This is Why Rainbow Six Siege Had to *NERF* Tachanka 😲😲


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    I was too GOOD.
    Today, we are taking a Final Look at Tachanka before his Tachanka rework drops in this Rainbow Six Siege Montage from Operation Shadow Legacy.
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    1. BikiniBodhi


      1. el ruso varcovish

        Where is the 1000 opening????

      2. Chimorin Witayas

        I like the Classic Tachanka why must he go 😪

      3. Jacorey Defoe

        How do your parents feel that your bullying little kids ;(

      4. Namuron

        nah bro for 5 bucks ok but 10 is too much

      5. Meister R

        Speak my god Write my chanka Tachanka = god

    2. Mohammed Thaer

      Who here after Tachanka's buff?

    3. Jui2354_TH Channel

      0:01 How to get it?

    4. mentra1

      Mfw blackbeard is more of a tachanka then tachanka

    5. Anomaly- lemonete-Krunker

      In my opinion, hes better now.

    6. Jesse Landfair

      Since they took away Tachanka's last stand they should give him the ability to tank one headshot or alternatively say 3 headshots at 5-10 damage and cause a stunning effect.

    7. Lucas Topf

      Iam not crying u are

    8. Comrade

      Killa ?

    9. Lukas Hlosta

      3:49 song??

    10. Not ultra 9

      Dude that’s not the Mira shield

    11. Suicidal Puffer

      8:35 the most magical thing I have ever seen

    12. Patrick Walker

      Killa Helmet, very nice

    13. Hayden Wardlow

      i like how he talks about tachanka but its killa from tarkov in the thumbnail

    14. AshedSoul

      I was a chanka main, but with his new gadget is just boring.

    15. Oswaldo González

      They buffed him XD

    16. 5th Horsemen

      He was buffed thou

    17. AChillChilly

      I am going to miss spawnpeeking with the turret

    18. Operaatio

      Help us to keep original Tachanka ingame with the reworked one!

    19. Thekilerguy

      This is the tip of the onio Made me laugh so hard all 5times i wached this video

    20. SibeaZ

      Пиздец, смотрю бикини уже 2 года, каждый раз гордость берёт когда он играет на русских операх)))

    21. Desert Smeagol

      Oh my chanka Thank you kini very cool

    22. HRZ Forty

      They actually buffed it

    23. KAYSUNA

      The "Last Farewell" was a game tribute for Tachanka (my theory)

    24. graeme smith

      I'm just gonna wait for everyone to say tachanka is a problem so they nerf his and in return none will play him and I can go back to my tachanka main ways

    25. Cauã Lucas

      6:43 wow

    26. Warr Bee

      Rainbow 6 X Arknigth

    27. Cattyisland

      Our Lord passed away the voice actor of our Lord and savior 😫😫 shut up I am not crying it's nut 😂😂😂

    28. Jeanette Pitka

      you out memeed them

    29. Aleksey Channel

      Bruh Tachanka x Killa

    30. Filipi78

      Imagine hating tachanka

    31. TAKEDOWN205 Productions

      I don't get how he can see mere *pixels* of a player's head, and still land a shot. Experience or hacks, I my never actually know the truth behind his peculiar ability to snipe heads from distances that don't allow enemies to render.

    32. Manu Naatanen

      When you want play blackbeard but you are in defense...

    33. Skyler

      In a way Bikini isn’t wrong, while they are generally buffing Tachanka with this rework since he will now be mobile with his LMG and have 10 incendiary grenades to deny an area, they technically cut the damage of his turret down significantly. Tachanka’s turret when it was still a gadget used to deal 71 damage per shot as a full auto weapon, now it only does 48 damage.

    34. Sh4d0wz

      * sad cheeki breeki noises *

    35. eeleye

      Killa from EFT? what are you doing in the wrong game!

    36. Rongyang Yi

      is this the reason why Ubi took away his 1.5 before patching the rework in, just like how they removed his shield the moment they talked about rework? :(

    37. The Doctors Nipples

      Does anyone know the meme name in 3:49

    38. one tome plz

      Play on control for one vid

    39. Андрей Титанов

      Нормально играет RUSSIA

    40. Galaxy_ _Games

      F for old tachanka

    41. Tom Haswell

      This is why Bodhi needs to be nerfed.

    42. My name is Bunny

      Incredible Tachanka playing. Very funny, liked.

    43. Gamer1 2

      Remember being spawn peaked by the Russian badger with the PMM

    44. Ludovic Cliche

      When you say goodnight I think you’re Harley Queen

    45. Skorp シ

      5:01 takeatipoftheONION

    46. ShriimpUwU

      No not Juan lmg it’s JuanMG

    47. AetherWarrior 27

      Nerf? This is a buff

    48. Simple Boy

      10:46 this is the most Russian blyat that I have heard😂😂

    49. XCC Frito

      Lmg no longer mounted and loaded 😔

    50. Der KäseGott

      9:44 Amaru is a good Operator

    51. Narek

      why is killa your thumbnail

    52. el ruso varcovish

      Where is the 1000 opening?? Give that or make tachanka unfair

    53. George Mcauley

      Nah i am not going to buy last farewell on discount. I want to pay full price so i can support the game 😎

    54. Finnley May

      Noice Segway.

    55. Jaden Ortman

      12:44 the yoda sound made that so much funnier than it should have been

    56. ML Zombiegamer

      11:29-11:33 damm

    57. the power of gaming

      tacanka your our lord and you got it wrong we dont hate you we hate the ppl using u

    58. aod jerarmy

      is it a nerf tho

    59. Sora



      Nobody: Bikini: !HATCH OPEN¡

    61. SteinStyler

      Thanks four the Pokémon batlle music cause this gives me the greatest flashbacks

    62. Korosh Eht

      I dont undrestand why they want to do a rework on the lord they just fucking the game up with this reworks

    63. harry m

      hey bikini i was just wondering if you could do a echo video he is one of my favorite operators and it would be awesome for you to do a video on him

    64. Rapid Viper


    65. tdm AZLACKAFFE


    66. M4R50

      Hey bikini pls fight to r4c 1.5 scope Please 🥺

      1. M4R50


    67. Gunnar Simon

      If you ever play on kanal, play maestro if the bomb location is near the security room. Reinforce the two back walls, and place a maestro cam on it. There’s a little desk next to the wall. If you melee the base of the chair, it’ll break and you can prone under the desk. Go on your cam and wait for people to come in security, and then prone around the desk and kill them

    68. LazySloth R6S

      I think it’s really cool that bikini is doing these vids. I myself just got a pc and got Siege today (was a ps4 Player) Siege is really different from pc to ps4

    69. Matěj Černík

      I love your strats thanks btw edit: unlogicly writen words

    70. Akaeral


    71. baby yoda ツ

      tachanka got me my first ace yesterday

    72. Eliriun

      What operator is least use.

    73. [BR6] Loddix


    74. Swurvy Bruh

      why does he sound like kwebbelkop

    75. Айдамир Джамирзе

      Это лучшее что я видел

    76. Theodore Rutherford

      I see what you mean but then again I think the updates will be a buff!

    77. Mugiwara

      Our Lord Tachanka had a great time now we will get Tachanka II

    78. Equinox Ace

      I found a strat that involves Blackbeard and blitz you crouch with blitz and Blackbeard stands up and you play aggressiv and push as hard as you can

      1. Uttermostjazz77

        I do blackbeard montage, Blackbeard goes behind montange and they ping and peak

    79. Clive Starnes


    80. Weary

      Nerf? Nah I’d say it’s a massive improvement

    81. D3vWiTh_99 .mp4

      That’s my boy!

    82. Meno

      At 1:57 was curse mania

    83. Kacper Cybulka

      You fool The Lord is not being nerfed, in fact he’s receiving more godly powers than ever before

    84. Hįppø

      You sound like socks for1

    85. goncalves goncalves

      Why is killa on the thumb

    86. F0RCE1192

      Bikini should dress up in a legit bikini to flex his shredded bod

    87. uzarname name

      Kini tachanka told me if u dont gib my cookehs back he will spawn peek you with jager

    88. Ryan Wood

      Those who say nerf Tachanka never truly understood Lord Tachanka

    89. Miko Komunist

      So there is no more DP-27 as primary wepon?

    90. Iccy

      The real man here is killa

    91. The Daids

      Can someone tell me the meme's name at 3:51 😂😂😂

    92. Thomson Nguyen

      4:00 Should we tell him?

    93. PhreakzHD

      Grandlord Bikini, what do u think about the shield nerf? It's nearly impossible now to play clash and she is the 2nd worst op in def at windelta. PLEASE MAKE CLASH GREAT AGAIN! One of the funniest and hardest to master operators should get more love. We know your community can change things ( BOSGACOG) so pls let us work again one more time. #Clashlove

      1. KnuxSD

        OMG I am not alone D: I thought the same thing. Before the nerf i mained clash and now it is impossible to flick with the shield to defend myself.. WHICH WAS WHAT MADE HER VIABLE! Pls make clash great again #ClashLove

    94. American Potato

      That’s killa homie

    95. Spialorsi il prete

      Killa helmet

    96. Pablo Pablo

      LMG MGNED AND LOUDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    97. Crippling Depression

      I think it’s time for Gen Z to re-invade Vietnam. Let’s finish what the boomers couldn’t 😤😤😤

    98. SIKninjakiller2

      I’m gonna miss the old Tachanka he was the lord of all lords

    99. Craz3 Milkshake

      Last Farewell not available in my country :(

    100. Xilberto Garay