When Rainbow Six Siege Becomes TOO TOXIC... ☠️☠️☠️


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    Rainbow Six Siege has launched the Operation Shadow Legacy in full force with the new Operator Zero, but let's take a look at how crazy the game has become
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      WISHLIST LAST FAREWELL: store.steampowered.com/app/1234240/Last_Farewell/ REVEALING RELEASE DATE NEXT SIEGE VIDEO! :D

      1. Daniël Mook

        Hey bikini, quit question, is the translation of vafan really aw man wtf or is it god damnit because you and tanslate have a very different opinion =D

      2. Daniel Sellers-Johnston

        Me a game theorist: WHERES THE LORE!?!!

      3. Braeden Ross

        Loving that trailer. Could be improved, but really good

      4. Hannelore Pretas

        Why does he promote this shit looking game? Can somebody please explain?

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    2. ZxTempo MGR

      9:39 he called you a Degenerate

    3. Finzun

      Oh my God, the flashbacks when I saw bald Sam Fisher...

    4. Danielillo

      Well al least they are not hovering op bikes

    5. You ._.

      nothings more toxic than australian servers, i got told im the reason my parents split up :'D

    6. Super SirLoin

      god that zero headgear is disgusting

    7. Nico

      Dani worked realy more on the trailer but looking pretty gud

    8. Yuri Leury

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 5:31 bikini tu eh foda mano

    9. memile315

      I fucking looooooove that you take those amasing song from zelda and mario best title and runescape fucken mint

    10. wendell ._.

      5:28 Brasil YES YES

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      Are you from sweden

    21. Kinathor07

      5:45 Among Us

    22. sniperpro_0202

      Why would it be a pov? I'm in Brazil

    23. M Stjerning

      Only play the swedish op? Who's that? ACE is Norwegian, Nøkken is Danish.

    24. Nao Sei

      5:31 i'm from Brazil,you gonna love here :D

    25. Alessandro Arredondo

      7:10 kini playing BB? Shameless

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      Why are you in Brazil ?

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      биба и боба

    28. Eric Was The Name

      A men va faan!

    29. THE great aktzuu

      Who else wants to see bikini play his own game?

    30. Mrgopher1 7

      6:13 what’s the musico

    31. Vlad Nishchymenko

      8:34 Big Boss approve 👍

    32. Treeviq

      Är du svensk?

    33. Leon Wenning

      The better name for this video is: "When playing Rainbow Six Siege" or "90% of the Ubisoft Community"

    34. Crispy creamer

      That game farewell 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    35. Letss Goobie

      Siege was always toxic lmfao

    36. Mega _Blazeken

      5:30 im Brazilian, and i can say, its true

    37. Narcoleptic Ray

      Can somebody explain why that happen ? 4:20

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      holy fuck that ddlc ost hits hard

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      Бикини убил майку Алексея шевцова BOMJ

    42. the griva

      The boromir joke. Too soon

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      woww that game looks fire!!!!!

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    46. Lance

      Anyone here likes me?: hate being toxic but swears back when ppl start the fight. I normally mute the mic and chat of the toxic guy and then tk him

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    48. Brage Ohm

      Swedish siege players Norwegian Overwatch players They both know pain...

    49. Roberto Zecchetti

      Fuck the Real identity of that orc was hibana...poor boromir

    50. dytzinho

      a piada com o Brasil é um meme do TF2

    51. mohamed musi

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      10:36 kids after losing one round in ranked on pc:

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    74. Playing Canadian

      You’re going to Brazil thank you for the TF2 reference but where is the video?

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      I mean, he's got a point about Siege being a bad game

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        Entendo sua dor

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      please i need your help help me get a specialized pc setup for the upcoming game development competition Fundraising with GoGetFunding

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      Kini. : alda go bbrrrrrrr ..why does that make me laugh every fucking time

    94. Vincent Valentine

      Kini i wanted to let you know . There is a siege account on xbox named bikinis personal frost trap .

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