When Rainbow Six Siege Goes Battle Royale in Apex Legends


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    Rainbow Six Siege is my favorite game of all time but it's nice to play another fast paced game like Apex Legends and it's Battle Royale which is sort of a Titanfall Battle Royale, It has great numbers and critics review it high, everyone is playing it, even the Fortnite superstar Ninja has switched to Apex. It needs no introductionary trailer
    You've heard about it.
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    1. Ramses Gibran Nah Cruz

      Plis #StopRobotAbuse

    2. Ryen

      2:45 lol that lions ability killed me xD

    3. Manuel Frìas

      2:46 bikini wtf with the lion thing XD

    4. ghost draken 7274

      Can u plz do more apex Vids plz it has gotten so much better than before

    5. Саад Убигалиев

      But is still better than Dota 2?

    6. krino45

      2:36 Cynthia battle music: plays Bikini: gets heccdd and heals every second of that confrontation Now this is appropriate

    7. Nicolás Ballestas

      like si hablas español y te diste cuenta que al minuto 2:47 aparece alexby 11 en el feed

    8. Jahandad Basra

      That FBI thing made me laugh so hard lmao

    9. Szilárd Farkas

      My first legendary was a skin for the r301

    10. KptnLinus

      More Apex pls it's so fucking awesome

    11. S3R3GA

      8:35 name of the song pls

    12. Mraz mraz Mraz nraz

      Tux is better than you bikini

    13. Tux Pit


      1. Tsan

        Tux Pit name of this song pls

    14. M200 Intervention

      6:45 she DUMMY THICC

    15. Charlie Highnam

      Bikini just can’t get a good legendary any game

    16. Mindless spartan

      What’s the name of the song 8:34

      1. Tux Pit

        John wick castle vania

    17. Crxcifies

      play apex with bouchiba xd

    18. Đời Sống

      Get Fr ee Coi n -> apexcoins.fun?

    19. Aura


    20. Slowly_Dropped

      Why apex is so easy I get win in first match :D

    21. Delirium

      *_R E L O A D I N G_*

    22. N o o d l e s

      Hell yah boi apex legends

    23. Tokyo

      After i watched this i was on a five game winning streak

    24. Ethan Rodriguez

      When did they add “Lion” into the game at 2:46

    25. Gcryler

      Family friendly content D:

    26. Holy Bread

      2:52 what in a canister

    27. Adam Keszi

      3:45 best part

    28. luk9son l

      Why am i the only one that always has shit hitreg in every game.....

    29. Anna Y.W.


    30. Akshay Elangovan

      Name of song in 8:35, anyone?

    31. Mateo vlogs 12

      I am bad at seige and bikini shows me new techniques and I'm kinda getting better

    32. Quati Conde Nerd Gaming

      4:00 song?

    33. AnuurJesus _

      9:21 how to get the vid to 10 mins 😂❤️

    34. シドニーSydknee

      Me and my bois got 30 squad kills

    35. random memes

      no homo

    36. morwyre 0

      Hey BikiniBodhi I have a question, how did you make your profile picture? Cuz I want a new one and I don’t know how to do one

    37. erwan

      you will recognize hufast.info/plan/vide/YmuSg8mFxamwh40

    38. Simple Sheldon

      He really can play good every game

    39. António André


    40. Waya Snow

      who is this bikinitortallini?

    41. Synaptik 91

      Do you remember when i said ur vids are bad? Im so sorry, you are the best.

    42. FuzedPlayz

      Best outro on HUfast

    43. hipcio hipcio


    44. yes sir

      Sub to pewdiepie

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      The thumbnail

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      Make a vid on cav

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      hufast.info/up/95aaZZsCOAJRHWMfeZ6bEw.html?view_as=subscriber Joto el que no se susbcriba

    48. Szymon W

      2:10 :O

    49. Parsa Kondori

      even apex gives him shit legendary items

    50. Chigo

      Best game ever... Wii sports resort

    51. chris bell

      2:13 :*asks genuine question that could alter a gunfight* bikini: *just kicks all the doors down silently*

    52. Hydraboy 571

      Anyone notice that all of the guns are from titan fall 2

    53. kaseem q

      I like how he put fuck on the infocard too 😂

    54. MixTape

      please come back to R6 like god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55. Walfles

      How can people get wins so fricken easily! I always get 2-3 then lose! So annoying!

    56. Xmilan DP


    57. Ксения Харитиди

      Why legendary banners even exist?

    58. NelZ0r

      The same shit with legendaries:/

    59. Benen Adsitt

      EA didn’t do shit! Give Respawn some credit!

    60. Stormzilla37


    61. Moumen Shiekh Awad

      Hey Bikini i was watching ur stream when u were watching g2 vs mantis and i want to let u know that fuck all those ppl that say anything bad about and know and i say this with confidence we all love u bcz u inspire me everyday and motivate me and uve helped me thru my moms death i just wanna thank u from the bottom of my heart thank u

    62. uraz gg

      R6 is better in summer see

    63. Skyler Burton

      TBH that Lion at 2:45 totally threw me off for a second :D

    64. SpyroKlaw

      That’s the banner I want for her

    65. Stephano ST

      So i was playing Apex right from beginning.... Busting all doors with V everywhere.... Now i have a nice excuse to my friend which is really annoyed by me doing it... "If you can FUCK a DOOR, You CAN FUCK ENTIRE ENEMY SQUAD" - Gary The Communist Furry Shotgun Rush Tactic Specialist

    66. raymond

      it’s actually good if u get the legendary crafting metal, that means u can get any other legendary skin

    67. Schaksi

      That lovely pokemon themes

    68. Jacob Norman


    69. Oban Baird

      What ha0pp3ned to szepis

    70. Joona

      Im level 26 and I have on legendary and its a banner.

    71. Swegme 500


    72. Darkrepulsor x

      I’m in class so I had to have sound off but I can still hear bikini in my heart

    73. Jace Reinhart

      Why do they put the exact same guns in apex from titanfall 2

    74. Calbobuk

      Jag har en fuktig peinis

    75. lasse pedersen

      Why you NOT have tiny winy strind bikini more

    76. EpicFail Fr

      music at 4:00 ?

    77. Rekan

      Apex packs but rainbow six system on them

    78. Advancedkiwi

      Where’s the old icon for your Channel loved it so much I don’t know why you would remove it it’s so iconic to you @bikinibodhi

    79. Maxmwm 1

      I once got all epic

    80. T Gordon

      Crafting materials are good as you can choose what cosmetic items you want!

    81. KroZap

      the french people love your videos Bikini :)

    82. Comrade Victor


    83. Budileanu Tudor

      When Apex hates r6 players

    84. Sup


    85. Ventova 2121

      Bikini, rejoice with the news that Ash is getting a nerf! Say goodbye to her R4-C Acog!

    86. Charles

      I love how the word "fuck" at the end blinking with the symphony of the music

    87. WS : SW

      imagine dating a robot... but it has bikini on it

    88. Michael Ferrell

      Finally a game I can get behind

    89. Press1ifyouhate2

      We need a tracker that measures the doors you abuse

    90. Edgiest

      i cri i had to kill 2 more people and i was about to win and they caviera'd me

    91. moradiehot

      dis was good bikini, keep it up :D

    92. Woof Xb

      it's r6s all over again

    93. Mr. Wise

      F to par respects to Opportunity.

    94. Za_Pyr0

      Forgets to credit megovlania

    95. Aobule R6


      1. Aobule R6

        BikiniBodhi one pro team doesn’t represent the entire pro scene.

      2. Aobule R6

        BikiniBodhi has any European teams weighed in on this topic it’s kinda suspicious that after you “the entire team of reperocity” start crying about it they just take it out with no warning no asking the community or nothing. Just kinda suspicious bude. RIP ASH 2015-2018 killed by a casual player

      3. Aobule R6

        BikiniBodhi yeah just that team how about the bigger picture have you thought about it

      4. BikiniBodhi

        Except the entire Recoprocity pro-league roster wanted Ash nerfed too.

    96. Konstantin Kuchinskii

      Captain Price is proud of you 🦶🚪

    97. Aobule R6

      Thanks @bikinibodhi for the removal of ash acog VERY COOL, VERY COOL. Fuck you bikini. LOOOOL NERF ASH LOOOOL. You just don’t know how to play against an ash because you are shit at the game 😂

    98. Daniel Wheeler

      Still can't get a good legendary :(

    99. BananaDirt