This is Why You *NEED* to Play Aruni in Rainbow Six Siege


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    In this Rainbow Six Siege montage and its new Operation Neon Dawn, we're not playing Sugar Fright ... were playing the NEW OPERATOR ARUNI!!!
    ...again LOL
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    1. yNartx

      dont nerf her passive pls

    2. Pavement Bear

      Bruh you get more from that punch than the fucking super shorty. Plz nerf.

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    4. Seraphina91

      I died at Bionic Coochie 🤣🤣🤣

    5. Chicken TTV

      I main dokebi dmr and im going to main aruni

    6. Mike Grill

      9:54 is what every clash player deserves

    7. bryan Graff

      Guys we need bosg 3 time’s scope

    8. הראל מטלו

      LOVED!!! the runescape intro

    9. Max Good Games

      10:06 is it undertale reference-"Your best friend"?

    10. golf2488


    11. Thiago Watanabe

      Where's bouchiba?

    12. Supersturm keks

      Animal crossing theme song 12:23

    13. Vitinhoo

      her passive is balanced, you know whats unbalanced? U BIKINI, U ARE UNBALANCED

    14. Raptorgeris1642 Raptor

      Is like one punch man xD

    15. Twisted Playz

      is aruni only on test servers?

    16. Raff Plays

      They should make her passive and operators ability

    17. Geddy Lee's Owl Nose

      Not everyone is a stream sniper..

    18. المتسرع 123

      Im from Saudi Arabia

    19. Wesley Helgeson

      Any meta that has Aruni and Oryx should be called the "Home Improvement" meta.


      Well I don’t have a pc sooooo

    21. Savage_REAPER

      The amount of times bikini said “balanced passive” 👇🏻

    22. Miguel Angel Jimenez Toledo

      The runescape music❤️❤️

    23. Владимир Гугликович

      5:55 Did you play Getting up ? :D

    24. cristhian lopez

      Bro maybe u cant get streamsniped if u put a delay 🤔 idk im not a streamer but u know maybe it works salute

    25. Simon monjardin

      With this passive valkyrie is shittt

    26. Totally An Otaku

      Hello rework Tchanka Hello Aruni "Did someone say they need a rotation hole?"

    27. dark angel

      Aruni is new waifu

    28. David Moin

      How much she cost

    29. HardSalami_69

      Aruni got the milkies bruh

    30. JimOriginal

      Operators get more and more retarted. This game becomes too Arcady

    31. Resad Karabudak

      6:20 if you reinforce from the wrong side, the enemy can't hardbreach there.

    32. NoName Worm

      Her passive is balanced becouse you need to be good to use it!

    33. budder bro13

      *wins a battle through nothing but luck* Bikini: Balanced Passive

    34. Máté Sikovanyecz

      HUfast: This is why you need to play Aruni Actually: BIKHINIBODHI SCREAMING THE MELEE IS OVERPOWERED FOR 13 MINUTES

    35. Agent: XMan1000 Status: Unknown

      3:07 that fricken kali got falconed punched

    36. Sok Louka

      Definitely not OP in anyway


      6:35 and people wanted Ace nerfed


      6:03 and thats why I have been saying making it indestructible is dumb


      Her passive needs to be removed as it negates the Oryx buff completely and proves that ubi is insane

    40. Ricardo Tamara

      11:36 referencia a rubius?

    41. Lucas Martinez

      Aruni is just a cute version of Venom Snake

    42. Егор Надеждин


    43. nick maldonado

      i love the runescape references

    44. MLGmounted

      At first, they made a sledge with a hammer that makes a breach, now they made a lil girl with a fist that makes a breach , nice ubisoft, true real CQB shooter. Some day i assume we will meet operator that makes breach by the power of thought. Totally not mixing operators abilities, and so their meta is washed away, game become boring as fuck more and more. Now you dont have to communicate with other players, like calling thermite or hibana, half of the team have breaching charges ,lmao. I am right, saying there is no more communication in R6 with random players, cuz everybody doing their game, and nobody fucks about others. You lost the most important thing about this game, its not fun anymore. Without good old maps, good old UNIC special operators. Only Vanilla mod will make it fun again. No recruit in the rate was the last straw

    45. TheEpicPancake

      2 punches to break a hatch and I'm fine with the passive. It's just the silent and immediate drop that's the issue for me.

    46. Evan Vue

      How many times is he going to say balanced passive

    47. Tony Esper


    48. RaE_

      Havent been playing but wtf is that melee

    49. mand0rk

      I love how having a bionic forearm somehow lets you punch through walls and hatches. The muscles for punching aren’t located in the forearm. You’d be able to choke a bitch out though.

    50. Türker Uçuran

      Jager siege is youtuber Jager tv

    51. Danya Summit

      Double shotgun Mira is my love

    52. Vinny Vincent

      I was vibin to that Pokémon sun music

    53. Asad_0fficial


    54. William Svensen


    55. Daniel Lopez

      I love all the zelda music and sounds from all your videos. Absolute classic

    56. The Smiths

      I jus realized arunis gadget is a play on the word "surrogate" 😵

    57. TTV Pudgedafunk YT

      I too poor

    58. Angela Duarte

      Duuuuuuuude i waiting for a caveira video

    59. unFairFight

      Just no clip!

    60. O.W.I

      Aruni is the next 4 speed roamer.

    61. Sage Shibao

      no one: not a single soul: Bikini's editor: ha ha Hawaiian pokemon music go brrrrrrrrrrrr!

    62. A Nonny Moose

      *sees title* Me: well I can't since she's only in the test server

    63. Rohith Kumar

      can anyone explain why are they reinforcing from the other side?

    64. Rohith Kumar

      stop trying to nerf her even before release

    65. Ajay Ghale

      she is ridiculously overpowered

    66. modlyR6

      Im big botmode everygame

    67. Miguel Marques Ramos

      How can I get better at siege? I'm trash like almost always and only sometimes I do something kinda good and I wanna improve. Ty ;)

    68. ༺Leͥgeͣnͫd༻

      I dont even know what aruni ability

    69. Lenton Ben

      bet bikini wont make an overwatch vid

    70. andrea sgorbati

      Genesis fans at 11:12 be like: 👁👄👁

    71. Mr.monkey

      She is Thai winter soldier

    72. Jordan Leighton

      It’s just a short range impact, you using it creatively hasn’t yet convinced me it’s op

    73. Friendly Spy

      Idk what to say

    74. KyrineKrystal

      rewatching a second time what if you combined melusi and maestro with aruni

    75. Pan_Gienio

      BaLaNcEd pAsSiVe

    76. Proxy Dymek

      pasive "bonk" its only on TS

    77. Crica75


    78. Big Woke

      do people actually enjoy seige?

    79. Iker Aceves Sampedro

      How is it possible they took Mozzie’s shotgun but give this chick that passive ability? How does this work?

    80. ninjafreshtildeath

      Console has to wait soooo fuuuuucking loooooong

    81. Hamadpro 12


    82. Lucas Nuhfer

      The number of likes is the number of times he said balanced passive. 👇

    83. AntJr10

      yeah i just love the fact that he uses skyward sword music. that game brings back so many memories... oh yeah and fire content

    84. OriginaL NiK

      not rlly

    85. James Rodwell

      Is it just me or is R6 slowly turning into black ops 3 with the future shit

      1. Isaiah Sanchez

        Is that a bad thing?

    86. * panther *

      Reminds me of Seraph bo3

    87. Andrew Elmore

      Swedish Marley?

    88. ALEXxVIPER

      I’m gonna be upset if you punch someone and they don’t go flying

    89. Efficial •

      I don’t know how these jokes are funny they are so cringe

      1. Efficial •

        @Oshowot his edits aren’t even good either like this dude literally put the 360 scopes in his vid...

      2. Oshowot

        no cap, ive never found this guy and his group funny

    90. Adrian K

      Bikini why do Ubisoft Make such a Op Operater and only carre Really about the Scopes in the Defend they Removed Acog from Doc and Rook and Arune they dont Carre and WTF is the 1.5 Scope on Zero MP7 and on the T5

    91. Luis Peña

      Hi, could you put automatic subtitles on your videos, and later with a youtube tool I can translate those subtitles in English and understand better what you say, I hope you do it because I love your videos, they make me laugh because if I speak Spanish and I'm using the translator to write this so if you have a lot of grammatical mistakes that's why

    92. Whiplash's Junkyard

      not gonna lie, i'm glad i left this game. Arcade bullshit

    93. Katsura Kotarou

      She's basically a semi sledge.

    94. The Archangel

      Can we just acknowledge that Valhalla is under fire and gonna patch a disfigured burn victim under "ableism" but they are adding Aruni... who has a giant frickin scar across her face? Make up your mind Ubisoft...

    95. Da quails

      I find it funny he uses animal crossing and Pokémon sun and moon soundtracks while violently killing the operators

    96. Maeze _

      Aruni= Kawaii

    97. Bo5s3e53

      5:38 marioo

    98. Complex King

      6:19 Bandit forgetting he’s Bandit killed me

    99. Ethan Dc

      Just op and not realistic

    100. Sc0pzZ _D3rpyDav1d

      You should pair it up wth kapkan