WHAT Have They Done to Rainbow Six Siege ❓❗ | Sugar Fright Event


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    Today we explore Rainbow Six Siege's new event in Operation Shadow Legacy... and I think Sugar Fright might be even scarier than the Tachanka Rework...
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    🎵 Music:
    Undertale OST - Muscle Song
    Undertale OST - Spear of Justice
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team OST - Friend Area Field
    Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards OST - Pop Star
    Hearthstone OST - Main Title
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Lyre, Lyre Pants on Fire
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Inside A House
    Heroes of Might & Magic 3 OST - Battle 2
    Runescape OST - Sea Shanty 2
    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess OST - Postman's Theme
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Lyke the video and I will nuke Sugar Fright from Siege

      1. Blackberry - womp

        @febiox 71 hi vaggie

      2. Blackberry - womp

        Pls do it

      3. Parsa Taghavi

        I love the intro song!! I have heard it before, how u didn't get a copy right for it? Also, take look at this Sugar fright even review too hufast.info/plan/vide/bozMqbyflZGlhKc

      4. ZyuzinPlay

        Я попал в твой видос, хехе, в начале ролика мой профиль открыл)

      5. Rémi Lamarche

        Yeah please because thats the shittest mode ever

    2. JustSpectoR

      9:00 that's some interesting music

    3. LaroTayoGaming

      I think they combine april fools + halloween in one because there's no april fools event on r6

    4. John

      I see you have watched Ordinary Sausage

    5. grubbybump253

      2:49 did this man just pull an ordinary sausage on us?

    6. Faded Frank

      Will it sausage reference nice

    7. Terezi Pyrope

      holy shit Heroes 3 battle music!! the nostalgia!

    8. WhiteBird 6944

      its a good thing i had a 2 week long hiatus when this started. i wanted to play rainbow six siege not rainbow six sesame street

    9. Colonel_Konami

      From what IVE seen the “Mad House” Halloween event was worse than this one. It was LITERALLY just house at night and only specific ops.

    10. Blackberry - womp

      Yeah I was disappointed too

    11. KarteZ

      What music plays on 1:15 ? help guys, please

    12. Matthew Thomas

      Dude that ordinary sausage reference killed me

    13. Kado


    14. Logic Is a Race

      Ordinary Sausage reference :)

    15. Francisco Caroca

      The crab rave almost in the start i actually tought it was the end

    16. Fallen. pengu

      my account with the last halloween skins got banned :(

    17. Bradly Churchwell

      I much prefer the last holloween mode

    18. SmokeyOwOs

      The hotline miami music tho

    19. realsask

      i spawn kill in this game mode

    20. Crazy

      9:44 🐺☝️

    21. Mason bray

      This mode was of you put muppets in siege give every one else crack teleport them to a sugar land and make them fight

    22. EinhornIsFinkle1

      So the Map is Street from RSV2 with I'm assuming no tunnels. But that is still sick! Is that map in the normal game?

    23. Jan Burek

      0:32 song?

    24. tirth patel

      just a question, anybody know what the background music was in the first 5 seconds of the video? not the undertale one, the flute in the background? i swear I have heard that before but can't put a finger on it!

    25. GalaxyRogue

      why dont they make a respawning mode permanent

    26. Vis

      Honestly siege is just getting boring in general

    27. IUG Riven

      glorious morning brought back some memories, thanks bikini

    28. MrjeshPlayz YT

      I was hoping it would be like last year's mode.

    29. Eric Pearson

      Its great for one tpping

    30. Lesimple Xenki

      I love thé music of Heroes if might and Magic in thé castle war

    31. Explosive_lawnmower

      What kind of chronic can sustain such cruelty.

    32. SwD Peep

      I hated that mode so much 🙄

    33. Rasmuz Gamingz

      It's the first video i watch that you made and i love it im subscribing

    34. MemeDaddy

      2:48 nobody: me: haha ordinary sausage go brrr

    35. FMJ Raven

      Unfortunately i give ubi credit for thinking outside the box but that maybe too far. I thought this year wouldve been just as good with hide and seek. But we got frost doped up on powdered sugar. For Muppets theme

    36. Kermit The frog

      Do you watch the ordinary sausage then

    37. moro3ify

      WTF? This game mode is the best thing that happened with the game for a long time! Yeah skins and stuff are basically trash? but the mode itself *smack lips* NOICE!

    38. Breno

      Its april fools all over again

    39. Pronoy Roy

      you are a legend love from india

    40. Edasurc Sdrawcab

      He actually is playing fucking batlee music from heroes 3

    41. Peter Parker

      Rated R Muppets

    42. Kavalier

      Bikini Literally Just Showed How Trash This Event Was Then Showed How Good He Could Of Made It

    43. Rasmuz Gamingz

      Best video ever

    44. HOBONINJA 24

      What was the song at 9:07

    45. Caleb jaynes

      I don't think anyone likes the new mode

    46. lhe mel


    47. manicniceguy

      This event turns the game into suxs

    48. Brendan Frost

      last Halloween mode was a whole lot better

    49. JuanM Chavira

      I like the respawn element but the game mode gets boring after a 1 or 2 game and the costumes are uninterested at best ugly at worst

    50. Sniper Camuflado

      oh yes, is the USA inspired by brazil in its cheating? You guys are VERY attracted to our voters cheating but are forwarding to it your country is coming brazil

    51. ShinyRayquaza9

      trailer on ubisoft connect said this was Frost's sugar induced nightmares

    52. Choppytehbear1337

      9:05 Is that Glorious Morning I hear?

    53. tht beast75

      At 9:08 what is the song that plays shortly

    54. The Manager

      *Casually 847 alpha packs*

    55. Luke Cerru

      Cringe mode

    56. Titan Lord

      So were not talking about the Ordinary Sausage reference???

    57. Josson Vaughn

      3x on BOSG??

    58. Erodplayer

      3:36 homestuck reference

    59. darinc the doomguy

      When you open the event pack and you have legendery You : i dont want to open it i want next

    60. Eisaku

      are you gonna do a +1000 pack opening?

    61. Ryan Mantz

      Hey bikini, I know you probably won’t even see this and it won’t even matter, but I know that you’re someone Ubi listens to and actually learns stuff from. You’ve been one of my favorite r6 youtubers for a while now and have kept me playing the game and having fun. Lately, whenever my friends and I play ranked, all that happens is we get DDOSed. It’s been making the game absolutely awful and no fun to play at all. It’s been becoming a serious issue and I just wish someone would listen and do something about it. Love the vids, keep it up❤️

    62. Bruh I’m lagging


    63. dat boi

      Bohemian rhapsody reference in opening cutscene?

    64. Timur Ivankov

      I am Scandinavian and I love hearing you say faan

    65. CloakedCat1997

      This modality is terrible

    66. Aqua Fox

      when the outro played after the first match, thats basically what i did with this game mode.

    67. Barkode33 GAMING

      Yeah i stopped playing this mode after two days

    68. 채동진


    69. LaMiss R6S

      Don't like the mod too but still love ur vid !:D

    70. Ducktor Quack

      You had me at bo ba bap ba ba. *chunk* Sausages.

    71. Luke

      I personally think the event is trash

    72. Sweener

      Someone's gonna get in trouble for criticizing Papa Ubi.

    73. Arthur Morgan


    74. Micheal Lewandowski

      this event suppose to be wacky aand fun but i came out scary and boring (without custom events) and other halloween events were extremely fun and cool. Why are r6s events reverse of the what they were suppose to be

    75. Matt Bertieaux

      4:55 is that PayDay 2 OST ? I know this song but I cant remember where I heard it

    76. grim reaper

      Finally, a big Siege HUfastr who actually UNDERSTANDS

    77. Riley Mayfield

      When you just now get the notification

    78. Alcander _

      Ubisoft needs to know the difference between cursed and scary

    79. TsundereJibril

      After 10:11 you hear the pornhub intro play while also overlaying the surprise meme sound lmao...

    80. TsundereJibril

      I was busy last Halloween and didn't get to experience the game mode.... I was hoping for something fun this year... guess m waiting yet another year.

    81. thor Hoofnagle

      One word clash

    82. Drew Olsen

      Bruh, Frost is Canadian, why she eating trash American candy?

    83. moh ali

      you real need to open all your alpfh pakcs

    84. Stick_Fish

      SUDuko bombers HAHAHA you mean Kamikaze, or Sepukku or Harikiri

    85. Redbone

      Don’t go hard on siege corona got them fucked

    86. Rainbow Toaster

      New event skins look very funny))

    87. C R

      Jesus, no wonder there's so many packs.

    88. Erick Irungaray

      Why do i get sesame street vibes ?

    89. Ashton Rogers

      this event was so garbage

    90. Roger Burca

      The last Halloween mode as funnier than dis on

    91. IamsoRelentless

      For those of you who want to see Nomad getting mad: hufast.info/plan/vide/m2y4ncxrmYDcoas

    92. That Pickle Boi

      How much weed have I smoked today

    93. Nevan Slone

      Clashes voice line where she calls attackers Fookin Muppets just become relevant again lol

    94. AaroTheLegend

      So u took a game mode that supposed to be fast paced and u made it slow paced and boring nice vid

    95. Kirk Findley

      Hello, welcome to “don’t let bandit handle the candies” the game mode.

      1. Chemi Dante

        Lmao copied

    96. HAHAnatorz ,

      Goyo look like bikini

    97. E.lijah_ 10s

      I got banned from his chat stream for doing nothing

    98. I Want Cider

      I hope they don't add a TDM or KC in regular seige. Its doesn't feel like seige at all.

    99. Vhhhvcv Dhhcghhjj


    100. Andreas Hänse

      There is a tachanka easteregg its a tachanka chocolate