This is Why You *NEED* to Play Aruni in Rainbow Six Siege


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    In this Rainbow Six Siege montage and its new Operation Neon Dawn, we're not playing Sugar Fright ... were playing the NEW OPERATOR ARUNI!!!
    ...again LOL
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    1. Jack Caudle

      Don’t complain about the balance please, we’ve got a good thing going here with Aruni, she had great guns and utility don’t give Ubisoft ideas on how to ruin it. Just look at Ela, yes she was broken but they nerfed her into oblivion making her scorpion useless due to all the vertical and horizontal recoil.

    2. Thomas Kleid

      Nerf her pls

    3. Mister onsépatro

      Aruni is now my favorite defender and everytime I kill someone from a hole or a runout after using the passive I write in chat BALANCED PASSIVE

    4. Kuroki _FN

      マクリーとアルニのポーズめっちゃ似てるなw 義手ってのも

    5. Bradyn Boettcher

      Imagine when he finds out about shotguns

    6. Pyke Of Pyke

      Pls turkey cc plssss

    7. SpacePixl

      You guys can just reinforce inside you don't need to go out

    8. OrangeFish Enterprises

      I no this was made ages ago and no ones gunna see this but....... Aruni poo

      1. Absideon

        Aruni dogwater

    9. A boy with good vibes

      Who's back in the house?

    10. Ben Nicholas

      0:12 just for the boyyyssss

    11. StoryOfNick

      I almost clicked off bc it showed what ever that other game was lmaoo

    12. Byron Callander

      “Balanced passive” if you say it enough it’ll become true

    13. Emirhan Ema

      Nobody: Bikini:op

    14. Fionix

      5:20 this is no a dropshot but a lagshot

    15. francesco boccardo

      why OP passive...... it' VERY balanced!!!!!

    16. Davi XYZ


    17. Felix Jonas Hönicke

      Me watching the video to find out what her ability is and what it can do... Bikini : PaSsiVE

    18. Fornax

      I actually can't tell if he's being sarcastic when he says Aruni's passive is balanced. It seems fine to me. Also, what is the point of putting Aruni's laser gate on the outside of a wall?

    19. ᚱᛖᚪᛈᛖᚱ

      Makes very specific strat that requires them to be in a specific place or is totally possible without the passive “BaLaNcEd PaSsIvE”

    20. geo


    21. Zaylin Voshall

      im Zero and Your'e watching the Netflix channel

    22. Benjamín Pucheta

      0:04 "hi, im aruni from rainbow six and this is disney channel"

      1. Benjamín Pucheta

        @_ Tripplex _ stfu

      2. _ Tripplex _


    23. Rain

      Ok ok the very first day that I got her I got a ace and from first kill to last it was only 29 seconds

    24. Weedthirsty420[NT]


    25. Program

      I cant believe how many times you said balanced passive

    26. JustAName

      What did we learn today? “Balanced Passive”

    27. FELLO

      7:31 resident evil movie

    28. Dylan klempa

      I sub when u only had 2k subs bro i love u man keep it up

    29. Qbik_13 Mondzielewski

      Bikini Pro tip You can first place Suria Gate outside and when you're gona do this you can reinforce inside You didn't need to reinforce outside first and place suria

    30. Dale

      Sledge 2.0

    31. Ahmad Omar

      don't nerf passive

    32. murphy the platypus


    33. Kristopher hayes

      The golden team: aruni, maestro, castle, oryx/mira, and lord tachanka.

    34. Sk0lzkiy

      Bucks gadget but unlimited. And quiet. And on defense.

    35. BasedSaTaN


    36. Payne

      bikini why don't you reinforce the right and left walls at the consulate beforehand? then you can open up in the middle and attach your aruni gadget outside, preferably a maestro camera that can be reactivated

    37. JonesZone COD Mobile

      This is my 30 time asking for u and Marley to 1v1

    38. Yavuz Engin

      its funny video

    39. xKexes.r6

      49.000 like :)

    40. jonne pelivideot 2 Laitinen

      I think this is you need to buy aruni😅😅

    41. InfernoGaming_YT

      For the people who read the comments, can you use aruni's super punch to destroy space under defused and win by causing it tp fall?

    42. Voro Mini

      music rubius

    43. Salvatore Poliafico

      Why do you put the Gadget outside?

    44. Braiedon Emmanuel

      Can someone tell em the meme sound effect played at 6:23?

    45. Sgil97

      When Aruni runs out of ammo she shoots her clenched robot fist at the attackers

    46. themaster23 23

      What game is that reference from 0:05

      1. _ Tripplex _


    47. Ninja Baiano

      0:01 i an aruni and you're on Disney channel.

    48. Gaga Bruh

      What the hell is a passive

    49. Alfie Hogg

      Perfect combination of siege and zelda tunes 😂

    50. Farid Firdaus

      Have you tried punch Goyo Shield?

    51. KokinO

      This guy can make anything seem op

    52. Yeah Boi

      8:32 l wonder if it vibrates Archer referance

    53. JxDmini


    54. Cynthia Livington

      I have her

    55. ROBLOANDY 112

      new vid title 13 minutes of BALANCED PASSIVE

    56. Barack Obama

      Love the Pokémon music in the background

    57. OniShrek Yt

      What is that skin on bikini's p10 roni

    58. legendlz

      11:36 forsenCD MY MAN

    59. Lament Plays

      Bikini which gun do you recommend more for aruni?

    60. Bairdicus

    61. Zaid Tayeh

      Bikini when he sees jager: *OP* Bikini when he plays Aruni: hmm yes this is indeed a balanced passive

    62. Sleepy

      what a fucking clown with his balenced passive bs balenced is exactly what it is

    63. Ryan Briggs

      Osrs 🥰

    64. Blizwiz

    65. Gotjila


    66. Carlos Camargo

      Anyone realize the first clip my boy made the Disney channel symbol 😂

    67. Jordan Welch

      Bikini you should do a castle aruni strat :D

    68. Cory T

      No one: Thatcher sees Aruni: FOOKIN LASER GATE

    69. Henrie

      Wdym about balanced passive

    70. CoZmiC Donut857

      Do you think she has a balance passive

    71. Tyler Yin

      The wasteful soybean respectively juggle because hardware conversantly rule beneath a willing karate. brash, scattered dew

    72. elisha thornton

      Now...maybe i'm crazy. But after seeing how much tarkov has popped off recently i now imagine what would happen if Ubisoft invested heavily into a Rainbow Six Siege game that just straight up goes full tarkov with its tactical fps shooter on various highly detailed 'maps'. Unlikely but meh. Looking forward to what next gen games are gonna look like though~

    73. Sanchit Dhunna

      kindly give away me 4000 r6 credits❤️

    74. Anonymous_7836


    75. TRYFF

      Why they reinforced walls from opposite side on 6:06 ?

    76. Baylee Goes Fishing

      You should play with: Soup, McNasty, And blargemysnoopie.

    77. Maverick Y.

      Tk’d My Aruni after they called me “f*cking dogsh*t”

    78. R e t r o B o i

      3:13 sounds like the mini 14 in pubg mobile

    79. R e t r o B o i

      0:03 and your watching disney channel

    80. Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng


    81. joel quero

      The zelda music hits diferent

    82. Prime 3k

      Aruni passive is one punch man

    83. Assassin

      I swear to god if Bikini gets her passive nerfed I’m unsubbing

    84. SquashyBeanz


    85. Fede Rico

      If you listen carefully, you can hear balanced passive

    86. Noah Perry

      The old runescape music gets me everytime

    87. Kamran Procter

      Jager brings his autism Rook brings his plates Caveira brings her predatory stealth Ela brings op ice scream cone Lion brings state of the arc technology that shows enemy’s location Finka brings performance enhancing nano machines Aruni brings the result of a bombing and she’s still better than them all

    88. Lxcky Charms

      Kinda late but please guys try out red dot with aruni’s or mozzies p10 it’s really good

    89. KING SOSA

      Why aruni on the other side ??

    90. Harzel Lu


    91. I'm Just A Stoner...

      Heres a pretty good counter to arunis laser gate throw anything you dont use (like a extra drone or concussion grenades etc.) And it works pretty well.

    92. Csenge Mónika

      im gonna be honest i've never sen anyone use this puck and i didnt even noticed hw fucked it acually is XD

    93. Vallidari

      I got her from a Christmas pack 😂

    94. Adam Studio

      I got Aruni from my first christmas alpha pack and I am watching this video for some strats(I wont be able to do strats that Bikini does because I am so bad at siege but I will try and see how to play Aruni)

    95. Troy Clarkson


    96. 빡커

      매운 맛 주먹

      1. Dr Pichin


    97. Mark Meyer

      Her passive is basically a shotgun with really really short range

    98. Tyminator 2

      I appreciate the Pokémon sun and moon soundtrack

    99. Ryan Goldsmith

      Wait so I’m confused, is the passive balanced?

    100. billy jackson

      When I unlocked aruni I got back to back aces in ranked in a plat game they were pissed 😂