When Rainbow Six Siege Gets REALLY Crazy...


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    Is there such a thing as Strategy in Rainbow Six Siege especially now in Operation Brunt Horizon
    Well maybe but in this montage we're taking Siege and the new ops Mozzie & Gridlock to the test to see how Crazy it gets
    Rainbow is Magic was amazing, please give it back :(
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      1. Pierce O'Brien

        Bohdi: giraffe! Everyone watching: TF!?!

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        2:40 THEY said your not famous

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        BikiniBodhi HOW DO YOU DO THE CINEMATIC MODE ???

      5. Wayne Pomilio

        Love the kokori music from OOT (ocarina of Time)

    2. GD Alexxiz34

      1:48 What button do I have to press to do that?

    3. Michal Špisár

      make a petition for ubi to put a captain hat smoke headgear into the game

    4. TrulyImpossible

      4:03 that transition tho oml

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      Hola señorita yo hablo español

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      Fanatik is French teams no? (I'm French)

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      That giraffe is pretty cool

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      Есть тут кто то из Снг

    10. Louis Choi

      When I say do a knife fight. I always get killed first, from enemy gun

    11. Duck Man?

      I have a peice of popcorn stuck in my tooth

    12. PunKing From Writer s Home

      03:03 You busted you was have an k1a and in the cinematic you have an bosg ?

    13. Jimmy Young

      I like your rhino its cute

    14. QueefMa Cheeks

      Y is Simpbird in the video

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      Что по русским ?🌚

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      Do user name is lemon por

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      And can I be in one of your videos

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      I’ve been watching a HUfast channel for a week and I have seen all of your videos

    19. sagzu sagzu

      When Is yogurt the giraffe coming back in a vid >:(

    20. KleberDK

      Hkw Vigil shoot sound like an BOSG when he is using the K14?

    21. Alt T

      Ela is thicc but bikini 1 year ago havent seen iana... HEHEHE

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      0:47 no that’s tux bird

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      7:31 Yt crashed lol

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      Ela = thick

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      this is not a jirafe this is a kangaro

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      das was for my coutry m8

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      Hold up is bikini using the K1A!?

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      .....giraffe? That's a fucking Otter.

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      this giraffe

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      1:41 how to do it

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      Coming To The Family Union Like 00:27

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      That’s a nice looking rhino

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      5:33 what song is that? Pls

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      Oooo men iloveu and your videos im Mexican

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      That's a really good looking girafe ya got there

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      I love all of the Legend of Zelda music, especially the kokiri Forest theme

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      5:00 floor hax?? 🤔🤔

    39. Bvlcony

      damn i miss old maps

    40. Nobunaga Oda

      1:00 did he genuinely forgot its a penguin and called it giraffe

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      I'm the only one who notice to his beatiful blue eyes

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    52. Kenan Keskin

      i loved that 8:50 payday detail lol

    53. Migliorigno

      Its funny cuz in italian AMEN VAFAAAAAN if the word completes with vaffan-culo it means fuck off

    54. dabengzhuan

      The first C4! I just laugued as the meme does!

    55. Blair M

      You did my heart good with the Pokémon Red Rescue Team OST at the end.

    56. Meme Machine

      5:37 when the piano plays the saddest song in existence (married life from the movie up)

    57. AidanWarrior

      Dude once I was in a firefight with nomad and had to reload so I just chucked a nitro cell at them and it WORKED

    58. veRs- over

      I know this is old but giraffe. I was laughing because I was thinking the same thing but it's a penguin

    59. Joseph Graziadei

      Oh la la teeny weeny string bikini

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      🦒 BITCH WTF!!

    61. Catnip Sniffer

      They HAVE TO make the Nomad Knife Fight into a game mode.

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      Everybody faps to ela

    65. Breanna

      Love the way your videos end!!! So cute :) it's so hard to find someone who has fun but yet can play siege very well! Thanks for letting us see your videos 🤘😊

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      My arm broker

    72. Victor B

      3:08 he has the K1A equipped but he shoots him with a BOSG?

      1. [Unintelligible]

        It's not a BOSG, it's just the GIGN shotgun with a vertical grip.

    73. Twitch Midori

      Fois t-shirt 😉 I say that because Im French 😉

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      I love chat at 2:40 -so this bikini guy is famous? -no -ah

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      1. S3R3GA

        Angel Ruiz thx

      2. Angel Ruiz

        On a custom match

      3. Angel Ruiz

        He recreates the scene to make it look better, he's sick

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