This *INSANE* Alpha Pack Opening Took 2 Years To Make...


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    This is the ULTIMATE Alpha Pack Opening, this Rainbow Six Siege Montage is all about the pain of duplicates when opening these forbidden packs....
    I just wish I made another Aruni or Tachanka Rework video instead...
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      he haves all black ice wtf

    2. Rosalie Makarski

      The numerous handball syntactically dress because act ipsilaterally hate midst a direful jelly. medical, erect plastic

    3. A_Goldfish

      His black-ice luck is horrible but amazing at the same time

    4. ShiroiOkami1 Tomas pardo

      6:08 like el que vive en Colombia

    5. turar utru

      tu est un français now

    6. Yuize

      bruh guy can get more renown opening alpha packs then using a booster and being first in a match

    7. michael medves

      I got the legendary Kali sniper skin when on my first alpha pack ever

    8. Mercury

      What he screams muffin cake I fucking die

    9. Seth No

      The dedication honestly thank you to recommend vids this was actually really cool

    10. Lazaro Martinez


    11. AcE Darkking

      you already had so much skins no wonder you have so much dupes

    12. Hazardous117

      my second legendary pack was a duplicate

    13. DJayK400

      Another oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    14. AKA20


    15. Obama

      this is my 10th time watching this

    16. Kassel Armstrong

      they were just doing this while waiting for gta to load

    17. Hans Waldner

      y u have so much black ice

    18. Toxic lord

      he only got 285 new ones

      1. Toxic lord


    19. Adriano Da Silva

      Brasil :)

    20. exotic pickle

      Muffin cakes

    21. Real Onion Knight

      @16:05 BikIniBohdi: OAHUUUUUUU!

    22. Егор Колодяжный

      Ubi need to do something! It's too much of dups

    23. Connor Ricketts

      what did he sayyyyy about the amazon?????

    24. Derdenlegend 03

      you can get the black ice skin after this video :)

    25. Oppler

      I have 1 black ice and i was able to open a duplicate for it today

    26. Legionary Decanus

      Is there any legendary Maverick headgear other than his elite skin?

    27. Karim Bassal

      i like when bikinis friends makes fun of him while he gets a black ice dupes

    28. Elle games

      mina svenska kompisar haahaha love your vids

    29. JadonOoi

      14:21 Mew Mew Mew

    30. Kaulus

      8:35 not a S.A.S tahts S.U.S

    31. C172 Skyhawk

      Pewds back off we have a new hero

    32. Insaineylaney R

      9:23 how he has (just like me and your mom) is hilarious

    33. Jack Framholt


    34. KiwiForLife

      I really love you're youtube videos, and you have inspired me to make my own content

    35. Paul Witter

      I didn't know he was swedish lmao, i just heard him say "enjoy" like Baus does and then I was like wait a minute... and then he said he was swedish :o

    36. Konner Cauwels

      I don't think I'll ever buy another Alpha Pack that isn't for an event

    37. Albin Wicksell Jonsson

      E du svenne ok jag ska subba👌

    38. Unity • 5 years ago

      I don’t understand why he wants black ices so much? He even got some and doesn’t even remember lol

    39. Zad1m

      i think that the only problem there was that HE ALREADY GOT ALMOST ALL SKINS FROM THE GAME

    40. Simon Sykora

      Spider web: 🤩🤩 Jager logo:😐😐

    41. nokisgp

      How did it take 2 years to go its 24 minutes worth of a video

    42. Kermit de_Frog

      What is the song at 5:35?

    43. Young dizz stomach

      It’s so satisfying seeing his renown going up after getting so many dupes

    44. Juice Valoushe BR


    45. Zaxrec

      Hello everybhodi

    46. Powercathat

      2 years for a 24 minute video

    47. Raven Bloodrose

      I have all the ops and I don't buy alpha packs so I'm close to getting the diamond skin... Three mother f*ing times over

    48. Príscíllá Hálf-Brééd

      I’m trying to figure out that song right before crab rave pops on, as soon as he says diamond BOSG

    49. wasd wasd

      *cues atomic amnesia*

    50. Dennis K

      why :-(

    51. Megalomaniac

      Realization (pause) 9:23

    52. Elias Cimen

      The donkey King music makes it funny 22:55

    53. Dj Beat


    54. Jac._.k

      This man must have the best self control ever

    55. IcezyKun

      Am I the one waiting to hear that guy attempt on every Liberté?

    56. Prypiat Shadow

      So let me get this straight: Out of 999 Packs, You got 715 duplicates? Anybody See a problem? Im fucking waiting till the EU finnaly passes the anti-onlinegambling act so we dont have to get this shit.

    57. Sqwishey

      how the hell did he guess non duplicate headgear

    58. CroissantPlays


    59. mildras bloodedge



      4:00 Brasil

      1. Bielzinho Lima


    61. GIDDYUP


    62. Christophe grelet

      hello I am a resident of France and your French is really good

    63. Robyn Kolos

      All I hear is dupes

    64. Nicholas Satrya Johan

      you just made my day :D

    65. Ayaan K

      i just started r6s and i opened my first epic pack and it was a mp7 black ice and my bro was like HOWWW

    66. nicolas aguirre

      Love your pacience, i cant wait to open a pack

    67. FBI

      8:45 I died laughing here

    68. Xinctify

      Back when I played r6 for a little maybe like a week or so, I was playing with my friends and I had a pack a to open and I got a black ice for the ace gun. I didnt know what it was, but he told me it was a very good gun camp. So later on that day I opened another pack and got another black ice. Probaly my best luck ever.

    69. SHTYYY


    70. ChiefB_RadGrant

      I wasnt ready for the Viva Pinyata audio

    71. Jesus Barrios

      The amount of butty the legendary skins are sometimes, most of them look like commons

    72. Dark Phoenix


    73. TheLadVoidz

      16:39 i respect the music choice

    74. exaltedlmao

      I've never laughed so much at an opening video until now 🤣🤣

    75. Zaynox

      The skin liberté it is the flag french

    76. Michael Liu


      1. Michael Liu


    77. NofueR6


    78. IKON-RAYDYT A&G videos

      Y'all check out my amazing drop shot in rainbow six siege on my channel!

    79. sha Yin

      HK Police,oh~gg😂

    80. Alek Garneau

      13:47 pass

    81. Linkon hargreaves towers

      if someone can count how many dupes he got i applaud you

      1. 5ubzi

        its in the bottom left of the vid lol

    82. Yes Box

      Tjenare behöver du en Editor om du behöver det så når du mig via discord: Razmuu#7061

    83. Forcoolbr

      My first legendary was aquamarine for Kali

    84. Nathan Mrdjenovic

      All black ice weapon skins 2:05 3:33 5:01 9:36 10:01 10:07 10:21 10:29 11:16 12:01 13:08 14:31 15:01 17:34 18:07 18:37 18:43 19:50 20:58 22:11 22:15 23:12 Your welcome hope this helps.

    85. Vesperal Fingers

      First legendary skin i've ever got was that one 20:35 So you have no right to complain about your skins EVER

    86. Lukas79

      The theme song from crash bandicoot😂😂😂😂

    87. SirZero

      6:12 Fuka you

    88. Fóka

      16:04 "Its sounds like madmadagaskar"

    89. gamerbo3 yt

      i just got insided on a dino game ;(

    90. noisygab

      can you give me your renown im saving up for diamond

    91. Aceplayz Gaming

      Is aquamarine kali skin rare?

    92. Nighto R6S

      Hello I am french and love you guys !!!!!!

    93. Jacob Dobbins

      U cant open 1000 packs and not expect dupes😂

    94. Pimpek _j

      When u open Theo alfa pack i open 1 and i drop Black ice

    95. mruczeus

      Hello! I have a question. Why You don't like Duplicates? It's free points

    96. Kyah Gordon

      Bro 12:15 had me dying 🤣

    97. I·L·N

      Im french and he did the "liberté" really good at 13:45 😂

    98. galbin 57

      13:44 yes liberté I'm french