove Cove
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    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OSt - Shadow the Bat
    Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire OST - Route 10
    Undertale OST - Bonetrousle | Papyrus Theme
    Pokémon X & Y OST - Route 1
    Payday 2 OST - Operation Black Light
    Super Mario World OST - Athletic Theme
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      #BOSGACOG Don't press "read more".... Now you have to buy #BOSGACOG merch:

      1. GWK Productions


      2. kingofrexes666 gaming and more

        jokes on you I'm broke

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      4. Therapiists


      5. J P

        God damn it

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    5. HarryPlays XP

      The blitz guy i.isthbeold giy from brazzer ellplaado de brazers xd

    6. Сергей Молчанов

      Well, do you know what means “baba yaga”?

    7. K Wilson


    8. Kazz08

      He predicted the 2x all along

    9. Lone Wolf


    10. Tina P


    11. Lord Eddy

      Lol :)) i can't breathe this is so funny

    12. kilocharge556

      #dokkabie and vigil bosgacog

    13. Paul Wayand


    14. Dark Night

      God dam they did it

    15. My name is artu

      Boat is to overpower kill it

    16. ImMrSimple

      Bowel movement

    17. Donnie Yalink

      The official anniversary of bosg acog

    18. Crazy Beast

      Anyone here looking back and seeing a 2X on the bosg? At 0:42

    19. Jerónimo Molano

      Bikini: balance operator Ubisoft: ok :)

    20. NX_ PERCHA


    21. NX_ PERCHA


    22. Peninja

      #BOSGACOG yeah:))

    23. Martin Havránek

      Macie looks so disinterested, bored, and absolutely disappointed at the same time

    24. Guilherme Almeida

      Look at the new 2.0x optic on the thumbnail

    25. Blesi MC

      Y does Macie luk so brainded

    26. Jtrevo ;

      Bikini had the new 2x scope 11 months ago?

    27. Somebreadguy

      I just realized that scope he was using was 2x scope

    28. Marky Sparky

      11:48 that probably took so long

    29. Gabriel Longpre

      Im alone to saw the new scope on bosg?

    30. Pedro Henrique

      Now BOSG need a 3.0x scope

    31. minimation


    32. Adalberto Vasquez


    33. Toddynho Abreu

      Man I just saw the thumb of the video and realized, that sight is the 2.0x scope, bikini can see the future?

    34. anarchyawc


    35. T0x1cDash

      Destiny had arrived

    36. ErRatian 7

      he knew from 11 months ago that the 2x scope would come to the game dafrick?!

    37. Davide k

      it worked

    38. QueefMa Cheeks

      Hello Guys Blitz Here

    39. DueTo

      2x on bosg in preview picture, no no no.

    40. Gael Orellana

      I uhh... I I don't know what BOSG is 😟

    41. Frankj 2006

      10 months later You did this to yourself

    42. Vitor Germano Schenk

      Well at operation steel wave BOSG ACOG is already in the game

    43. GD Alexxiz34

      I love how big man tyrone was like add a A K O G on bosgiiiii. Love that guy

    44. amit grinvald

      PH intro

    45. Christian Viramontes

      Staring blitz as Johnny sins

    46. Лука Громов

      Землевладелец 😳

    47. Mihvan Pm123

      #bosgacog even though its already added

    48. B.niceman


    49. TheLightningPlays

      #BOSG3XSCOPE Bc of new sights

    50. Foxy Gamer


    51. agab alga

      Jhonny sins 😂😂😂

    52. Ja Baited

      Imagine a 3.5 scope on the bosg

    53. King Spartan

      Ummmm 😳 4:22

    54. TheDengster

      YO IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE?!?!?111!?!??!!

    55. Kairyuu Cruz

      No way he hired Johnny Sins for a small clip lol. That’s basically equivalent to having Johnny sins on ur vid

    56. Mario Time

      Like for the song of super mario galaxi 2

    57. Steven Baldwin

      # BosGacoG

    58. Elite Sören 0815

      Build my Ikea closet

    59. elitegamer


    60. Bara Taum


    61. Mitchell Wilson

      We got bogs acog bois

    62. ünüqor ünüqor


    63. vibhor aggarwal

      Who all watching this after BOSGACOG?

      1. JustPlaying

        literally everyone who reads this comment...

    64. ꧁Адонис Кастильо꧂

      They took Maestro’s acog and gave it to vigil. Only 1 OP gun can exist

    65. Luiizz_xxx

      Wait a damn sec that Johnny sins

    66. ARSON GOD

      we did it bois

    67. Jnr- Lion-Dogg

      Foreshadowing. Congrats bikini

    68. Harsh Arcane

      5:42 translation please? Or do I not want to know?

    69. alejandro martin martinez

      11:01 why balance operator you just throw a granade any operator with granades can do that

    70. Bob Bob

      Anyone watching this over quarantine being like “wow bikini really did it”

    71. Colin Smith


    72. Nome Cognome

      Now the bosg has 3×

    73. AshtonLang98

      Now we have BOSG acog we need glaz scope acog

    74. Pfaffing Gaming

      Lidl Kippen haha

    75. Claudio Ronconi

      Ma era il boss sins

    76. Jennifer Hunsaker


    77. Vitinhoo

      i came from future saying that bosg has an acog

    78. Sami Jasharoski

      How did you get the first clip wtf?

    79. joekillalea


    80. Crazy and Lazy

      #ACS12ACOG plsss 'kini do that real you di It for vigil now Is alibi time

    81. Leonardo Maoski


    82. ImaginE


    83. Mp5 Gang


    84. Ruffle5


    85. marcos T3L14S

      I cant believe you got the brazzers guy into the video jajaja

    86. Pärinäp0ika

      12:11 can someone please tell me what that song is

    87. GΞCΤΟR

      0:45 russian lang?

    88. Noah Lirnirs

      #ACS12 ACOG

    89. slothmanthepug

      Uhh... I’m 7 months late for the bosg acog campaign

    90. AJ M

      I went above and beyond and Graffitied#BOSGSNIPERSCOPE on a building

    91. Andrei

      1:46 for those who got balls to go outside*

      1. Andrei

        @Miguel Ibarra this did not age well

      2. Miguel Ibarra

        Ah, your a man of Culture as well Aka nice joke

    92. MathDaBoi

      I love dokkaebi but i'm bad with her primary...

    93. Aaron Lutter-Lee


    94. Tripon Marc

      1:43 well people that bought that clearly got scammed

    95. Alex Moura

      “**** the BOSG, were nerfing Ash!” When the BOSG can one tap from far range with a body shot.

    96. 나는다람쥐


    97. Meno Priezvisko


    98. Roma Grușca

      Fuck u black bleat

    99. Pedro Vieira

      0:24 idk man sounds like brazzers guy

    100. Bread stun