WHAT Have They Done to Rainbow Six Siege ❓❗ | Sugar Fright Event


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    Today we explore Rainbow Six Siege's new event in Operation Shadow Legacy... and I think Sugar Fright might be even scarier than the Tachanka Rework...
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    🎵 Music:
    Undertale OST - Muscle Song
    Undertale OST - Spear of Justice
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team OST - Friend Area Field
    Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards OST - Pop Star
    Hearthstone OST - Main Title
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Lyre, Lyre Pants on Fire
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Inside A House
    Heroes of Might & Magic 3 OST - Battle 2
    Runescape OST - Sea Shanty 2
    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess OST - Postman's Theme
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Lyke the video and I will nuke Sugar Fright from Siege

      1. me account

        5ygj I

      2. Sam plays

        This is actually more fun that the actual game mode

      3. Abdulla Həşimzadə

        *The real horror at Rainbow 6 Siege*

      4. Blackberry - womp

        @febiox 71 hi vaggie

      5. Blackberry - womp

        Pls do it

    2. çöl kaplanı

      Deathmatch -_-

    3. Sir Annoy-O

      The Hearthstone music in the Background xD

    4. Martino Lodola

      Bikini after saing no gun Everyone: BOOM

    5. Little schmoke

      This was one of the events that was genuinely scary, like just the puppets like wtf

    6. Ethan Kennedy

      mmmmm Hearthstone

    7. Wamblingocean86

      I wish I got bk into when this event was happening I want a puppet operator

    8. Fren 2000

      swidish i did not know

    9. Lucas Soto

      0:01 like rainbow is magic...

    10. feelings

      5:15 I creeped out cuz the music reminds me of davy jones

    11. TCR TachankaYEET

      The aircute one was better

    12. Abdul Rahman Ariff Riza

      128 that ring hit perfect

    13. BlackDiamond

      Bikini: I’m a god with this gun. The gun: I have an ACOG.

    14. Aziz Alkadi

      Sometimes I thought sugar fight was a Christmas update

    15. Kgulfs 12

      For some reason ur videos started playing in my class

    16. Tudor Toghie

      My ps+ ran out exactly as the event launched

    17. Jonne Kaisku

      But i still use and like that event texture version coz i like it. It’s look better coz it’s more lighter and u know

    18. Xavenger72 Titanfall fanboy

      Good event, ass skins

    19. Mark Sun

      I'm not gonna lie, team deathmatch is a surprisingly fun gamemode in a game like r6

    20. SergeantTactical

      10:09 ARUgHHARh

    21. F.B.I Agent

      Ooohhh awesome ordinary sausage referance 2:47

    22. LoneWolfGaming

      That was the craziest craziest rainbow six siege and I loved it

    23. M T G

      Whats the song name it comes in 09:05 and 09:08-09:09

    24. ghostdd

      I liked how he used the Ordinary sausage rating thing.

    25. murphy the platypus

      this event is more treat than trick

    26. SkateUP ‘er

      Elmo has cried and left the chat

    27. Lucas de Freitas Lyra

      thats is what crack does

    28. Creepin Marmoset

      Bikini breaking out the hero’s 3 music

    29. Wubenn -

      castles headgear isnt green clickbait nice

    30. Persona Anónima Sin Importancia

      the event was a shit

    31. Maxiephly

      This is compareable to an overdosis of LSD.

    32. David slater

      2019 Halloween : Adults horror 2020: kids horror

    33. Flower Girl


    34. Roktrum

      They should have released it for April fools ffs

    35. HenriqueOMC

      So many soldiers died in that event... F in chat

    36. MasterOf Slinkiez

      Why does nomad look like that jockey from left for dead though 👀

    37. Tsar Bomba

      6:07 the Davertical guys is salty because they are “ruining the game mode”

    38. gods_lie

      is that ever get that feeling from fable

    39. Electric Gum

      I hated this event aswell, i played 3 matches and then i just went back for quick matches

      1. Isaiah Thomas

        It would’ve done much better as a April fools event

    40. TopzScorpio

      Y’all he’s at 666k views. As of this comment

      1. Dr. M&M69

        Ik I just got here

    41. JxDmini


    42. Reaper

      6:50 Heroes of Might and Magic III combat music kicks in.

    43. Cheryl Konopski

      The grenade tho

    44. Lukas Jeger

      Ordinary Sausage easter egg

    45. Hamburger Cheeseburger

      666 dislikes this is cursed

    46. František Bilavčík

      Heroes of might an magic 3, combat song :)

    47. Bucket Of Head

      666 dislikes fits the event well

    48. Wade & Nicole Bundy


    49. Augusto Narcos

      9:45 aoUf

    50. ismael picone

      7:16 A player said you are a cheater in the chat

    51. trix


    52. dk kanofkash

      The boys decided to turn Siege into For Honor.

    53. Maxiephly

      Ubi was like: You want some LSD?

    54. Chrono Ch.

      Kini, was that an ordinary sausage rating system ?

    55. MonsterousGaming6


    56. sanyoka forever

      After I opennend the sugar fright event pack I become a Goyo main.

    57. Yasuda Akira


    58. Go search my real YouTube channel illegal quarts

      Ye this mode is so soke

    59. Irritating Person

      7:10 such a good song for such a good game

    60. Getting Cock!

      10:50, sudoku? Really.... Jesus

    61. Wazoneg

      I started playing when this event was up and now i have really good aim because of this lmao

    62. Kotany


    63. I Want Lee

      9:05 what's that short piece of music from? It's feom some game! It's not in the description!

    64. TWARXBMMC Kakashi4763

      I thought it was Fortnite when I scrolled past it on my page bruh

    65. Mystic The Wolf

      One tap Heaven bro

    66. CSaddic


    67. Dynkx!

      😂😂 u actually made this garbage ass game mode look good

    68. Druox_

      ........this is the worst fucking thing I’d ever seen....who liked this?

    69. MarcPlatapus

      I wouldn’t have minded if they just brought back doktors curse

    70. أبو عسل - ABO3SL

      من طرف أحمد يالغالي 🌟

    71. JustSpectoR

      9:00 that's some interesting music

    72. LaroTayoGaming

      I think they combine april fools + halloween in one because there's no april fools event on r6

      1. Tidepod Eater

        Rainbow is magic?

    73. Osetra

      I see you have watched Ordinary Sausage

    74. grubbybump253

      2:49 did this man just pull an ordinary sausage on us?

    75. Faded Frank

      Will it sausage reference nice

    76. Terezi Pyrope

      holy shit Heroes 3 battle music!! the nostalgia!

    77. WhiteBird 6944

      its a good thing i had a 2 week long hiatus when this started. i wanted to play rainbow six siege not rainbow six sesame street

    78. Colonel_Konami

      From what IVE seen the “Mad House” Halloween event was worse than this one. It was LITERALLY just house at night and only specific ops.

    79. Blackberry - womp

      Yeah I was disappointed too

    80. KarteZ

      What music plays on 1:15 ? help guys, please

    81. Matthew Thomas

      Dude that ordinary sausage reference killed me

    82. Jami Keskinen


    83. Logic Is a Race

      Ordinary Sausage reference :)

    84. unshilenofe0

      The crab rave almost in the start i actually tought it was the end

    85. aSimpleknight

      my account with the last halloween skins got banned :(

    86. Miles FOX

      I much prefer the last holloween mode

    87. SmokeyOwOs

      The hotline miami music tho

    88. realsask

      i spawn kill in this game mode

    89. Crazy

      9:44 🐺☝️

    90. Mason bray

      This mode was of you put muppets in siege give every one else crack teleport them to a sugar land and make them fight

    91. EinhornIsFinkle1

      So the Map is Street from RSV2 with I'm assuming no tunnels. But that is still sick! Is that map in the normal game?

    92. Jan Burek

      0:32 song?

    93. tirth patel

      just a question, anybody know what the background music was in the first 5 seconds of the video? not the undertale one, the flute in the background? i swear I have heard that before but can't put a finger on it!

    94. GalaxyRogue

      why dont they make a respawning mode permanent

    95. Vis

      Honestly siege is just getting boring in general

    96. IUG Riven

      glorious morning brought back some memories, thanks bikini

    97. MrjeshPlayz YT

      I was hoping it would be like last year's mode.

    98. Eric Pearson

      Its great for one tpping

    99. Lesimple Xenki

      I love thé music of Heroes if might and Magic in thé castle war

    100. Boomertunes44

      What kind of chronic can sustain such cruelty.