When Rainbow Six Siege Players Get Their Hands on Dying Light...


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    Honestly, I would've not been against making a Dying Light video, regardless if I got paid for it or not, Dying Light is such an incredible game and I CANNOT wait for Dying Light 2, and that's my little Dying Light review, it's THAT good.
    So today we are taking a quick break from Rainbow Six Siege in order to play some DYING LIGHT!
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    🎵 Music:
    The Legend of Zelda The Ocarina of Time OST - Kokiri Forest
    Stardew Valley OST - Summer (Natures Crescendo)
    Pokémon X & Y OST - Route 1
    Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games OST - Bob-omb Battlefield
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Windfall Island
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Outback Safari
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Please consider checking out Dying Light if you haven't, it's such an amazing game wehy.pe/151/wehypeit I'm so happy I can do sponsored videos on great games instead of shitty mobile games

      1. Shrek The Ogro

        You do know there are zombie children on that game that scream at you and you have to cuddle and then snap there neck because its the scariest thing in that game in dying light 2 they have said they will bow make the children chase you 😂 missed a good clip if u showed little campaign when u run into one in the sewers and have to face one 😂

      2. POL boy

        Spóżniłeś się tak pół dekady deklu

      3. Rokas B

        Dying light had Oryx before r6...

      4. Drifted Aqua

        You did the forbidden, you hearted your own comment.

      5. Crispymarsgaming Games n more

        BikiniBodhi what was that karlson vibe about buddy

    2. Beige Gaming

      lolwut? Any good singleplayer game? Try doing that with a game with a good story and watch it crumble

    3. Mai_

      Kini do another video of dying light plz

    4. Neon R6S

      2:22 It was at this moment that he knew,he F up

    5. Kanal przeniesiony

      Thats how sponsored video have too look

    6. Igor Cieślak

      u know dying light is polish game?

    7. Hayden Grange

      I have been playing dying light for as i can remember and i can already tell you that the first clip i saw is something more imaginative and cool than i have seen any body who has played dying light do before

    8. it's me IZI

      this game is drunk becose this game from Poland (I from Poland)

    9. Janeczekczapla

      Who has 250 legend lvl in DL ?

    10. You Suck

      Kino: you should play this Game Every person in Germany: am I joke to you

    11. Sans

      Bikini play in the polish language please

    12. Agent Delta

      Just wait until they find the Mario level

    13. Yankee with no Brim

      Love this video, really like having different types of content. Keep it up.

    14. Terco9890

      How about some zombie invation footage

    15. ciddi emoji

      I am so happy because dying light is in turkey Even my name is in the game (its kaan)

    16. derpmaninfinit e

      Bruh the Carlson vibe in the background

    17. Awptist

      And Here we are still waiting for dying light 2

      1. Fire Catcher

        its out, just not on pc and it pisses me off

    18. Pan Lusterko

      Kini: found electric shield-*I'm the clash* Entire dying light community: he's too dangerous to be left alive!

    19. DevChriiis

      00:15 omg he is using danis music video

      1. DevChriiis

        If you want so search it, search for: Dani Karlson Vibes

    20. Todd NELSON

      0:44 They tried this with fallout 76 and I’m sure that anyone that has played it agrees that this isn’t always the case ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    21. WubNubDubs


    22. Noviex

      Didn't even do be the zombie smh... typical.

    23. Pizza Petezza

      Those Volatiles tho.

    24. Asian_Canadian

      I see that you used Karlsonvibe in the Intro you madman of culture

    25. Gavin Silk

      Feelin that stardew valley background music 😂

    26. Marufa Hussein

      It's better then rainbow six siege.

    27. Lostpizza

      Bikini - if you haven't played it PLAY IT. ME LAUGH'S AT MY 1200 HOURS PLAYTIME


      No one gon comment on the stardew music

    29. สรวิชญ์ ศรีชัย

      2:19 incoming!!!!!!

    30. Sami Jasharoski

      This was so fun to watch! I hate that it's a SPONSORED video and that they're not gonna do more


      use we mode on dying , its really funny

    32. Doggomin


    33. Lucia Sev

      Do more dying light vids PLEASE

    34. Trey Martin

      I love the Legend of Zelda noises do much XD

    35. Kyle Crane

      Made in Poland

    36. Potato Lover

      Did I just see... K A R L S O N V I B E?

    37. Sr Jackou

      Its my second favorite game

    38. Dimitris Yolo MVP

      Have you ever wondered about Mina survivor points on dying light here u go explode your friends

    39. Edward E. White

      I have 3965 hrs on it.

    40. Edward Smith

      If only they got explosive arrows

    41. MnicTheSheriff

      2:41 clash wants her shield back

    42. Devyn Ayala


    43. Devyn Ayala

      I've had it for 5 tests

    44. Enrico Stangherlin

      7:51 Oryx are you?

    45. SpoopySouls

      When Bikini runs out of content

    46. Random Person

      any game is fun when you got friends to play it with lmao

    47. Mace Windu

      I want to see bikini play fallout 4 or something


      will you record the gameplay of dying light 2?

    49. Gampex HD

      This video is so trash

    50. WeebGod24

      6:20 im dutch too🤣

    51. Ser vivo

      Dying Light ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    52. Logan Gilley

      Anyone remember that bikinibodhi got shot in the face by LORD tachanka (theRussianbadger) in team t-pain li’l yachtey

    53. Wood Man


    54. Kaleb the cool kig

      July 2020

    55. Dijital Şafak

      0:14 İs that... KARLSON VIBE!?

    56. Miecio The Rock

      r u from milk gang?

    57. PR Sombra PR

      hello bikini what sound is it you wear when people run

    58. Fake Echo

      Chances he never played it again

    59. Jack Hooker

      Now thats epic

    60. Toxic_420Justin

      In Germany we cant Play dying light

    61. Josef Puntschuh

      Does this also run on 60fps on a not very good laptop?

    62. Fabtrax

      How did you find ash acog?

    63. Carnag3Mast3r

      Oh no no no

    64. kaSzi 23

      Bikini plz play with me

    65. Silence The Ghost

      I think there would have been more explosions if they found out about the land mines (pretty sure they did but idk)

    66. Rooftopper

      I own the ign BikiniBodhi in Minecraft

    67. Migale Melodiam


    68. Kalen Yang

      Ello everybohdi*

    69. PyroCozmic

      Barely any of bikini bodhi's fans know about dying light

    70. alex mason

      fuck yeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss i love this gameeeee


      Bikini looks like my dead uncle who died while escaping from the police in sweden

    72. Kyle Teo

      Play more siege with fraser, i love him

    73. Stanislav Možarovskij

      0:13 Karlson Vibe in backround

    74. Scripty

      Yo i love your voice no homo

    75. Adam Dot Com

      Can you please protest to Ubisoft to bring back the old Hereford base permanently like you did with the bosg acog

    76. Alfie McBryer

      Me wakes what should I do today ah yes blow my friends up in a video game

    77. Cursed Monster

      I want to Play Dying Light with my friends too, But i life in Germany and in germany you can`t buy Dying light

    78. NemoZi

      Hey bikini is that normal dying light or the followibg

    79. Sewagrid MNDS

      Yet you've never played Be The Zombie mode. Let me tell you, you outta do this. This mode basically kept the game alive for so long.

    80. Zinoc

      Don’t Forget To Get The BikiniBohdi YouTooz

    81. carlos emiliano granados lozoya

      bikini thanks for the video i was amazed of the change of contennt but your videos made laugh a lot also your techniches help me to get better at siegue

    82. Boi

      I am pro at dying light

    83. Rayzer

      I need the Code for Ps4 but i cant use it

    84. My diet dr kelp???

      Bruh, I just got dying light (finally), and now it seems like everyone is playing it now. : D

    85. Death angel

      If y’all think he’s nice look at his Twitter he mad dat siege is becoming aids so he’s just tryna shit on other games 😂

    86. Fed Boy

      I’m pre liking this video because I love dying light

    87. Julian Valdivia

      Can you please upload more

    88. Trenton TINSLEY

      #Docthreespeed (make it happen)

    89. Dark Fox

      Cries in German Laughs in VPN

    90. itsJacoob

      i got aids from playing the campaign cause it was “too hard” but mainly im a casual bitch

    91. Christian Froude

      This is great. Would love more.

    92. the_gaming_pros

      I actually played dying light 2 months ago and its actually decent and bit realistic.

    93. Leegyn Tv

      Hey @bikinibodhi: if u ran into a kid that was a older age that sounds like a 5 yr old in rainbow six siege would u make fun of them cause u have a deeper voice or would u talk with the kid and not make fun of them like the rest because I ran into a situation but I was the person who was 15 yrs old but Sounded like a 10 yr old and I get made fun of for it I ask this cause I want to know what u would do in a situation like me

    94. BoundedPower

      gamin lemon vibes

    95. xDehst

      "Shut up you don't have a defense"

    96. Sonicob HD

      best game

    97. Justtt Noah


    98. Bold-Wan Kenobi

      How the hell is this monetized

    99. Ksc

      Kini: oje of my fav games Me: oh no, raid shadow, not again Kini: dying light Me: pikachu surprised face

    100. Theo Rodriguez Ancona

      10:14 is that oryx animation?