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    Rainbow Six Sieges Invitational is coming right up and ILL BE THERE playing on the MAINSTAGE of the Pro League
    Prepare yourselves with this Rainbow Six Siege montage for some insane meme gameplay right before they announce the new update Operation Void Edge
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Like the video right now

      1. San7God

        Ok, sure

      2. Pog Shark

        When you like your own comment

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      4. Harry28.

        Oki Doki boomer

    2. Virginia Labrador


    3. Harrison Gatha

      The double door Goyo was not the same round

    4. Ananas.war.der. Squad

      8:44 Grüße an Fokyo

    5. DaStealthyArcher

      Kapkan needs a buff

    6. Matthew F

      Remember the good old days when goyo had 3 shields and his shotgun was actually good

    7. Krypto Kn8

      Goyo+ kapkan is a really good combo

    8. Mr. Average Guy

      7:28 considering it's a gas tank, filled with gas, I'd say about an hour

    9. Mr. Average Guy

      7:28 considering it's a gas tank, filled with gas, I'd say about an hour

    10. My name is artu

      Why was there 3 goyo shields

      1. My name is artu

        @Rhonmar Malig :000000000000

      2. Rhonmar Malig

        That was before his nerf

    11. LT _Viper

      Damn there’s 1M geniuses

    12. Криволапов Роман

      8:54 translate chat: BikiniBodhi you stupid boy It is on Russian This people is damb>:(

    13. Siege

      Man, old video, but it was really cool seeing you and Teo playing together. As a big fan of both of you guys, I thought it was a grand ol' time.

    14. Chance Craft

      6:52 He has the recoil of GTAV

    15. George Giannopoulos

      4:54 We flip, we miss, but most importantly we have 69 hp

    16. Verkku Serkku

      You kinda look like goyo

    17. Nalezq Ligma

      teo was in this video

    18. Alessio Bumbaca

      bikini is best

    19. Raven

      so close to 1 million!!!

    20. chelovechniy chelovek

      8:56 просто посмотрите в правом нижнем углу And olso hello from russia

    21. Joona Vainio.Mattila

      What is so bad about ember rise?

    22. Fredooo

      As soon as i heard “big BrAaIiin sTRAttt” i liked

    23. Gumblebach lulululu

      Bikini why have you a AIM Like a god how many hours have you in Rainbow you are insane as fuck

    24. Faxe_destiny 22

      NGL this video is FIRE🔥🔥🔥

    25. *KatzeInBrot *

      8:54 look at the bottom right corner. Only russians will understand, or you can translate. Нижний правый угол. ;)

    26. exit_level

      i watch him hit shots with a red dot that i cant hit with kali fully zoomed

    27. Godly


    28. 1mrreaper1

      8:55 Русские вместе сила

    29. Just_a_Danil

      8:57 - why russians are so toxic in the chat?

    30. playgroundj

      Me who is korean: ok than


      Bikini legit looks like the current goyo

    32. ヅGulgulash_ps_4

      Why Bikini look like Goyo?

    33. tikřup pawlovský


    34. Петя Ручка

      8:56 чекай чат

    35. COR_ Yodaganxta


    36. One_Cake _pro


    37. DetectiveSketchy BaconHair

      tk noob

    38. Shad0w

      Wow I just realized the six invitationals took place on my birthday, feb 15. That’s kinda cool

    39. idkDennis


    40. idkDennis

      Bakini: big dick energy 5 seconds later : I'm so scared 😂

    41. Eashan Shambharkar

      which vid did bikini said he got bikinibodied pls tell

    42. Daniil Ko

      Double acog

    43. The R6S Shield Main

      #ACOGACOG is basically a 8x zoom sight or a 5x zoom sight

    44. wax huyax

      8:57 Russian words mean bikini bodhi you are dumb

    45. BreakingCircuit


    46. EnricoRics roblox

      The title Me: *doesnt care*

    47. kombisemfreio

      desde que o free fire acabe pra min ta bom

    48. er_patino 2007

      Soy español y me encantan tus videos

    49. Kahng Dj

      Hey bikini you know what is the best op?

    50. Илья Федоров

      9:05 Someone fron Russia called you moron.

    51. MathDaBoi

      The TSCG12 is a balanced operator

    52. NikhalWrench

      heavy metal's the best

    53. Yoshid Studios

      Does anyone know the song that starts playing at 1:48


      What's wrong with Ember Rise skins?

    55. El Takuachito

      I watch Rick and Morty, obviously I’m going to click on this video. 😎

    56. Your Local Demon here

      Haha I do that

    57. Brage Ohm

      When he put the electric claw on the chair, I was making myself ready for an electric chair joke... suppose I was wrong

    58. Malware Bytes

      6:42 Bikini casually dropping a Hail Satan

    59. The King of Ping

      0:11 What that one kid does when he enters the boys Locker Room

    60. smnwrd rlly

      8:56 chat: BikiniBodhi you fucking idiot



    62. Seryntheon

      3:31 NOSTALGIA

    63. Captain Grape

      Ya boyo goyo now has only 2 fiery deployos

    64. El Patrón Maracatón

      7:42 thats Lord of the Rings soundtrack brrrro

    65. Max A

      How do you get the cinematic kill like at 10:48?

    66. Kidus W.

      He sounds blond

    67. лорд спазматизм

      8:55 абсолютно "не токсичное" русское комьюнити R6S...

    68. KapiN3X

      What's the name of the song that comes in 1:48?


      4:00 hey guys there is a new alpha pack openning coming up he has 218 alpha packs

    70. Doctor Disco

      Is it easier on pc?

    71. Tyler Martin

      0:11 Warden when he sees Blitz

    72. Greg Heffley

      Bikini has finally found the Maverick counter

    73. Black_viking

      that blitz on 7:04 tho XD

    74. Stefan Popescu

      Wdym heavy metal is amazing


      8:56 Savelly5130 hate you Bikini( He is from Russia and he said that you are bada*s

    76. Dead Sanya

      8:56 translate chat message on English: “ bikini bodhi you motherf...”

    77. awful_cat

      9:57 shots are synced with song

    78. JOSEFIN Malmer

      Det är vad jag kallar ett eld exit lol snälla svara bikini jag älskar dina videos

    79. Рома Римаренко

      8:55 аххахаха

    80. Hermann Fegelein

      8:12 we all need to admit it this was good

    81. Gamer 117yo

      dude pls upload a new vid

    82. Colonel_Konami


    83. Adam Špička


    84. Reef

      Kini we need to start #VectorACOG now

    85. Reef

      Kini we need to start #VectorACOG now

    86. Kaan Dinc


    87. MACK

      You didint write that you were using „kyle’s mom is a bitch” at 5:10

    88. AirsoftArmour15 96

      Goyo is a perfectly balanced Operator

    89. Mahmood _Ss

      Kpop is da best

    90. PsychoHax

      "Recommended for you"

    91. Ultimativer Finsterer Fötuskrieger Der Unterwelt

      Goyos bizzare adventure

    92. tyler kim

      6:14 ....... YOU KNOW..... I'M KOREAN

    93. Almighty Duckie

      Play with Teo more

    94. GammaINC

      you look like swedish post malone

    95. YB3R B0MB3R

      Amaru is my favorite attacker. :)

    96. DadJoke 54

      I just started playing siege on pc, I’ve been playing on xbox since Jan of last year (Jan 2019) anyone got any tips?

      1. bacclash


    97. DadJoke 54

      I love how bikinibodhi isn’t underrated. There are so many good you tubers that are super underrated, so I’m glad that bikini isn’t. :)

    98. saVage

      8:57 в чат чекайте русские

    99. HardDuckMan

      When chowder said "IS THAT EMBER RISE" I was boutta comment, wow that sounds like bad cop from the Lego Movie... then I played the video and he right out said it 🤓🤓🤓

    100. Marta Soto