Why Kapkan is Now OP in Rainbow Six Siege... 😲


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    In Todays Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy montage we are taking a step away from the new operator Zero and looking into the reinforcement pool and how it affects all the defense ops, mostly Kapkan & Maestro
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      WISHLIST "LAST FAREWELL": store.steampowered.com/app/1234240/Last_Farewell/

      1. Joshua Foster

        @Runic Warrior gonna give you up

      2. Runic Warrior


      3. Joshua Foster

        Wish list? You mean play?

      4. Feed Backing

        Dogs see in shades of Green.

      5. Poon Juice

        Ayy whats up coconut bro

    2. Scheila Hack

      Stop the "kap", stop the "kap" right now

    3. Toukhy 94

      Bruh bikinis laugh makes my day man ❤️❤️

    4. joe e

      kapkan is the only class that can actively clutch post-mortem

    5. Eric Nguyen


    6. Владислав Ступак

      I wanna hear this joke about a paper!

    7. Nathan

      6:16 Funniest part is he's wrong

    8. andrew voisine

      As a a Kaplan main who uses shotty thank you

    9. Pedro MC

      What attachments are u using on kapkan’s primary?

    10. n o

      Why kapkan is op? if the enemy team is dumb you can get a free ace *based on a true story*

    11. TROLL PLAY

      Bikini i can only see blacj and white and its not that fun😥

    12. Joao Pedro Gaio

      I listen hehe boy it’s a Brazilian meme,yes I am from Brazil

      1. Bielzinho Lima


    13. William McMaster

      Dogs don’t just see black and white lol

    14. Wamblingocean86

      I’m a kapkan main

    15. CatFor Games

      Nah lego Messtro is op

      1. CatFor Games

        Aka maestro

    16. Cnm Bb


    17. Alexander Smith

      RuneScape damage sound at 1:44?

    18. Skeletron chik

      interesting fact: kapkan (капкан) is a Russian word written in English letters, so kapkan (капкан) translates as a trap or traper

    19. Даня Марсов

      Калинка калинка калинка моя

    20. CyberYaga

      cringeeee comentry

    21. Márton Kölcsei

      6:14 Dogs arent fully colourblind. they cant see green and red only similar to bulls.

    22. The United States of America

      Just Monika

    23. Daniel Christie

      Now I can finally reinforce when all my team mates dont

    24. Martin Páv

      Nice team fortress 2 theme song lol

    25. sukyolol

      rubius song, reported

    26. ScaredHunter672 DED

      0:11 basciallyidowrk screaming get down mr president

    27. Rosalie Makarski

      The equable color retrospectively pour because north korea worrisomely divide toward a pale vegetable. shivering, utter trick

    28. Kinathor07

      3:58 It's me or that looks like a Call of Duty mission?

    29. Wille Boiii


    30. Amsyar_ Lahhh

      Wait,people don't really main kapkan?That's great since i just started on pc and he is my only defender op lmao.

    31. Jordan thomas

      Anyone else hear get down mr. President from basicallyidowrk?

    32. Gökhan Kadir Sancar

      3:57 Cod MW3 hidden breach scene

    33. Sir Prise


    34. FR4 LP

      10:15 Sabaton again. I am happy

    35. CarlJustine GUINTU

      He is and most frustrating operator in the game. It's like he's a half killing machine.

    36. Arzou Caillou

      I'm a frost main Before the pool : Place 2 walls, place sheild, place 3 traps What ubi think I need to do after the pool : place sheild, place 3 traps What actually hapens nowadays : place 10 walls because my team went roaming, place sheild, place traps that are usually kinda far away from the bomb site, do the rota with a shotgun and anchor alone.

    37. RiseOne

      All your videos be like "this op is op cause a champion gets kills with it". Stupid.

    38. Artic Hell

      8:18 music?

    39. xd G4L4Xy_DR4gn

      So I go from an ad about nightmares to an ad about flowers wtf

    40. Steve gast

      Dogs see yellow and blue

    41. Tiny2stary

      My friend a none rainbow player: thinking that HUfast's find bugs cause they play a lot Me: well actually

    42. Nobody Important

      Wait, Kapkan is OP? *cocks gun* Always has been. This message is sponsored by Kapkan mains

    43. PoisonousBadge

      Steals kills yet he still gets help

    44. Tokyoto

      Everything is op as long as you’re good 😂

    45. Bear

      I caught that shadow of war reference

    46. invincible cathoard

      praise the invincible wood

    47. SleepCiber gameplays

      this is the best video in the world I had to go to the bathroom laughing you have a new sub and a new fan keep it up 😊😊

    48. Bear Fam

      6:19 your politics bore me

    49. Anthony Gotzit 21

      Jesus Christ is king 🙏❤️

    50. Lazer

      Just imagine clash got a reworked in the next season ( ): that not gonna happen)

    51. Duck_Does_Games

      Head high traps... take it or leave it

    52. TheFallenLoveR7515

      *Barrels and Booshes* a siege short by Bikini

    53. Michal Kučera

      Me hears 2:20 Me hell no not this shit again

    54. Landon Myers

      Anyone else here right in the beginning BasicallyIdowrk say get down Mr. President from that Fortnite video when CourageJD was playing President and Marcel and the others were protecting him.

    55. Manly Man

      11:33 he says fuck Denmark 🇩🇰 and has the Swedish flag 🇸🇪 in the background

    56. pepega _

      i like ur videos beacause im pleb in r6s

    57. 김혜진

      The shivering female minimally question because handball currently compete including a bitter june. insidious, alive carp

    58. Duncieboy 454

      No one: Dutch people listening to the background music: NOG EENTJE DAN NOG EENTJE DAN DAN GA IK NAAR HUIS

    59. R6S-BEAST

      love that yall also lovecFPSRussia

    60. Razor Riches

      Me when i play kapkan

    61. alp özkan

      7:30 HeLLoW mY friENdS thiS is FPSRussia i JusT goT oUt oF jaIL BRUH

    62. JxDmini


    63. fartnuggt

      The get down mr president is basicallyidowrk and I love it

    64. skynny Lv

      I just got a kapkan black ice on 1st alpha on my alt account

    65. Safa ae

      this stardew valley music is killing me

    66. DORONYUK

      Половину не понял но было смешно

    67. jayden schinke

      1:04 starts playing standew valley music

    68. Gin

      Trewis wrote that he wanted to be killed by you..... THATS CHEATING

    69. Michael Wittman

      12:23 oh awesome you are guinean

    70. Sev Jenko

      Another thing with this reinforcement ordeal if you time a final reinforcement just right you can place 11 rather than the ten alotted

    71. Дима Бушмелев

      Ну все видосы топ9

    72. vincent bastrup

      the fuck you say about me Danmark

    73. WeebTheCuber

      "why kapkan is now op" "I think im going to be a meastro main"

    74. Jett Sellings

      I’m in your video I’m the person that died from 1 kapkan trap

    75. Oscar Myhre


    76. Hang Ngo

      2:10 Wait a minute Read the in game chat

    77. A J

      The random stardew valley music 😂😂

    78. Miracle

      But dogs don't actually see the world in black 'n white...

    79. savage apprentice

      MANFILTH, if it's your death you are hoping for, I oblige, ITS FRON SHADOW OF WAR

    80. F.B.I

      I started playing Kapkan because of his Operator video.

    81. Larryboi

      dogs don't see black and white btw

    82. Ferritt

      BasicallyIWrk at the beginning XD

    83. Murilo G

      6:10 yeah, my dad lol He says the only thing that he sees is shades of gray, from lightest to darkest

    84. Bensilvajb

      Goodly noob ITS you ? 🤡🤣

    85. Magnus Pedersen

      Im Danish and I love the way ve make chiken and fuuuuuck sweden

    86. FaZe FlyHigh

      How can I help I’m just a viewer WHO LOVES UR VIDSSSS❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    87. ManRay

      everyday i imagine a future where i can be with u

      1. Cornelius C

        In my hand is a pen to write a poem of me and you

      2. Nutbuster69

        Thx for reminding me how hell is like

    88. Mr. Bam920

      4:00 *spaghetti music intensifies*

    89. Leahc Corpuz

      5:22 is the bset moment ever bruh made me laugh hard🤣🤣🤣

    90. bajw l

      15:00 that.... Hurt

    91. Benjamin Gillette

      4:16 - the one and only time Warden wasn't completely and hopelessly useless. EVER

    92. that guy

      unpopular opinion but the suppressor is the best barrel

    93. N0 0N3

      Fellow Kapkan mains which gun do you prefer the SASG-12 shotgun or as I call it the Sausage or The smg I can not remember the name of

    94. Alexander (Lex) Franzen

      11:30 the most Swedish thing I've ever heard

    95. Epic 112


    96. sickbrwnrice

      If u hard main kapkan u have no life

    97. Maple

      2:12 that guy ruined the moment letting bikini kill him but i dont think bikini realized and still added it :/

    98. Garik Knyaz

      Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaan Привеееееееет чуваааааак Привет как дела я русский Im not american boy Im russian boy😎

    99. Fie Zakker

      Me when bikini said fuck Denmark me here being from Denmark xD

    100. Boss panda 1122

      0:11 isn't that Marcel??