When Rainbow Six Siege Becomes TOO TOXIC... ☠️☠️☠️


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    Rainbow Six Siege has launched the Operation Shadow Legacy in full force with the new Operator Zero, but let's take a look at how crazy the game has become
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      WISHLIST LAST FAREWELL: store.steampowered.com/app/1234240/Last_Farewell/ REVEALING RELEASE DATE NEXT SIEGE VIDEO! :D

      1. Daniel Sellers-Johnston

        Me a game theorist: WHERES THE LORE!?!!

      2. Braeden Ross

        Loving that trailer. Could be improved, but really good

      3. Hannelore Pretas

        Why does he promote this shit looking game? Can somebody please explain?

      4. Pedro De Miranda Haberbec


      5. gubrgames 2

        BRAZIL IS THE BEST🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇦🇴

    2. paradon kueasakul

      10.54 ost?

    3. Jeezy Gaming

      6:15 sound effect/song name?

    4. wiktor Jaworski

      6:18 from which game it was?

    5. Playing Canadian

      POV: you don’t know about you’re going to Brazil is a TF2 meme and you think he’s actually talking about Brazil the country

    6. Playing Canadian

      You’re going to Brazil thank you for the TF2 reference but where is the video?

    7. Vytlo

      I mean, he's got a point about Siege being a bad game

    8. PikaH4ck


    9. Théo Caliel

      Why Brazil , I'm brazilian

      1. _azuly _

        Entendo sua dor

    10. Broken Rider xD

      6:52 is not funny 😭😭

    11. Uddi Mosquinh4

      Brazil :)

    12. Out-_- Pikachu

      5:32 por que? Nao tem sentido sou brasileiro mas não entendi a faca, tem que ser uma bala perdida

    13. Michael Collins

      So your game is seven days to die cartoonier version

    14. Arukado __

      5:30 why Brazil???

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    16. shasta edwards-Adams

      Can you say right now Brylie is stupid

    17. Adam Uwais

      I hope I can play with you😁😁😁

    18. That one Dude

      I saw bikini vent

    19. BennytheFourth

      4:26 gotta be the best edit of the america fuck yeah song I've ever seen. "AMERICA... FUCK-" *dies*

    20. levi fields

      Love all the osrs music.

    21. Ninja RLK

      You are going to brazil, brazilians be like WHAT DID YOU SAY

      1. Ninja RLK

        You are going to brazil is like you are dead or you are going to hell?

    22. Neemias Camargo

      What is that joke about brazil?

    23. kgb wifi

      3:43 what is that sound effect

    24. Dimi K

      please i need your help help me get a specialized pc setup for the upcoming game development competition Fundraising with GoGetFunding

    25. Vincent Valentine

      Kini. : alda go bbrrrrrrr ..why does that make me laugh every fucking time

    26. Vincent Valentine

      Kini i wanted to let you know . There is a siege account on xbox named bikinis personal frost trap .

    27. Bruno Melo

      I loved the video and I'm am a brazilian :) COME TO ẞr∆$!l

    28. Simp Squad

      If you play ash i will kill make sure i spawn peak suck a noob character il rather play blackbeard

    29. Kahwull

      Come to Brasil

    30. rohit pal

      content made for children? yes lol

    31. Gokurex 776

      Mjkjmhmh Donmiwell

    32. Legend _

      5:30 aí não kkkkkkk

    33. Dæmon

      Is your game free?

    34. Dylan diedrich

      How the hell you know im in brazil???

    35. عبد الكريم اسماعيل

      can i play your game on console

    36. SsDa NS

      Я забаню тебя, если ты не будешь играть с кем, кто не русский, водка путин балалайка

    37. 2ndplaceplayer

      Bikini's game looks like a mobile game add

    38. one tome plz

      11:34 that’s quite big

    39. Jacob King

      2:10 if you wanna skip the ad

    40. Synix.

      Whenever Bikini Is mad, he activates “Speak Swedish” protocol

    41. Weepee

      Zero’s bald? That explains why he’s called Zero

    42. Dan Swope

      YO! that Hibana/LOTR skit killed me.

    43. SynthWave

      This is a Fnatic Member

    44. hay no Que horror

      Algún español

    45. Emil Piirinen

      Hej allihopa svenska här--->

    46. Ryuko Matoi

      Low key might get the game

    47. XOT BombZ

      Bikini but he teaches us swear words in polish

    48. Dabnauta

      10:34 (16ammo ) 10:36 (12 ammo) HOW?

    49. Davi Marques

      Im brazillian and I don't understand a little things can anyone tell me what have with the Brazil to has write "welcome to Brazil" please

    50. Joshua Young

      Ur game seems OK but can u add like idk armor so that ur charcter isn't in undies lol? Then itd be better in my book

    51. Jon Andreas

      4:25 that one killed me xD 10/10 edit

    52. Tobias Auno

      Can i join sometime my discord is Potatoe#3084 plz add me if u got time. I am good and want to show my skills to someone good

    53. Scooby Doobie Blu

      I absolutely lost my shit at the grapefruit technique 😂😂😂 laughed way harder than I should have

    54. ヾ『Divine』

      0:17 Seen so many Raid Shadow Legends Ads that my Brain automatically corrected it to Legends

    55. Snowie-chan

      "Going in kids" Yes officer, this man right here

    56. Peri Wakwaw

      4:33 why? 😂😂

    57. ARBUKY 343

      Siege isn’t that good, it’s ruined by the amount of ops you have to be weary of and the smurfs, cheaters, DDosers and etc

    58. Caio Malta Ferreira

      10:56 pq nos convocaram?

    59. Matteo Saluti

      Bro what a nostalgy🥰😭😭

    60. 50cal.

      Why is Brazil a meme latley?

    61. T_Fasty

      I don't even play R6S anymore, but I still watch bikini because it's fun :)

    62. Quetly Gaid rahman

      please make video about montagne thank you

    63. Tio Tachanka

      Why u buly we brazilians?

    64. Viola Lolis

      Nooo F for F2 ACOG

    65. Ventium Tactical

      0:12 Hello every bunny?

    66. Aci so uwu

      Why do I hate the music used at 6:18 so much

    67. park7170 park7170

      How does his gun in the wall bang with blitz start with 16 bullets but he shot once and had 12? I have ¿¿¿

    68. Ender Dragon

      Helllllo everybodhi

    69. バチコリ圭

      I am Japanese.

    70. Axelark AMG

      Everybody gangsta 'till 11:27

    71. Matt Lorah

      Video doesn’t actually start until 2:25

    72. Mattia Tartaglia

      "why is he bald"...ehm, splinter cell double agent's reference

    73. Jack McDonogh


    74. Randi Dev

      The squad : oWo *makes anime cute girls voice Bikini: I WANT TO DIE

    75. Im LightZ

      10:56 i from brazil :D

    76. Swirle13

      3:35 stardew valley music :D been obsessed lately so I recognized it instantly, otherwise it would've driven me crazy trying to remember where it was from haha

    77. Daily dose of meme's


    78. Ne0Oo

      0:28 I turned my phone

    79. ThaVezz Official

      Plz Bikini! More Uganda style videos! I just love those moments 😅 Drop Dah bombo mahn! 🤣🤣🤣

    80. Split.

      what do you use for editing?

    81. Shigekiyo Yangu

      I just got my first ever rank :) its silver 5 is that good?

    82. PingoJedi BR


    83. Shihabur Rahman

      Bikini I'm gonna be honest, your game looks pretty clunky to me. The character models, animation quality everything seems so unpolished. I know the game isn't finished yet but that trailer looks too boring. If you're making this game for a meme I guess it will work. If you're looking to make money or to have a active community then the game will need a lot more to offer because games of this genre are already dying.

    84. Mr. kaminho

      I'm brazilian and i dont speak english because i have 14

    85. SavRex 7

      What editing app do you use ???

    86. Chi Godd

      Couldn't handle i proved you wrong huh

    87. Sin Isters

      Yikes wtf is that thumbnail

    88. Maryam Asif

      Dead By Daylight or Rust

    89. ItzPDowg

      The bald Sam Fisher is from Splinter Cell Double Agent, back when the 360 first came out

    90. ImScoPoh

      Got a noti 4 days later lol

    91. dylan turner

      Show the kill camsss

    92. poopz

      your game is just dudes in their underwear running around............

    93. Victor Salcedo

      Kini your game sukks

    94. TheZiomBgamer

      Bikini, I love your videos and a new video series I would love to see you or other HUfastrs do is playing Siege in console with a controller, no MnK and getting a high rank

    95. DaddieExxotic

      honestly bikini's game is 100% my style, I love survival games like that, if anyone knows what unturned is, when I lived with my grandma, I played that game so much that the computer overheated and broke, so now I don't have a pc to play that game, but it looks really fun and I hope it's successful

    96. KayraTheKebab

      ey where is chowder?

    97. Swagata Mukherjee

      When r6 become so toxic ? Always been @_@

    98. SSneakeySam

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    99. ExoticBubbleGum

      Ah yes the new and improved Tesla truck optic😌10:14

    100. its Reiko

      4:26 we do not claim him