This is How Rainbow Six Siege Works


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    In Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion we got the new Elite Glaz
    Glaz has always been a terror to face in Siege, and now he comes for Marocco and the New Ops Kaid & Nomad to show them how Mafia (...) ...I mean, Rainbow Six Siege works...
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    PAYDAY OST - Breach Of Security
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    Mattia Cupelli - Sad Piano Music
    Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Outset Island
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      Good ol times when glaz was cool

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      how i can get night in the game ?

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      this intro kkkk omg

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      3.03 "etenki sä vitun striimi jonne ethän sä oo ees hyvä" 🇫🇮🤣I loven Finland🇫🇮❤️

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      Elite Glaz looks like a batman villian

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      The first part got me killed😂😂

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      The intro is shit

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      5:22 holy shit it’s an SCP

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      Doesn’t he look like Leonard Snart?

    13. Brandon Is bored :\

      0:26 Mafia adds be like:

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      5:24 music?

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      4:08 the paday music makes it so much better

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      I love that bikini plays sly cooper

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      Siege works?

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      *and that's how mafia works*

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      Yea the intro is definitely family friendly

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      Your Teammate at 4:21 should go to a talent show! Very very good singer!

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      That should be a game mode

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      I love to play with glaz because I like snipers in every game

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      3:33 song name?

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        @mauricio Pedemonte thank you mate you're the best

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        Vanilla loud Rob payday 2 soundtrack

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      Hello payday 2

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      1:40 what is that music name? please tell me

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      I like the Payday 2 reference

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      What do you use to communicate with such a quality?

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      Omg sly cooper's song hit me

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      I have glaz elite

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      Guys the thermal drill, GO GET IT

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      This game not works, ubisoft are braindead morons with, i hope, no familly

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      😭glaz rip 2015-2018, ubi kill him

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      The into is an epic "that's how mafia works" moment

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        Work on your grammar.

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      5:23 anyone know the song or effect?

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      This is Payday 2: 3:35

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      And that’s how glaz works

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      I love how when bikini said “you want to see something sick” the person who killed him was called who is so sick 😂

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      0:25 - 0:55 mobile ads be like

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      Bru this is like payday 2

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      I was playin glazed and my last team mate and the last enemy were dbno and I colateralled both their heads

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