Why The *NEW* Hibana REWORK in Rainbow Six Siege is INSANE❗❗


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    Today we are taking a break in this Rainbow Six Siege montage and the Operation Neon Dawn and the new op Aruni to play the Amazing Hibana Rework!
    Also Sugar Fright was bad.
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Try Last Farewell FOR FREE here: gameround.co/detail/97/info :)

      1. william low

        That clicking sound a 6:55 gives me anxiety and Vietnam type flashbacks of fallout new Vegas

      2. jannu setä

        change your outro

      3. idol Vooxe


      4. Turbo F-150

        Out of curiosity when you do play ranked if you do what rank are you usually

      5. lilshotee

        we need kini on hot ones

    2. Reeon Calleb l. de leon

      Bro fight karlson in the wishlist

    3. SCP 049

      Kock is duty


      Saatana perkele Suomi mainittu Finland mentioned omgggggg

    5. Unkn0uun

      Awesome sponsor Kini

    6. Tsar Bomba

      The type 89 is op and so is hibana’s Hardbreach especially on console when nobody wants to play support. And i main her

    7. FunderStrike

      i got an ad at the "AAAAAAAAAAAA" at 1:56 perfectly cut screams

    8. Waffle

      This is a JoJo’s reference it says Dio in it

    9. JxDmini


    10. Charlie Lim

      cock is said like 751049387509287 times in this video

    11. VeikkoKa

      where are you from becouse you said saatana perkele

    12. Hasnain islam

      The heart attack joke. Fekin hilarious bikini👍

    13. LTC Sweeper

      Woooooooo YEEAH BABAY

    14. Ivan Domingo

      now with G.Round I can test games before lost my time to get an ilegacy copy of the game :) :) :)

    15. Mason Villa

      2:25 when you said HEART ATTACK I was so mad and cringed so hard.

    16. Anonymous .0

      1:12 what did he say someone please translate I’m curius

    17. Mctwistflop

      What is that red camo in the beginning of the video?

    18. TossuSSR

      wait.... Bikini not anymore swedish

    19. Mansour Tareen

      Bikini are you from Sweden or Finland

    20. Mansour Tareen

      Ei yo did you just swear in Finnish

    21. Sean Tennant

      Fortnite music

    22. paul thammaracksa

      The vivacious snail formerly command because teller conversly belong circa a angry army. honorable, weak yam


      I am a spanish guy and i am in london for learn english and i didnt speak english very well, and you help with your videos

    24. Gamer Boy

      Bikini did you know with drone hardcore parkour you can get to the roof on house

    25. meliten

      it's a heart/hard breach :D

    26. Spooderman

      there is a lot of kock

    27. Alexander Wesström

      Did he just swear in finish? 1:12

    28. Otto 758

      what the fuck out of nowhere this guy swears IN FINNISH

    29. x y

      12:48 thats some mayweather level of head movement

    30. Lukas Hlosta

      Did Hibana really say "Oh shit" at 9:30? :DD

    31. DrDepression

      The “ heart attack “ gave me a heart attack

    32. DuckyGod

      Is zero in the game I haven't been able to play for like 4 months

    33. KOVARIXD

      try next time vittu saatana perkele

    34. Marco Mennella

      Did you say "Satana perchè?"??

    35. Keeva Grace

      Pog for Jesus Christ amen

    36. FmoofBuuf


    37. just kyrex

      The "heart attack" had me dead😂😂😂😂😂

    38. Antjuandre Ecton

      It’s a heart breach

    39. Miko Paavilainen

      saatana perkele mä oisin halunnu mun mars jäätelöitää

    40. D.T.G.

      Why was it playing fortnite lobby music for a bit

    41. Lord Tachanka

      hehe BOSG go pew pew hehe

    42. IBRAHIM

      2:23 heart attack scarlxrd

    43. bucky

      whats the song at 2:40

    44. DJ Leox

      “I Kill Through Kock.” Best part lmao.

    45. Halyo Alex

      As soon as he said "hibana rework" my video quality dropped to 140p, bruh the internet is editing his video too xD

    46. ThatRussianbear

      8:56 mozzie is that you

    47. Ebstract

      Dang you have alot of effort in your vids👀


      all the rouunds has a guy called sneak..... thats kinda wird I think.....

    49. A Mysterious Gamer Approaches

      Fun fact hibana can now counter the new operator aruni because it would take 2 projectiles to shutdown 1 aruni for a while and hibana has like 18 so 9 shots of disabling the aruni gates lol

    50. Marc3pa nn

      This is cok based video

    51. Corrupt Mask

      Is g run trustworthy???

    52. Dank Watermelon

      9:30 ocean or oh shit ? u decide

    53. Ansen Miller

      Did he just sponser his own video?

    54. Declan Ziolkowski

      Hello every bodhi

    55. DannyK 183

      7:01 oryx looks like he has Cheeto puff arms

    56. Sacrifice PX

      I was maining hibana before the rework

    57. d4ni20_

      13:01 DIO

    58. Pärinäp0ika


    59. Never Winter

      I thought you were gonna be showing off the actual rework not the temp mini rework

    60. Yiğit Yaşar

      Is it just me or is the music in the background played with tesla coils?

    61. Artem Artem

      How many times TACHANKA dies in this video?

    62. Alpha

      The no but November joke got me dead 11:10😂

    63. Enrique

      10:36 that sounds like when you open Netflix

    64. Bacon 69

      1:10 since when was kini Finnish?

    65. Ttv Dark_Bakhtak

      u know finnish?

    66. 藤井崚輔

      "W" is an expression similar to "lol" in Japan.By the way, it's Google Translate, so don't be afraid.

    67. Star Butterfly

      00:04 минус трусы XD

    68. The Micropenis Maniac

      She’s still just a worse ace that can break more hatches

    69. Mr Vibez4633

      When will you upload

    70. Rodrix12


    71. Kevin Klogner

      1:11 My summer car by like

    72. BodhiVR

      Hello i see we got to the same name

    73. Victor Fernandes

      u racist

    74. Garrett Quinney-Cardinal

      I love the music ❤️🤙🏽

    75. Olispa maitoo

      1:11 hits different😪

    76. Sikes_r6

      can we agree Bikini should not use a Fortnite sound like Rainbow is good and then we have Fortnite Bikini pls Stop it

    77. Ayberk Değer

      Bikini You think you are a pro, but you are no different from a little kid, sometimes you make it empty so you are bad when you lose the game, you say `` crush wp '' or you swear a lot

    78. Matthew Stokes


    79. BaguetteBakker

      Today I tried buying the game but an error occured and my fucking money is gone

    80. VibinnRain

      This was a cocky game

    81. Pavel

      Можно субтитры русские пожалуйста

    82. AquaSama ͔ ͔

      4:14 You didn't have to destroy him dude 😭

    83. Kaukonelauri

      What bikini speaks finnish??

    84. SeñorPixulas

      5:20 *_You planted your last poTaToO_*

    85. Commander Ponds

      The new Hibana rework AKA Hibana Kok rework

    86. ThunderCreeper96

      does anyone else here miss bouchiba in his videos?

    87. matteo iacomini

      Please try talking Italian and ESPAÑOL!!!!! more. You make me laugh so hard

    88. Nick Thegreek

      8:40 hahahaha

    89. TheSaltyStomper

      12:44 that 1 tap was nice

    90. kana S

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    91. Suklaamousse1

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    92. BROKEN LEGEND 117


    93. Leonardo Lima

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    94. Onii Chan


    95. Aubrey Bailey

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    96. ZeRo_TwO_STW

      “I’m a dentist” bikini 2020

    97. Ed Popson

      They reworked Skyscraper that map ass well?

    98. Ed Popson

      1:12 SATANA PERKELEE!!!!!

    99. three

      just need a vertical 2x3 option

    100. thezimis

      Bello bikini, my brother's just stupid, can you deban me from the twitch chat please? I'm Hiperheroshatz95. Thank u