When Rainbow Six Siege Meets Minecraft.... Due Process?! 😲


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    Today we DON'T have a Rainbow Six Siege montage we are instead doing some Due Process Gameplay!
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    🎵 Music:
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      NEW SIEGE VIDEO ON THURSDAY! How are you liking this extra Due Process video? :)

      1. That one Eclipse

        Hey just a thought but we should go for #nomoreduplicates like we did with #bosgacog

      2. SSAdolfHitler

        tja bikini.. jag skulle vilja jävlas lite med mina vänner.... skulle du kunna tänka dig att lira någon costom r6s med mig mot mina vänner. skulle vara sjukt kul XD XD XD XD

      3. seher eker

        Where is the video

      4. Insanity

        i like this due process video and would love to see more :)

      5. J. Lanza

        where's our video

    2. Magic woosh6145

      When’s the last time kini did an Alfa pack opening

    3. EliteWolf

      anyone got context about the Malmö joke?

    4. TheRyderShotgun

      2:36 it wouldnt be a kini video if BB didnt randomly wallbang someone

    5. Dooder39

      Would love to see more of this game on your channel.

    6. Mahbub-E-Elahi Rizvee

      dont use rainbow six thumbnails for other video games.

    7. Daniel Álvarez

      how is anyone supposed to take seriously the drawing in the map of this game??

    8. LT _Viper

      This game looks so fun I wish it was on console

    9. Mark Sagas

      Maker of this game called GIANT ENEMY CRAB, I think it's your game too.

    10. Vibe inspector

      Is that g2 Fabian

    11. Pricewm5

      9:26 this is why u should watch this video

    12. claudio anjos

      I really like your r6 videos I don't have the game anymore I have fun watching your beautiful plays

    13. Budd

      It was really cool playing DP with ya Bodhi! Also it was fun watching my fellow League Mates getting murdered and murdering you ;)

    14. wasd

      Do more

    15. Quix Nix

      I wish they had the draw on map thing in siege

    16. 「GΔTΘ」

      I waited this game for SO MANY FUCKING YEARS😢

    17. Jackal See's you hiding

      Actually if the hotline Miami track did play this could be a fps version

    18. one tome plz

      Me shoots guy in the chest* My team: yea you blasted him with a 12 gage in the chest at 3 feet Ever one in the world: yea that was a blast that let out 5 gallons of blood R6: idk I don’t thing it was I and going to say no

    19. Filipe Soromenho


    20. Logan Martin

      Seige with doors and pps

    21. HAPPY Turnup

      Rubius music!!!!

    22. Justin Gonzalez

      I got notified about this a week later and after I watched it very nice

    23. NOT Kira


      1. Leevi Laukka

        From what? Don't say siege because this went into development before siege released

    24. NickMortuus

      I love minecraft

    25. TmZz-Ghost —

      If this game was on console I’ll play it more than r6

    26. mcmodderHD

      This game is no more on steam cause the publisher didnt want it to be :(

    27. Rosi Hernandez

      Bikini is the law

    28. Pedro Victor

      Bikini falando oi

    29. Klapp Stuhl

      No payday memes? :(

    30. Drake Perry

      Love the crash bandicoot music

    31. Quetly Gaid rahman

      please make video about montagne thank you

    32. Mariano Maza

      What happend to frazer or bouchiba

    33. christian lyons

      Yo since your the only one that ubisoft actually listens to can you make a video about the ddosing issue I got on to seige hoping to have a great season and I have been booted offline atleast 20 times so far and it's just making the game less and less enjoyable

    34. Some Guy

      5:11 why does this remind me of what I was doing during indoor recces one day

    35. Eduorm

      Love it when you put hotline miami soundtracks :D

    36. Ryuji Santinohartono

      You should do a collab with narcoleptic nugget

    37. Pac-man 3.0

      Do echo is op why ?? IS OP DO IT

    38. Ota-Ku

      It’s Friday bikini, where’s the new video?

    39. PX_Braguette

      Bikini the best HUfastr

    40. Thicc_boi_monty

      I switched from R6 too minecraft... twitch: thicc_boi_monty 😏

    41. xLoKs TiGeR

      omg rashbash music reminds me when i was a kid nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    42. James Saint-Surin

      I recognize the background noise from Roblox sound space hard difficulty sea shanty 2

    43. Cristian Hasnas

      Better graphics and this would be a triple a game

    44. Lucas Magera

      Bikini perm banned me for no reason the other day on twitch

    45. Aryan Garg

      I swear to god I love that EVERY BODHI

    46. Reaper Swords

      Can you make a #bosg3x movement

    47. Franz Huber

      Bikini you need to see this xD hufast.info/plan/vide/iYWZeqh6yJ2-m30

    48. anton ballach

      thats so cool !"!!!!!! more please

    49. Dylan Heaton

      What skin does bikini use in the first clip?

    50. Mathias. png

      If kini hearts this comment I will main nokk and clash for the next year and upload it to my HUfast channel

    51. Noterobrine 99

      This vid was posted 2 days ago, i rewatched it 3 times, and only *Now* HUfast gives me the notification for it?

    52. thebl4ckburn

      this game gonna be so good

    53. Kaiba4K

      I haven’t heard of serenity17 in so long

    54. Issa Seal



      So what you’re saying is my potato can play this

    56. Ducknadier

      This game dope af

    57. TheRedPenguin

      How much and where can I buy it?

      1. Leevi Laukka

        21€, 25$ and search "Due Process steam Page, or go to their own site and find the steam link

    58. TheRedPenguin

      This game has more realistic mechanics than siege... just shows the wrong path siege went down

    59. Kryztalz

      If you gift me the game i will play it, but ITS LITERALLY 21 DOLLARS I CANT AFFORD THAT

    60. :3 Eu LUCAS

      I love the video and the game but is a siege copy 😕

    61. el diabluras

      Hope the stronk man get laid soon

    62. Mehrab Kolibri

      what is game name?

    63. Preston Backwards_is_Alligator

      Does anyone know if this game is coming to console?

    64. Aske Nielsen

      pls plaay more of this. it was a great video :)

    65. !¡!¡!DRAAVTIZS!¡!¡!

      The game needs quite a bit of work but definitely has huge potential and I can’t wait to play this in a full release

    66. Gabe Koumaras

      Ngl I don’t typically comment on HUfast videos but I think this is a good exception. This game genuinely looks fun to play. I hope it gets released on Xbox soon!

    67. Saibot124

      I want a mobile version of the game

    68. HungryyTM

      You got unbanned big bot

    69. Eat water All day

      Imagine if this game had better graphics

    70. not a simp

      Is it free?

      1. Leevi Laukka

        Its 21 euros

    71. Waterflyer1

      Seems like bikini is slowly leaving the sinking ship

    72. BoD

      9;29 "Oh my god, that's a huge amount" cit. Every h girl

    73. Flicks

      Why is there runescape music in the background? Lol

    74. Adam Dayal

      Me: clicks this bcos bikini uploaded Also me: sees that it's not r6 Also also me: continues to watch till the end

    75. bobby crispy

      The game can have doors as long as they aren’t wooden doors

    76. Lazy Puppy

      Why are there so many d jokes in this video alone

    77. Octane

      Will it come out for Xbox at all?

      1. Leevi Laukka

        Maybe in time, but there is no estimated time

    78. Maceo Teyechea

      I love the siege vids, can you please go back but none to less great content

    79. Vadim Cheekibreek

      We cannot stop here We must fight For the bosg 3x scope

    80. Edward Tolson

      those people you're with are all like level 200+ wtf

    81. Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns

      Call it what it is, siege clone

      1. Leevi Laukka

        Do you think siege was the first 5v5 defend-attack game? Siege fanboi

    82. Flynn Baigrie

      U should do more vids like this where u try new games. :)

    83. Pablo

      I am the ripoff no me

    84. FirstNameBasis_

      This game looks cool! Wouldent mind seeing it again. Hell, wouldent mind seeing update videos on it

    85. Patches

      10/10 would watch again

    86. Musse

      Fabian speaking the truth !!

    87. Hentai Antagonist

      Is it just me who realized that they nazi salute when they nade?

    88. A'den Kyramud

      Game gives players the ability to visualize their approach plans The players: 🅱️ENIS

    89. Terlik63style

      When bikini made a trash game but hes gonna get a lot of players because hes famous

      1. Leevi Laukka


    90. Tajan Munoz

      Bro I remember seeing the early access to this game like 4 years ago

    91. Rik Johnen

      This looks like a lot of bikini fun for the future

    92. Sha Shumga


    93. Banana BOI

      This is what Siege should’ve been. Dark maps with night vision goggles. Doors. Maybe picking up ammo and weapons too...

    94. TechStomper

      Honestly this game looks sick as fuck

    95. Heart Aline

      This game is more tactical than rainbow six siege

    96. Aldoubidoche

      Why is there so many Hotline Miami music in this video, is it in the game or i'm just retarded ?

    97. Harry Potter


    98. Tonald Drumed

      3:10 Feeling Starts kickin

    99. Fireblow

      This looks incredible

    100. Nikolas

      Still more interesting than Valorant xD