When Rainbow Six Siege REALLY Doesn't Like You


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    Rainbow Six Siege is really trying to mess with my strategy in this Alpha Pack Opening
    Wil I get any cosmetics for the new Operation Burnt Horizon Operators Mozzier & Gridlock before htye get a buff or nerf ...
    The answer is no, no I won't
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    Mounting LMG

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    1. Torben W


    2. Brian Brian


    3. Big BobBean

      When he said "Velvet Shell" I really felt that.

    4. Benyamin Saeidian

      3:08 song or video name plz

    5. chicken mag

      All my friends have black ice and i dont even have a fucking universal skin boi Edit: nvm you luck is worse

    6. Nathan Ally

      I got the danm rusty shotgun too

    7. Alan

      Ahuevo dinerito

    8. Jorge González

      I had my first Epic with level 100 :( i think i dont have luck

    9. Joshua Jordison

      Holy shit bikini I love that CAMRS legendary

    10. Animeusgudd Dufinshmurtz

      He gets more renown than skins

    11. hol horse

      Bruh I'm level 101 and still no black ice and you call yourself unlucky?

    12. hello btch, kak dela?

      Little angel mg

    13. scarz

      1:29 the legendary picture

    14. Ivan Su

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    15. SSGdigitdevil777

      This was a year ago and i just found it and have to say my first ever legendary in r6 was plasma pink i use it for every weapon

    16. Short Viewer

      You think rainbow hates you I’ve been playing sense operation health care and I don’t have a single legendary or black ice Btw I’m a bit late to the video

    17. Hamza Oyuna

      your have a problem

    18. David_de_ Muan

      When your last pack is kona and in a year you get corona

      1. Rych

        David_de_ Muan thats actually a good one lmao

    19. Fosoko 1

      I feel you like every friend just has so much luck on these but Im the only one who doesn't get good stuff

    20. karim yasser

      what legendary item that can be good?

    21. PurifiedYou

      This aged well

    22. Nice day

      I remember when I got plasma pink and didn't think it was good at all

    23. TheClownMan

      People are mad when they get a bad legendary I'm happy with what I get

    24. vynuul

      *v e l v e t s h e l l*

    25. Brodud

      I could go for that legendary jäger skin

    26. Taco Bell Food

      I saved 150 alpha packs and I got 6 legendaries all of them were charms

    27. plug rozetkovich

      братишкина забанили...

    28. unknown

      Marley gets an black ice: omg Bikinibodhi gets an black ice: 5:26

    29. Valdemirso

      5:26 [black ice] Bikini: Fuk U

    30. Operaatio

      Now i want a muffincke...

    31. The Manager

      I once got saved up 4 alpha packs and 3 of them were epic and one a common The 3 epics were charms ;-;

    32. Rhys Townson

      Least your not level 146 without a single black ice ;(

    33. RichDiamond

      At least you get a rarity over uncommon

    34. Magicx Note

      The halo song huahuahauhauaha

    35. Static6

      I got a black ice on the 3rd pack I opened

    36. Azan Azam

      Muffin cake was literally my first ever alpha pack cosmetic

    37. kia the gamer

      Mate i just had 81 chances of alpha pack then i got a common

    38. Mr Among us man


    39. Joas Vonkeman

      i have 900+ hours in the game and i have no legendaries and only 1 black ice for the p90

    40. mikeaz20

      "When rainbow REALLY hates you." Bitch, I have 700 elo cause I keep getting in games with Smurfs and even copper hackers.

    41. sisco juega 12

      Music 3:08

    42. Hornet clan

      Ah you didn't got what you need Velvet shell

    43. GooseR6

      I kinda opened 23 alpha packs and got 3 black ices😐I feel bad

    44. Veynom SW

      Make "Velvet Shell" great again.

    45. HUNK Codename

      Me getting 1 alpha pack with my 9-10 skins UBI & Alpha pack: DUPLICATE

    46. Smokes Canister

      Im saving up for 7.2 million renown so i can get 2000 packs+ whatever ive saved im on 75k rn wish me luck guys😂😂😂

    47. Robko

      My third pack was plasma pink, no joke, for real

    48. Ethan Geis

      Anyone know the name of the song that starts at 4:28

    49. alpha wolf212

      I found it funny how he got a black ice and then just said the f word XD

    50. Will Scott

      Hate to trigger you bikinibohi the other day I was getting some packs 1st pack black ice super90 2nd legendary charm (big sad) 3rd black ice smg11 4th SG-CQB Gign and lion shotty

    51. la Volpe

      Nello stesso momento in cui ho visto sto video, ho trovato plasma viola

    52. Lumbarimp

      You got an epic pack! Put it in your spoils bag!

    53. Lorenzo Omodei

      You seriously wrote fifthteen and sixthteen

    54. Ibishu. Drive

      Why bodhi hates Operation velvet shell

    55. Aidan Bassett

      You wanna be me I get so many black ice dup cause I have every one

    56. A Python

      My friend is level 7 the first two alpha packs he opened were black ice for the SASG and the MP7

    57. Lonely Apple

      Next up

    58. ElitexEJK


    59. stefano carrara

      4:37 😂

    60. Purple.

      Damn I have so much black ice I’m basically sleeping with the entire Ubisoft office

    61. Old Raccoon

      4:23 PiMP.5

    62. Justin Green

      I like how he's pissed and all you hear is .sans. in the backround

    63. SMmania123

      Velvet Shell is now legal... FILL HER UP BOIS XD

    64. SMmania123

      18 Velvet Shell skins jezus that's as old as me XD

    65. SMmania123

      17 Velvet Shell skins on repeat JEZUS man

    66. XXxXxXxX

      I understand how hard this is for one skin that even I want

    67. I̸c̴y̶w̵a̸v̶e̴

      Its funny when neptune comes up as i and it says something

    68. J4cØ Mineak 2¡m0


    69. YustInTime

      Is this my life?

    70. ヌーメド

      i got 2 legendarys in a row... 1. fuze helmet (trash) 2. cat paws charm (also fucking trash)

    71. Sauxcy

      1:33 WHATE FAK

    72. Makai Mireles

      Those are 4 black ice I don’t have so Stop complaining for your finka main ass

    73. Ethevillager


    74. Miguel antonio Cardoso

      eeeeeeeee eeeeeee eeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeee eee

    75. Sophia Er

      i hate how can a person be so god damn lucky i only get gray i'm not lying bro :( heart pain

    76. VictoriousKey

      My buddy got the middle finger charm. He knows the game hates him.

    77. CHIRON

      R6 is a very rewarding game

    78. Winston Nguyen

      Face reaction would be great

    79. I GET MONEY

      And got no black ice

    80. I GET MONEY

      It’s hard to believe but true I recorded it ;(

    81. I GET MONEY

      Rainbow six siege hates me I’ve gotten 102 commons and 10 blues outta 112 alpha packs 😭

    82. Sage.-

      I got plasma pink on my first alpha pack muhahahaha

    83. Stone Mercil

      I love the banjo and kazooie muisic

    84. Joo o

      so anyone not gonna talk about that middle poll won?

    85. 会長全国スーモ団体


    86. Crafter Blox

      With every patreon supporter, his depression lessens Be a patreon supporter to let bikini cope with his depression 1 patreon supporter= -2000 Depression

    87. Hi

      Im level 150 with no black ice

    88. Will Hansen

      little does he no he became a finka main

    89. biisti

      Hey was wolfy talking about last farewell when "u had meeting"

    90. Tedericka

      At this point his entire channel is going to be a legend of zelda sound effect

    91. YourSpectre

      when you get a legendary but its faded leather

    92. MorningCoffee

      Plasma pink was my first Pack

    93. Davide Fanton


    94. da shroom

      *fugitive theme starts playing Ah, I see, a fellow man of culture

    95. Ceo of cat

      me when i get a purple only pack i get SHIT 5:26

    96. TWlST Ghost

      Nobody: BikiniBodhi: SiXtHtEeN

    97. E we

      JOBOIA owob

    98. Tim Duffy

      This makes me sad bc I have plasma pink. Feels bad!

    99. That Dude


    100. All Magnus

      my buddy just got the game and on his first alpha pack he got a black ice LIKE WTAF