This Is Why Mute Is OVERPOWERED In Rainbow Six Siege


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    This Rainbow Six Siege Video featuring the NEW CRIMSON HEIST MUTE!

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    🎵 Music:
    The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass OST - Mercay Island.
    STRLGHT - Mass Hysteria
    Mario Kart Wii OST - Coconut Mall [Qumu Remix]
    Crash Bandicoot Twinsanity OST - Iceberg Lab
    Stardew Valley OST - Summer (Natures Crescendo)
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Inside a House
    Pokémon X & Y OST - Route 1
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Outback Safari
    Kirby - Gourmet Race [Qumu Remix]
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      subscribe or I will literally (...)!

      1. FatalG0lden

        In that case ill pass

      2. Sean Cooper

        @Xandaraa no you

      3. Sean Cooper

        Oh no

      4. Charles Ashley

        This man doesn’t have black ice for the shotgun lol

      5. Kuba Białoszewski

        Bikini, you forgot to mention that you used a Payday 2 track in 1:45 and 8:05

    2. Malarkey

      Man that Ty the tasmanian tiger soundtrack really takes me back

    3. SPLXSH

      2:30 zero got fuqed up

    4. XXspringz

      Mute speaks doe

    5. KaitoTehMeme

      my man was speaking in Fall Guys lingo

    6. Lizard

      Y know... Thats not because Mute is op. That because of you, with your lighting reflexes, playing him) Also... Yea, he is funny cause he says.... nothing. But if he could talk normaly, he would scream "Screw you, 2/4 of attackers"

    7. Joshua Connall

      Is it just me that thinks that nami sounds like James may from top gear

    8. Elaine Pettersson

      as an actual mute person that mute impression was very pog 11/10 gj

    9. Jo _derEchte

      Bc of dorwen, the brother of warden, mute is op😂

    10. kj4321 7

      The amount pf music from “TY the tasmanian tiger” warms me heart

    11. Alajmiii 410

      2:15 😂😂😂

    12. Leo Lucas

      O biquíni falando "Oi" foi a melhor parte

    13. Kaiser Soze

      Its not the mute, its you mate :)

    14. PotatoeJoosh

      How is the red dot so small for you. Is it because I’m on mobile because it is like reflex tiny

    15. Tekko

      when you realize mute actually speaks

    16. iiVrtexClipzZ ?

      I love that even bikini is thinking like me mute is so op

    17. RangerMaster

      4:13 bikini when you said "bazinga" you remember me to sheldon of the big bang theory xd

    18. Syrupy

      0:07 why is Kenny from South Park in a Kini video?

    19. pont1ff

      I was roleplaying mute, so I muted whole video

    20. Crypton

      2:44 look behind the wall..

    21. João

      Someone knows what weapon skin he used this vídeo in mire please??

    22. Saltz Wrld

      Why was peep playing Warden😂

    23. Adam Hroděj

      5:11 assassin's be like

    24. Hannes Eng-Johnsson

      09:05 Omg Guys He peentrated max!!1!!!11

    25. AV3CTUS

      Imagine not having black ice for the mute shotgun!! Ha 😂

    26. zflpz

      wtf bikini your speak "oi" you're braziliam guy now

    27. Godzilla

      Donald duck

    28. Cake9543

      Like how the game wants me to main mute because I got his black ice smg-11

    29. T3zlaGM

      the fastest click in the west and the best mute impersonation

    30. The_tomato 31


    31. Jesús Lesma Martín

      2:31 Ubi, you have to be joking, don´t was that a headshot?

    32. koko_de_pici

      Someone: hey there I'm bikini killer Bikini: I don't think so

    33. virus virusik

      All videos: This is OPFOR imbalance! I: What the...

    34. DuallyKing 999

      Pickle Rick outfit for smoke is out, check it out

    35. Paydon Carmon

      New this channel but I hear Stardew Valley music in the BG? Wtf? lol

    36. Simonfelix Jansen

      Can you do a Swedish video? plz? uwu

    37. Jesse Johnson

      Alright but does he have funny running animations like warden? Didn’t think so.

    38. Mateusz

      Wait is this stardew valley music?

    39. SpEeDy OcTaNe

      This is the first time i watching him and hes the best....he just made my day He is funny as fu#k

    40. steven.cassidy07

      does anyone know if i can still get Bikinis charm?

    41. LaroTayoGaming

      Kenny as Mute is so good 😂

    42. Fager

      Its been so long I forgot about the teeny weeny outro damn

    43. Carlos Diaz

      I'm having a stroke trying to remember from where was the last song omg help :(

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    45. Russian B-Day

      А там русский был

    46. Bugdroid

      Can you check on John the bird, I miss him.

    47. Bruddah OSAS

      You call that a Mute impression?? Nah man that's a Gordon Freeman impression

    48. Baho647

      2:40 why did he not shoot you ? there was a guy repelling lmao

    49. Win

      When Bodhi pops off with Mute *load Kenny noises*

    50. Goldheartache9

      Petition to remove the FO-12

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    52. Spurgelius

      Mute is not OP just now. He has always been strong.

    53. Cayden Lightfoot

      His mute speech was music to my ears

    54. Horse Hay

      Bikini has the cutest voice

    55. David Estrada

      At 5:14 you somehow knifed me

    56. Aldrin Udasco

      Me who uses mute 24/7: He was always op.

    57. aldi_the _flash

      0:10 I.... think mute is holding the grip wrong....

    58. K248

      Make a Video about Gridlock she's underrated

    59. grzybowyjohnny

      Mute with shotgun only

    60. Napim.

      Now every ranked %100 someone play mute

    61. Botito20

      0:07. KENNY?, IS THAT YOU?

    62. Pin Play

      My main is mute MUTE I LOVE

    63. Ambrodu

      At 8:04. The music is Operation Black Light

    64. Captian Echse

      Its my Main

    65. Nickton

      I need to know, what type of editing software do you use??

    66. X8H3

      make a tf2 video yes

    67. DasRexo

      This Zelda music and Sounds 😫❤️❤️❤️

    68. Vitinho

      3:00 oi👋👋👋

    69. Christoph siffling

      shame on you for not playing the sec smg

    70. STS

      im disliking this video just for that line"jammer i barley know her"

    71. Enhar Gün

      Türkler burada mı ?

    72. Leohase

      you just took your mates honor with your mute impression but I like it! It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen 0-0 "People think my codename is because I don't like to talk. Maybe I just don't like you." -Mute

    73. Bodgi Gwizdawek

      Hey Bikini DId hud changed beacosue it looks like diffrent game and it looks soo bad. I wanted to back to this game but that change is not good for me

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    75. Fog Gaming

      Love to see how bikini gets mad over zofia withstand and loses millions if views

    76. Jaysunisdumb

      “I got penatration on you.”

    77. Bored Barney

      Can someone tell me what the sound effect is at 6:08?

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      Nice Video

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    82. Das mach ich hier

      Imagin a Operator get UMP with Acog and Smg11 on Defense (Idk why)

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    84. zHaZe

      Nice content but i think u are not a good player

    85. ELLI5.


    86. Tyrone Hill

      Why is Kenny talking in the j tro. I'm new to the channel

    87. Mr noob Xbox

      how do you have over 800,000 renown

    88. some dude

      5:43 Ayo Lethal League music? Noice

    89. Martin Lara

      Mute always has been OP

    90. Ken Kaneki

      what attachments?

    91. Yt_laid

      how do you get your seige so smooth what gpu n refresh rate?

    92. Luke Ford

      Bikini has best thumbnails

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      8:16 за что так с Казахами?)

    94. Adam -

      Mute buff huh. Time for me to come back.

    95. Symbiotic Games

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      More Dorwen in your videos please.

    97. Markus Siukola

      My guy is talking fall guy


      Sweaty ass PC players man.

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