We RUINED Rainbow Six Siege With This Warden & Smoke Strategy


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    Today in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight I have the honor to present to you all a new game-breaking strategy with Warden & Smoke and some Funny Moments ofcourse!
    Do you think it's Pro League ready? I sure do!!!
    Nokk video coming soon!
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    🎵 Music:
    Team Fortress 2 OST - Main Theme
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Turtles In Time OST - Big Apple 3 A.M.
    Pokémon Ruby Sapphire Emerald OST - Route 101
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team OST - Makuhita Dojo
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Turtles In Time OST - Sewer Surfin
    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time OST - Gallery
    Sly Cooper 2 OST - Paris Theme
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Turtles In Time OST - Boss Theme
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team OST - Run Away / Fugitives
    Banjo-Kazooie OST - Gobis Valley
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Inside a House
    Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards OST - Gourmet Race
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
    ► Your Brain: bit.ly/2JETObQ
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Penis joke

      1. ImDaRealBoi


      2. Zelda Rocca

        Penis music

      3. Drink Water

        Penis music

      4. Nigga Cheese

        Thats pretty short one

      5. Ace Kees

        so does this work with glaz aswell?

    2. Luca Seufert

      If they just buff him that he never gets flashed but thru smoke still avtivate his glasses

    3. Bread Being


    4. monki

      this is great and the tf2 music just adds to it

    5. QueefMa Cheeks

      Warden would be so good if he would be able to use his gadget a lot and not just rarely

    6. Плотва

      Слава Украине

    7. yNukke

      Saudades de quando o mapa Canal era bom, hoje em dia ele é bem ruim

      1. yNukke

        Use tradutor please

    8. Дима Солопов

      Eto flag Ukraine xaxa ;-)

      1. Дима Солопов

        Героям слава я давно это написал и ждал ответа

      2. Rodion Zaburmekha

        Дима Солопов слава Україні

      3. Дима Солопов

        Ето флаг Украины

    9. Sej

      2:48 How i am a level 124 and I never knew you could do that like what

    10. Wii The Second

      0:16 Warden's new ability: Dodge crit build with 3 concealment

    11. Crazyfilips

      rip night mode

    12. Bryan Lopez

      You copy evan

    13. XxViper GamingxX

      MPX ACOG

    14. Memerzone

      Yay TF2 song!

    15. Patrizia Ricci

      I like video the lord thashanck

    16. Karek53

      My dad: Has a nicotine addiction. Me, who doesn't want to get cancer: 0:04

    17. Reepey

      Anyone knows the music on 7:57 ?

    18. Chase Baker

      Anyone else know warden came out that long ago

    19. un1ucky

      Siege community with any operator: this operator is bad Bikini: wrong

    20. Camera

      The next operator can give court martials to the enemy team.

    21. KonGaBa lml

      ผมชอบดู บิคินี่ มากครับ

    22. Snakez btw

      Q: why reddot?

    23. Малик Аль-Ахмад

      It's Ukraine flag

    24. Егор

      Слава Украине

      1. Rodion Zaburmekha

        Егор Варначев героям слава

    25. honjiraa honjiraa

      1:38 I'm just a WHAT now for the high five!?

    26. Doinstuffman

      When the Thomas the Tank Engine music accompanied the Blitz on Tower, I couldn't breathe, I was laughing so hard

    27. Asdf

      ubisoft should buff the K1A's fire rate to like 800

    28. dragon beast


    29. Design Grizzli


    30. Clapped Out

      I fkn hate you for using tf2 music

    31. nerfjer57

      Hi :)

    32. Black Shadow

      Does anyone know the sound/song from 7:41 ?

    33. ctv186

      I was wondering why you needed Smoke specifically, but then I remembered that defenders don't get smoke bombs. At this point, it was at least halfway through the video.

    34. DNA Slider

      Kini is an innovator when it comes to siege

    35. Noku

      5:54 ?

    36. David Vitek

      Glaz would like a word with you.

    37. Gregory Ivashkin

      Казалось бы причем на превьюхе украина

      1. Rodion Zaburmekha

        The GESUSIDERER Слава Україні

    38. Natan Mascheroni


    39. Trybik

      7:33 69 hp :)

    40. antlerman

      Tf2 music making me moist

    41. o

      Glaz 2.0

    42. Ang B

      Yee haw - Bikinibodhi 2019

    43. Tom

      I honestly think warden should have smokes

    44. Miky

      00:00 tf2 music nice :D

    45. Kristijan Zepina

      1:59 silver 4 wtf

    46. Хамуил Зебуглый

      OMG, you are playing with idiots in enemy team, why do you boast about it

    47. Amalya Mirzoyan

      Press f for zude😢😂

    48. JunoFTW

      “You can only use wardens ability in rare occasions” Bikini out here making them.Like you just have to be as good as bikini in order to make these stupid but awesome strats with “considered” bad characters

    49. Визерочек

      Ukraine Flag on prewiev ?

    50. Aaron B

      Rest in piece in pepperoni

    51. XD_Micheal

      Supa Soldja

    52. ThomasKTS


    53. BMX

      4:20 best part

    54. Ice Boxxer

      They should give warden impact smokes

    55. Nikita Yudin

      I like how in half the situations you could do it without Warden's skill lol

    56. Leon-Nita is HESZEK!

      oh nope

    57. Leon-Nita is HESZEK!

      6:57 RFC4 ACOG RIP

    58. LEGO JOEY

      So good

    59. Nbruder

      All the ninja turtles music

    60. Duncan Fernandez

      Kini how do you swear in Swedish?

    61. Александр Свирко

      Слава украине

    62. CJ 2222

      Nice TF2 song

    63. George Pub

      Sche ne vmerla ukrainy ni slava ni vola

    64. Gh0st

      Cant you do that with a normal smoke too?

    65. Hades


    66. ZOMBL

      How do you do the cinematic mode???

    67. Ali Alam

      U deserve more su scribers buddy

    68. Grobles414

      Me:That music is very familiar Also me: THATS TF2

    69. TheRealTrash82.5

      anybohdi else see jagers leg extend at 4:58

    70. TheMoonBlueEyes

      I need to admit that i mainly love you for the background music of nintendo games

    71. fanelli362

      :O :O :-D

    72. Jurriaan Hoevenaars

      Bikini: plays in pro leage Also bikini: *silver 4*

    73. Alejandro Ramirez

      Why do you and Marley have the same laugh

    74. Chase Carter

      Crime stoppers is a legit thing in Canada bikini

    75. AXED 121

      How is there clash

    76. sebastian kasprzak

      Uh la la smokini

    77. luke the duke

      How did u get that 3rd person shot in the beginning?

    78. david hinckley

      What's wardens ability?

    79. Neon Light

      Give Warden smoke nades.

    80. Sir Aero

      You know the stray is good when you enjoy tower

    81. Alberts Cerdá Saulesleja

      'super eager to die'

    82. Faint

      My M8 Panda.EvoX is in the Game and little Fun Fact that was the one Round where i took a break FUUUUU!!!

    83. Piotr

      My god your music choices take me back to gaming nostalgia.

    84. Dr. Pato

      But what about: Doc, Smoke and Warden, so doc cures Warden when he steps into the gas

    85. Александр

      6:37 is that fucking jojo reference?

    86. NonDirtySocks

      How does he do the third person clips

    87. BTS Gaming

      You stole the video and the Thumbnail

    88. Panda 512868

      Hey bikini

    89. к'тун

      Glaz покойся с миром, братуха!

    90. austin white

      dude when I first saw these operators coming to r6 the first thing I said is these people are gonna be so broken and op I swear

    91. Roberto Bermeo

      This strategy should be illegal

    92. EpicMKP

      Warden and smoke on so many levels...... *That’s so many levels of toxicity*

    93. CINRmatic Sensei

      Why do you get out w such dummies and I get matched against diamonds wtf 😂😭😭😭👑

    94. Valerio Caccamo

      What is his ability?

    95. Kyle Santus

      The technodrome theme music :)

    96. Biggie Cheese

      what is that suited operator?

    97. SKITTLES

      No wonder that you only get velvet shells

    98. Iraq -TD

      Play the speed in 1,25

    99. smhokes

      He is on lil yachys team Vs tpains team

    100. Meliodas Playz

      4:42 The fucking edits🤣🤣