What The Division 2 Gameplay Feels Like


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    Today we're going into some The Division 2 and it's PvE Gameplay
    As we're coming closer to release date for The Division 2 we can be sure of one thing, it's getting crazy
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      Looks so much like d1. Has much changed at all aside from the location?

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      I didn't preorder, so it's not just for them. It's okay, the initial hype of this style of game, kinda died with the first division

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      Awesome vid as usual scholar. I've gone though the inventory/ gameplay basics and done my own review. Would be awesome to hear your views on the game and what you think needs to be improved! hufast.info/plan/vide/q5qTjLqtvGW9Xp8

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      I thought everyone can play privatebeta i just can play private beta because I own rainbowsix

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      That Echoed intro still feels pretty "Yeeted"

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    81. Olivia Moose

      I bet this will be as shallow, lackluster and broken as the first one, missing anything resembling a good..."endgame." Having you grind the same few dozen missions over and over. Fighting super bullet spongey enemies that make you want to rip your pubes out. Running through a massive city that is super fucking empty, with bullshit collectibles, that give you some exposition you don't give a fuck about. With some launch exclusive dlc. Some post dlc that'll make you wish you could go back in time and castrate your father so you'd never be born. Along side pay to win lootcrates. I have no faith in this title, which sucks, because at first, I liked division and then learned to hate it. And I feel, they learned almost nothing with this. I guess I'll just wait and see how it is when people begin to review it. But I have no faith. Just my opinion.

    82. Dyusha_number_1

      Ok so In Russia we almost hate the first division, but im gonna buy the sexond part, its pretty funny

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      Anyonee else got lucky to play the private Beta?

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      Wait you have to buy the game? i've played it and i haven't pre-orded it at all, lol.

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