When a Rainbow Six Siege Champion Plays Nokk


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    GUYS I am TOTALLY a Champion in Rainbow Six Siege, I TOTALLY pushed through a sea of hackers just to get a fancy icon at the end of the season I SWEAR....
    In reality, this is just a fun Rainbow Six Siege Montage, not really like that needs an update...
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    🎵 Music:
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD OST - Forsaken Fortress
    Mario Kart Wii OST - Coconut Mall [Qumu Remix]
    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time OST - Kokiri Forest
    Animal Crossing New Horizons OST - Main Theme
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 4 Turtles in Time OST - Sewer Surfin
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD OST - Outset Island
    Stardew Valley OST - Summer (Natures Crescendo)
    Animal Crossing OST - Tom Nook Theme
    Johannes Bornlöf - The Division 3
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD OST - Inside The Pirate Ship
    Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number OST - Divide
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
    ► Your Brain: bit.ly/2JETObQ
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Only Real Champions can SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON ON THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Jack Culver

        Not a champ

      2. Michael Burbidge

        I'm gold so

      3. Sanga Vespa

        Only real champions get spawn peeked by Chanka's pistol.

      4. MaxxPflegel

        Omg 9:15 I FUCKING HATE THE DOORFRAME BUG. How can it be that fucking grenades just dont follow the laws of physics in r6, its so dumb. FIX IT UBISOFT ITS ANNOYING AS FUCK

      5. ItzBrokenHeart

        Then i wont

    2. Waxy .:.:.

      I'm Scandinavian too I'm from finland

    3. LEGO Mussolini

      Yes I say NÖKK too

    4. Santiago Correa

      3:52 *CLOAK ENGAGED*

    5. Hernandez Sosa Diego

      Buenas noches :D

    6. Wasabi Con Crema

      12:34 song? pls

    7. 3 B D O

      What do u mean in 7:31 ? This is not good bro.. nah just jooking ur the best

    8. KONTИ

      12:30 - Пи.... ДАРАС!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Liliana Carrasco


    10. overs1ze6k

      Buenas noches

    11. I play apex

      When I heard the kokiri forest theme I started hearing calebcity start singing

    12. toxicredbird

      What if you play blackbeard but dont use his shirld

    13. lara molina

      2:03 hahahaha buenas noches

    14. Jae Fxreign

      Nøkk can catch it

    15. Fakr76

      90 283 help for bikinibodhi

    16. Killian Kelloniemi

      Say fan helve*e

    17. Nu se cómo se escribe X00X

      Eres un mentiroso bikini

    18. MayerHo

      12:05 Chat really???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    19. Murray Gecko

      7:54 I snuck under the kitchen like the kid trying to a to the cookie jar

    20. Enes Özateş

      5:14 R u playing minecraft? İ like ya cut g

    21. Enes Özateş

      5:14 R u playing minecraft? İ like ya cut g

    22. Trotzkopp 09


    23. Secret _Retr0cz


    24. Leon88Gamer

      2:04 not bad your Spanish buen video

    25. Panos Gamer461gr

      Hey Blackbeard is good i got ace with him

    26. Jack Culver

      Look at the chat at 12:05

    27. Nicolas Koppel

      which country norway,denmark or sweden

    28. Karma


    29. Andrew Gann

      Thank u for the name clarification

    30. Aiden Fairbairn

      I love knøkk

    31. I

      So are you from norway then?

    32. Emil

      NÖCC är da chaddest Nöff

    33. Counter Iceage Baby Intelligence Unit

      Nøkk is my attack main. Also whoever plays Nøkk without suppressor on both guns shall perish with the weak.

    34. Constantin Brouillard

      Me: “Can we get black ice?” Mom: “We already have black ice at home.” Black ice at home: *Every weapon skin bikini has*

    35. Yisu Z

      No entiendo el por qué habla español?😂

    36. Panasone J


    37. Storm Trooper Tk-8572

      Nobody: R6 Chat: 12:05

    38. Screaming Enderhawk


    39. Patrik L.

      The TikTokers will understand: Coochie man



    41. AZyAzy lol

      NOKK remind me of Kruger from Modern Warfare

    42. Mr. Massacre

      spooky woman can appear anytime she likes atleast I'd sleep warmly lol

    43. TheStoffar

      YES!!! Finally somebody who pronounces Nøkk correct! P.s (whispering) I’m Scandinavian too...

    44. Srgt Jönk

      8:21 I like how you slow it down and play sad music but then the clash is like “oh I have more”

    45. dominic holmes

      Song before Crab rave at the end?

    46. chase 456

      I never need to really use her power because literally almost no one checks cams because that's what happened every time I just use it whenever I go inside of a building just in case

    47. John Ix-Burris

      I gotta say, I love the Wind Waker Link noises whenever Bikini curses

    48. nav1tas

      What your edit program please reply 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    49. rata420 k

      Nunca pense que fuera hablar español

    50. elkuaskin

      El verdadero nombre del personaje nok es Krueger

    51. Ecliptic Equinox

      Did jäger actually get nerfed?

    52. William

      bikini: Denmark is trash Also bikini: Uses Danish operator

    53. Gendai_Ronin DGR

      Blitz mains when youre reloading: 0:12

    54. V4N4DIUM

      Buenas noches jajaja

    55. FarisDot2

      What if we give nokk the smg-12 instead of the 5.7 usg?

    56. ThatOneLeaf

      i only play blackbeard for the dmr if My Main Man Mav is taken by some asshole thinking hes better just because i lost a 1v4 and dying at 1v3 to a Cav holding the sweatiest angle like 5 miles from site

    57. Kancho Hancho

      mr juan deg

    58. memer chip

      Nøkk Is different breed

    59. flx

      Nöck 🤣

    60. Apollo

      Not even champion tho......

    61. Don't ask questions

      1:22 That has happened to me so much it’s not even funny, the most recent denied me an Ace

    62. crab with a knife

      Excuse me but since when the fuck is a .308 an elephant round

    63. Izayah Haynes

      I hate nokk i will update this comment in 6 months after playing nothing but nokk for 6 months

    64. Shadow747

      I love nokk too but Man her smg really needs a nerf, that thing is garbage

    65. UMR_vicho _

      buenas noches >:)

    66. SelvaticNxvo

      4:33 to 4:45 made me Juan digg

    67. HiHow AreeYaa

      Nøkk is just different 🥶🥶❌😈😈🙈

    68. Christopher Schaefer


    69. Christopher Schaefer

      “YEET” lmfaooo

    70. Mariam IsACat

      im iraqi and i approve about that suicide bombing it looked amazing wanna come in our team

    71. TheGreatGamer

      12:04 👀


      12:05 have you ever wonder what r6 pro plays talk about look at the chat

    73. Storm

      1:20 its a small indie company guys give them a break

    74. Benjamin Ogunlana

      0:42 Bikini just ended racism

    75. Spiritual Gnome

      I am also Scandinavia bror

    76. Yeeet Lazarbot

      1:20 that ela was shooting you without even looking

    77. Ümit Schaut zu

      7:32 to much bro

    78. Dylan Dalka

      I don’t understand how your good with her? You just dragged with her.

    79. HollowSoul _

      Stardew valley music, I respect it.

    80. walor kojtyła

      Anyone can tell me the name of the song in 9:20?

    81. Loogi Balloogi

      Honestly the nokk nokk is me thing was so wholesome

    82. ırz düşmanı şifu

      12:06 cool in game chat

    83. sebagimar

      ME Gusto el "buenas noches" algo de Español no va mal

    84. Antas

      Sneak peak at 12:03 in the chat

    85. Christian Moncada Canseco


    86. Marcus 281

      you just gotta love that Stardew Valley music in the background XD

    87. Pumkin Pyro

      I love bikinis spanisj

    88. nextgenstatus

      I love nokk

    89. MaximumGman

      12:04 look at chat

    90. MooseyJake

      5:47 that bass blast hits H A R D

    91. Dallas McCrary

      Kini I take offense to what u said about jeager hes just a boy that's been bullied and had things taken away from him

    92. Frankie McDermott

      All I'm gonna say is look at the chat at 12:03

    93. Bruce Lee

      You’re annoying

    94. Shawn Jacobson

      "I'm Scandinavian, I'm better at everything." Just said so casually lol, I love you man! I have Scandinavian blood, so does that mean I'm better at everything too?

    95. Blackberry - womp

      Nokk without accent is best Nokk

    96. Andrew Vega

      “Pornhub premium is free in France soo...

    97. Carson Wu

      you playing animal crossing? listen the bgm 03:55

    98. MrFox666

      What was the music at 7:33?