This Rainbow Six Siege Video Will Make You Cry... 🥺


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    Rainbow Six Siege has truly peaked with this gameplay montage of Iana and Blitz and their incredibly OP combo... This Operation Void Edge update is proving to be pretty amazing so far...
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    1. BikiniBodhi


      1. Máté Borda

        U USING HAX

      2. dylan konkelaar

        When is the vid koming

      3. Pajman Games


      4. carcalobo br

        Where This video

      5. Arthur Morgan

        can everyone spread the word #VIGILELITE

    2. Miscreant XD

      I've done this so many times with the hologram but either I or my teammates get bear traped threw a window every time xD

    3. James Verner

      Frost is his only weakness

    4. Roux

      not gonna lie ive never thought about placing a frost trap at the bottom of a hatch before that is 9000 iq plays right there

    5. ignatius telford

      5:32 i shot it it says i shot him wowowowowow

    6. Kore Blocksgamer

      3:03 They’ve got a Vigil IN Clash?

    7. Xrocx

      8:33 How is that a headshot?

    8. Wijaya Nicholas

      The fact that you cant climb ladders with ianas clone doesnt make sense ianas clone can touch the ground , climb up stairs doing physical contact with the things around him but cant climb a ladder !?! Wat Ubi pls fix

    9. Martin Novoa

      You have a twin😱😱😱wahhttt!

    10. Wesley Stevenson

      Add a lion into the mix and you got yourself one hell of a strat - thermite

    11. Sillydude 246

      i love the none stop australian down unda jokes. they're old and to every one thats not an australian they've aged like fine wine

    12. A Toasty Goose

      Only men of culture know the sound at the background 👌🏼 3:54

    13. Draes Taylor

      999k can we get to a million?

    14. Nimwad Hyman

      Yo what’s the song at 4:40. Dose anyone know?

    15. Reddy Cube

      Bikini talking Spanish Oole bikini

    16. Bugs Bunny

      4:08 same guy lmao


      Fuck you bikini you suck cheater

      1. Yeetus Magneetus

        It’s not him you dick

    18. Andr_ew

      from where do you buy your hax ty :*

    19. Garci_ 808


    20. killer_benfica 13

      If you have the season pass skin for iana her ass looks much bigger ( the white one)

    21. Just a Glitch

      WOW Iana looks so cool ima get her anddo this. Actually does it Wait that wasnt supposed to happen

    22. Cosmin 1210

      Wait you said next morning But its the Same guy 🧐 😂😂😂

    23. Miguel Ibarra

      Bikin: that’s was so nasty I know that was... so nasty that my family thought I was watching porn

    24. Falcon Yisus

      Este muchacho me llena de orgullo

    25. Alex Yu


    26. brody B

      4:09 the comment is priceless

    27. Papi

      USA people don’t be racist pls

    28. NoOne_SB

      Bikini wtf 8:30

    29. Will Hardy vickers

      At 4.12 the same guy using the same op in the same place same gun weird

    30. bi o

      Issa spicy meetabola

    31. ThePsNinja

      4:09 in the chat "MOM I GOT KILLED BY BIKINI"

    32. bitchface mcgee

      Every simp ever: ianas cheeks I want to CLAP every non simp:iana is a freaking albino y the freak is she shooting guns if albinos have dodgy eyes its like giving a monkey a mp5 and letting it walk around in a shop

    33. stefano carrara

      3:38 bikini yu are iana!! Use your ability!!

    34. Yxng_Kxng15

      Can someone help me I’m trying to find the bikini video of him play alibi on border and he’s in that one room with all his prismas activated next to each other and a ash comes in and doesn’t notice and she turns for a sec and bikini crouches and gets back up and ash turns really fast and is all confused and losing her shit then finally kills him

    35. Stayfashan - P

      4:50 wat the song?

    36. Pdawg

      *Haha too late I’m already crying*

    37. Alberto Mata


    38. Alberto Mata

      OLE :D

    39. Ferb


    40. Crku exe

      1:38 arte ninja do ole brasileiro

    41. No U

      See g36c is a good gun

    42. StinkySpacey

      4:07 its the same guy XD

    43. Bence Szilvási


    44. batata com acucar


    45. Seraphina91

      " that's a booty" 😂😂😂

    46. DirusetteRelos

      Bikini:Ole! Me: *intense Spanish happy noises*

    47. Pink Chink

      Honestly bikinibodhi is highly underrated because his personality is so great and the time he spends on his video

    48. Cuбupяk :З

      4:54 wtf???

    49. cstrutherskgs

      Why is bikini’s melee range so much further than everyone else lol. Seems so far.

      1. El Taco Bandito

        Probably the POV

    50. Fernanda Ferraz

      If you see this you aren't Blind

    51. algo algo

      Im spanish and that "olé" was incredible

    52. GX Shattering


    53. death scowcroft

      vigial tried shooting himself

    54. gokoflopo

      BIKINI: how many clash players right now me: its over 9000

    55. Azed l Kun

      Bust down thotiana 🤣🤣🤣

    56. crafter 5000

      Kini how do you sprint with shield

    57. Quillan Jacobson

      Bikini: "Nitro cell disabled my ass" Me: they do that to me too

    58. SLAKOV

      0:18 non stop watching

    59. Max Kaminski

      All of this made me cry

    60. Ducko Cheese

      5:30 Kini: nitro cell disable my ass Me: hhhhmmmmm My brain: YOU SHOVED A NITRO CELL UP YO ASS

    61. BOSGACOG

      1:00 bikini having orgasm

    62. Lexxss_

      Okay so no one's gonna talk about 4:54?

    63. Denzel PAYOT

      I watch bikini 50% for the R6 content and the other 50% for the RuneScape background music

    64. BigBoy Bruno

      Dis is ebic gamer moment

    65. Calum Finlay

      When she touch your PP 1:01

    66. Reptile_jaeger_ 4

      How culd u bekini al that vigil wanted to do is viggle viggle viggle and suicide him brain hole man u should be ashamed


      Were elite blitz bikinibodhi ?)

    68. cinnamon.toast.crotch

      Does Bikini know about the Boonie Beaver charm?

    69. V I T R A L


    70. dylan konkelaar

      Wheres the third vid bikini u promised

    71. cici mc

      For April fools give everyone one acog??

    72. Arik Narveson

      That music...

    73. DarkCow847

      For April fools they should give us Acog’s on every weapon

    74. João Pedro Klein Conci

      Where is the videos?

    75. Rainbow Six

      Did anyone remember the poor Pumking from the video on 27.10.2018?Bikini said he will be never forgotten...And he reinforced kids bedroom....DAAM DAAM DAAAAM

    76. Tyler Rocha

      Please tell UbiSoft to buff the UMP45

    77. The Piano Guy


    78. BenCrafter 05

      I Love you outro

    79. Elb_Meister

      Bikini, you have to know that Ianas Gemini block the Laser of a Claymore. (Troll Potential)

    80. Drxelsior Blader

      I listen to Pokemon theme I hit like

    81. Napat Potchapornkul

      Why you don’t play with marley?


      Hello compilation pls bikini

    83. Viva_H2O

      Бикини, привет, как дела?

    84. Viva_H2O

      Where is Fraser? :(

    85. Denn_

      bikini new video please🤗

    86. ŁBxRenreisan

      If you are guy then why your profile picture a beaver wearing bra

    87. Ethan Chow

      is the bikinibodhi charm still out

    88. Felipe Faes


    89. Andrey Fable

      8:50 only children of the 90s will understand what kind of music

    90. Nick Meissner

      I love the use of Pokémon music

    91. Hrvoje Marić Marić

      8:33 how the hell was that headshot?!!?!?!?????

    92. The Juggernaut

      Can u start a petition to bring gAmesharimg back to console please I would love u

    93. Vigil

      Where are you ? Did you get the Crow Rona Virus ?

    94. Francesco Del Prete

      When u download the next video Bikini? Im waiting :3 lol

      1. Francesco Del Prete

        Oh well he uploaded

    95. Florin

      NICE Peek

    96. Rainbow Six

      Just seen some fools channel named Marley... either he copied your channel or you copy him... cause the subtitles, the slaps, the farts, the subtitles, even the Super Mario music is the same....

    97. Бугай Денис

      Make tachanka gameplay

    98. Bartek Mostek

      Oryx be jebaited!

    99. Trung Anh Đào You know you want it