Why Kapkan is Now OP in Rainbow Six Siege... 😲


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    In Todays Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy montage we are taking a step away from the new operator Zero and looking into the reinforcement pool and how it affects all the defense ops, mostly Kapkan & Maestro
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      WISHLIST "LAST FAREWELL": store.steampowered.com/app/1234240/Last_Farewell/

      1. Joshua Foster

        Wish list? You mean play?

      2. Feed Backing

        Dogs see in shades of Green.

      3. Poon Juice

        Ayy whats up coconut bro

      4. Kayra Altıparmak

        My crosshair red how can ı do green

      5. _tem4ik_

        Ахаха смешноУу!

    2. Deniz Kurtuluş

      Tf2 music in intro. LOVIN IT

    3. Thai and da Boyz

      Can I please have the kalinka music that you used plz

    4. MOSTAFA Feras

      0:11 @basically i do work

    5. Cloaker

      Someone got killed by a EDD

    6. Gabriel Esteves

      I love how he ises tmnt music

    7. Non binary

      kapkan elite skin is my all time favorite

    8. Steve Taranto

      Dogs don't see in black and white, thats misinformation

    9. Moonk3y

      2:24 in the news rooftop hatch rework

    10. edmarie aponte

      Red dot gang

    11. 3065 Gaming

      0:10 is that Marcel

    12. Igorusz

      Not bruddes,bratten!(if ya try to say brah at russia)XD

    13. NTS Ale21todi


    14. yogi re

      @Party487h9012 5:03 Just for the Boy's: 5:24

    15. Mousewithataser

      0:11 ive just noticed, is that basicallyidowrk?

    16. Selfish Rook

      Nice Stardew Valley music

    17. Ravenn0x

      We got some BasicallyIDoWrk audio in the beginning 0:10

    18. Luca Mallamaci

      1:19 is it just me or does the 1.5x scope look weird

    19. R3D_ B4RON

      4:00 my man kini went full pumped up kicks mode on

    20. The Tolick Mixser

      sorry what a joke "tearible" about?

    21. B. D.

      Part of the ship

    22. I’m Stupid

      Here’s some gameplay hufast.info/plan/vide/mYfZadxuu5m8lIU

    23. VerdeMorte

      Kapkan: Fallout 4 Laser Trigger Bomb Hall *Aruni: Resident Evil Laser Hall Death Trap*

    24. Ryuu Kisaragi

      12:24 causing me to laugh hard ngl WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW dude... that scream WWWWWWWWW

    25. 3 Kiskoscsi

      Stardew valley music

    26. Lord Nico05

      Dogs are not seen black and white

    27. The LightPost

      Any man who puts stardew valley music in their video deserves subs!

    28. Haider Karkamaz

      Basically shouting GET DOWN MR PRESIDENT is when i fell on the ground laughing 😂

    29. Array Knight

      Love the stardew valley and tf2 music you put in :3

    30. D. B.

      I love how family friendly his content is😂

    31. Xx_RED-eyes_-56

      I’m a kapkan main at heart the first time I ever played I used kapkan and now on my account my first black Ice was for kapkans 9x19 smg

    32. Pope potato

      I love how stardew valley music plays as you kill people

    33. Justus rodriguez

      Is it me or at 0:09 does that sound like basicallyidowork

    34. I

      Russia = op


      2:12 read the chat lol

    36. Cris0517 Plays

      5:08 screams in lost content

    37. Ja_ Fran

      0:25 su su suscribete y dale a like si quieres ni ni no ni no ni no ni no ni just ignore me...

    38. Wavestorm

      By the way I know nobody cares but my sister’s boyfriend got so many concussions that his red-green color blindness turned into grayscale! So all he sees is gray, black, and white.

    39. MuteTheOperator

      this fucking first seconds of forrest temple give me ptsd of not being able to find where the fuck i am XD

    40. Mr. Deranged

      i laugh everytime i hear Marcel's GET DOWN MR PRESIDENT

    41. SoulFyre Gaming

      I just saw a video abought you and know I click a random video and it’s the legend himself

    42. Sean Pacheco


    43. Maximiliano CdeBaca


    44. Eric L

      You kinda sounds like Happy feet 2 the bird that flys ( just think about it ) HAPPY FEET 2 was the shitttttt

    45. MultiTasker59

      I miss hearthstone

    46. Screaming Enderhawk

      Kap kan is the greatest boi

    47. Connor McCreary

      10:54- god is dead

    48. Alberto Salazar

      0:26 la rola de Elrubius xd



    50. Phoenix

      The new maestro is the ACS parcommander

    51. TBird

      Dogs don’t see in black and white tho. Humans have red blue yellow vision while dogs have only blue and yellow

    52. Sayonika

      2:21 nice doki doki literature club menu music

    53. @Emir@

      3:42 - Did not expect my favourite game in here

    54. Habib Henaine

      Bikini use the capcan and gollo

    55. Andrey GTV

      Like for berserk theme)))

    56. Christian Young

      I was a Kapkan main for the few months I’ve started, I never left him completely I would always go back to him when I got bored of my at the time main (especially when I got black ice for his gun) so me already KNOWING he’s OP this update was amazing. The reinforcement pool, the new 1.5 sight and no nerf makes him so much better compared to his already amazing self.

    57. Mister onsépatro

      I play kapkan when I don't know which op to pick

    58. rob vdwint

      Now I see, moste people get themself killed, because they want to be famous lol

    59. Schlopsker.mp5

      I’m happy he used “Intruder Alert” in the beginning

    60. the wolf studio

      4:33 This has happened to me before, Maestros secretly are under invisibility cloaks when crouched in a corner.

    61. Silent Sabre

      The basicallyidowrk clip at the start tho 😂

    62. Hayden Spears

      Anyone else hear the sabaton

    63. Uhsky

      I don't even play the game this is just entertaining

    64. TraskForge

      6:08 dogs actually see blue and yellow. Anything that isn't blue is yellow for them.

    65. Deepjams

      did everybody just forget about the fact that you can select random to get a random op without having to wait the timer out

    66. cat gaming

      bosg 3.0x

    67. Derick

      Hes not op hes just built different

    68. Dreyarde

      Because this shit here is clickbait

    69. Imtht Dude

      Can we all appreciate that he used a basicallyidowrk audio

    70. Kirito03060304gaming lol

      Youre all wrong dogs see the same as us bud they see a little bit less colour so youre wrong dogs dlnt see black and white

    71. Seb plays VR

      11:33 No f*** sweden

    72. Andrew Todd

      Kapkan might be op at lower levels of play but not higher levels. I've been diamond since skull rain and if you know how and where to push as a team he's useless

    73. Blistering Rain

      He’s literally a god in casual. Free damage trap, a laser SMG with the 1.5 with impacts or nitro cells and the best pistol? What’s not to love about him. I gave him a try this season and he’s just so fun to play.

      1. Blistering Rain

        Fuze is really good now and Tachanka getting reworked? If only glaz was good to rip

    74. Braandon M

      5:25 omfg this ost i love u bikini

    75. Kym Rach

      I'm a quarter Danish

    76. Fielding Fox

      10:30 this kill feed. Like... Uhhmmm

    77. FunnySkeleton

      Finally someone that realizes that maestro shotgun is a god, Especially now that it has both slugs and the 2x scope

    78. Fappy boi

      My dad is op

    79. cristian sandoval

      kapkan mains have no skill change my mind

    80. Dabnauta

      Kalinka remix oh yeah

    81. Fabian Gonzalez

      I really like this change, my defender mains are Kapkan and Mute so it's pretty helpful.

    82. Grandith

      umm, dogs don't see in black and white, they just see less colors than humans

    83. Souljay

      7:05 made me laugh way too hard

    84. Highheat03

      That basicallyidowrk voice clip had me dying

    85. Austerlitz On Blitz

      10:15 is that sabaton???

    86. NK

      omg the legend of zelda musiccc

    87. Jacob Jackson

      2:11 that was such a good play

    88. Monica Ruiz

      Me (A kapkan main): :D Also me: Wait people are going to pick him more now. D:

    89. tim mcdonald

      Is that...Stardew Valley music?

    90. The Lord

      Good job brat, least you're more useful now

    91. Husain Ad9

      Always has been

    92. DZN burrito

      I've been a kapkan main sense before blackbeard and valk came out, you can tell because I have a clip of me buying kap elite being so excited and and then eventually I got his black ice for ar and I freaked so yah 😆

    93. Ryan Linde

      Whoooo can kapcan

    94. Whoop

      So your the reason I keep running into Kapkan traps 24/7

    95. H3artz

      13:12 V I B E C H E C K

    96. A

      0:10 “MR.PRESIDENT GET DOWN!” -Basicallyidowrk

    97. Theactedarrow

      yes, there are people who see black and white, its called monochromacy.

    98. Monkey Bandit

      I feel like the best part of this content is the constant cut off screaming😂😂

    99. Flukezeug

      Wait, I thought Bikini was Danish 😲

    100. KcPir4te25

      When bikini said BARRELS I immediately thought of pewdiepie's amenisa lets play