This *INSANE* Alpha Pack Opening Took 2 Years To Make...


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    This is the ULTIMATE Alpha Pack Opening, this Rainbow Six Siege Montage is all about the pain of duplicates when opening these forbidden packs....
    I just wish I made another Aruni or Tachanka Rework video instead...
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    1. UhJustR6Player

      Yes you passed your french exam. LIBERTE!

    2. Ayvixcity

      Pulse shotgun is my first and only black ice and he’s my least played character 😭


      this would of been good if you didnt have as many black ices.

    4. Luffy OnePiece

      man just give me 20% of your black ice packs

    5. tonyo martinez

      How do i become the Bodhi Charm??

    6. gudie

      Wait the Aqua marlin is a good skin? I have that and I’m rank 50 😂

    7. Lourenco Dömötör

      You're going to 3:59

    8. Polzovatel 3.7.2

      4:36 о а4 подогнали

    9. Mocked X1


    10. Zack Partner


    11. Isaque Freitas

      14 lendaria e 29 epicas

    12. Miles Luther

      I’m so happy for Wolfy he pronounced it correctly on the fifth try! (Li-bear-tay)

    13. Ivan Saragoni

      Why are all the legendaries worse than epics ._.

    14. Michal Slabý

      Hey i need help, i have 100k renown and i own all ops and i dont know what to do with it bcs i dont want to buy pack bcs my luck is kinda trash

      1. Most Valued Clan

        Wait until new ops come out

    15. Cameron Cash

      Two years for a 24 min video 😁

    16. Owen KWD

      whats the song at 3:02??

    17. Ли Чэнь Limboror

      I like this video very much. if you don't mind, I would like to ask your permission to share this video to the other website to China for the embarrassing reason that HUfast is blocked from accessing in China. Of course, I will give sources of the original website. Thank you very much:)

    18. Apfel


    19. 문현구

      You are money Angel!! haha

    20. Cluless

      i love watching random pack openings just for the rage of it lol

    21. Marshall Wingerd

      I have aquamarine for kali

    22. Chabrouni Anthoni

      He got like 50 black ice skins lol

    23. Jack Rubin


    24. gvidas50000 Klioba

      Chocolate milk makes pain go away

    25. Kage影

      2 years to save, 24 mins to open. That difference lmao

    26. Tsuqi ツ

      Holy shit he owns like every black ice

    27. Richard the Brick

      He can't be that mad since he has literally everything in the game

      1. Red_Menace

        Right? Why act surprised even in the slightest.

    28. DaRandom Noob

      Skipped 69 dupes. Not epic.

    29. Neshi Huskovich


    30. SYPHIX_ C0NQU3R

      Also why clash gotta stay bald tho?

    31. SYPHIX_ C0NQU3R

      I think ubisoft should be sued for what they consider the highest valued skins (legendaries) in their packs

    32. BoobyMcPoop


    33. Your Dad

      6:15 bruuuhhh

    34. Crouchspam Mafia

      17:23 is the only thing that matters

    35. Itsthewave _

      the anomoly of r6

    36. Fle4qZ

      600k renown for dublicates

    37. Mr Spicy

      6:06 he says läder me (german its leder not läder) xD

    38. FaDeZz Gaming

      I like the Pokémon mystery dungeon music

    39. Nick Blaster

      is it just me or did anyone else see that he started out with 500 tokens and got over 600 thousand tokens?

    40. Rextor1337

      4:26 Music?

    41. WaZaBy _


    42. HHYPER-RED Hype-Time

      Who is watching this in 2021 the toilet paper

    43. Just a Guy Being a Dude

      This guy sounds like Klaus from American Dad

    44. Joshua Bailey

      "Amazon jungle" ....... "Why is it not burnt?"

    45. Cesar Mora


    46. The Piano Beast

      I just got black ice for the 417...

    47. Just Jason

      i stg he has like every black ice not gonna lie

    48. BialyWilk

      Sam jesteś dupa

    49. Orochi Main

      So in total he gained 651,125 renown

    50. Kaleb Ferraz


    51. Ninox

      13:42 ✔️🇨🇵

    52. Bruno Martins

      BRAZIL 😚

    53. SMmania123

      715 dupes, that's just about 2/3rds of that Alpha Pack Opening dam.

    54. dimitri spasic


    55. Jerome

      Ohhhhh mufin Cakes 😂😂😂

    56. Chris Hamilton

      the amount of duplicates is unacceptable. 71.5% percent of the time you get stuff you already have. Like what the fuck Ubisoft

    57. M S

      Its butiful

    58. TheRealMarcelP


    59. biggie cheese69

      Now to do a pack opening but its only duplicates

    60. Matthew Scott

      Everytime I hear "HEY HEY HEY!" I hear Hayasaka from Love is War in the back of my head, if you don't know its an anime.

    61. Shazir The Goat

      he went from 0 to 650000

    62. ᕼOᖇᖇIᗪ

      Yeah me watch ur twitch stream regularly 🥰

    63. DaHasan

      Did nobody talk about how he had that much of skins and black ices though he didn't open a single chest for 2 years

      1. DaHasan

        @katto I know but it stills incredible

      2. katto

        packs have existed for more than 2 years mate

    64. malkon04 geometry

      Tomó 2 años para hacer

    65. Eddie Arteaga

      4:35 =the year 2020

    66. Brendan Whitmore

      Out of the 1000 packs he got 715 dupes, meaning he got 1 non dupe per 7 dupes, or a 1-7 ratio. Which is pain.

    67. JxDmini


    68. the cool guy936

      I started playing like 2 weeks ago and my first two alpha packs were duplicate rare "Lightning" weapon skins for Thatcher.

    69. Malachi BVHS2024 Rafacz

      A hexagon is a 6 sided shape hence the name for r6.

    70. Iris

      im pretty convinced that there isint a single good legendary skin in the game

    71. ThatOneKid

      With how many dupe black ices he gets makes me feel better at having no blackices meanwhile I’ve played for 2 years.

    72. Froze

      He spent 4.5 million renown to get duplicate black ice

    73. Christopher Melton

      What the hell is a back ice

    74. Joe Swanson

      Here we see a man slowly deteriorate as he obtains nearly 700 dupes after dedicating 2 years of his life collecting virtual booster packs on a game with a semi toxic fanbasr

    75. Jack Morris

      He got more m1014 black ice than I have black ice all together

    76. ! Harrisson !

      16:39 is the first legendary skin i got, and i don't like it. Gold skin (jungle pack) is better on this weapon

    77. Toebuglar

      I subbed

    78. Harry Wong

      19:15 Free Hong Kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    79. bro of Hero

      this viva pinata music omg

    80. Alfredo Rodriguez

      for all you who wanna know, 71.5% of the packs yielded a duplicate

    81. Emin Yildiz


    82. Collin

      How come it took you 2 years and 1 year ago you posted a pack opening?

    83. MrManyouk Plays

      One of the best🤝

    84. Nagy N

      My question is why so many swedish people spend so much money on videogame virtual items

    85. Nathan Chenarak

      If pain was a video

    86. Pascal ig88

      U got 16 black ice duplicates

    87. LauHorseCar

      19:15 appreciate that dude :0)

    88. Ru

      Видео определённо интересное и смешное)

    89. Aidan The Goat

      This man had more black ice then like 100 ppl combined🤦‍♂️😭

    90. Ctrlzy

      9:37 what’s the song

    91. cheryl childers

      Images his video curuppted

    92. Joe Mama

      no one saw that at 9:23

    93. Kenny L.

      Not even 1 416 black ice so hard this game bro

    94. Lucas Costa de Paiva

      como eu cheguei aq?????????

    95. TonytheG

      Bro just use the rest of your renown for more alpha packs lmao

    96. joel someone on yt

      11:34 i was like tatu bola?

    97. IPeeGfuel


    98. Deco_pk

      Im am brazillian and I actually laugh with this 6:16

      1. Deco_pk

        @Pinch809 se pronuncia piroca

      2. Pinch809


    99. Bruce Simpson

      68 dupes, why did you skip 69