When TOXICITY Goes TOO FAR in Rainbow Six Siege


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    Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon is here with the new ops Mozzie & Gridlock there is a lot of strategy to these operators in order to use them well, as well as a tonne of fun strats while being toxic
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        Bikini you need to do a video where you get everyone to play football

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      Man, that chowderhead guy looks pretty toxic. He should get banned.

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      He said it, what a crazy son of a bitch he said it Kurwa

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    17. The R6S Shield Main

      actually, the most call of duty operator, is, Cãpitao. Reason: c r o s s b o w

    18. ohno

      how the hell do you get your tracking that good where you can shoot a whole my into a clashes back shield and not hurt her

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    34. It's Lu0s

      At least u r human, not like marley. That guy is a robot🤣

    35. LoBoToM81

      Would love to play with some ppl that would have ANY sense of humour and consider game a game.

    36. Bryan Ha

      When ur good buys it’s rly that ur playing quick match

      1. Vadim M

        Its called having fun

    37. The Greenpromethean M

      Bikini at 4:01 : whoosh you now have smol penor

    38. Russell Adler

      I clutch a 1v4 and my team just fucking votes me out

    39. Alexander Wang

      now i know where the toxic player learned their toxicity from

    40. Void

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    51. Andy Vega

      7:14 man dies by scariest thing that can happen to someone

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    96. quuuw

      please help i cant play r6 whenever I enter the game, it goes fine for like 5 min then it freezes(I could still hear the sound strangely) after that it just kicks me out of the game with no crash report.....please help

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        Yukimoto Reika I counted 999,999,999 kills during Rainbow 6:Siege, with 999,999,997 being men, and 2 being women, giving us a VERY blue pie chart.

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