Why The *NEW* Hibana REWORK in Rainbow Six Siege is INSANE❗❗


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    Today we are taking a break in this Rainbow Six Siege montage and the Operation Neon Dawn and the new op Aruni to play the Amazing Hibana Rework!
    Also Sugar Fright was bad.
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Try Last Farewell FOR FREE here: gameround.co/detail/97/info :)

      1. Luis Peña

        @Joseshuy .-.

      2. Joseshuy

        @Luis Peña que paso

      3. Luis Peña

        @Joseshuy .-. ._.

      4. Joseshuy

        @Luis Peña jaja un latino aquí que raro

      5. william low

        That clicking sound a 6:55 gives me anxiety and Vietnam type flashbacks of fallout new Vegas

    2. Electrodus

      Hibana is a HEART breacher

    3. ThisKnifer

      1:11 The fourth wall break made me shit myself

    4. SergeantTactical

      9:27 CO ooh yes *chuckle* *rook screams in agony* *hibana goes into the wall* Oh shi

    5. SergeantTactical

      9:06 *bandit voice* nitro deployed

    6. rose ares Mizarel

      hey bikini !! ım wondering your laugh style pls show it us on your face

    7. fantasma_ 1245

      11:04 he did a custard

    8. Harry Barnes

      Hey Kini just curious what gun skin is that at the beginning of you video?

    9. Seth Emerine

      Zelda Oreinca of Time Music. Or however you spell it.

    10. Rouna_Pouna

      1:14 TORILLE

    11. Danidtan 3

      9:25 wait hibana is a girl how come does she have one

    12. Ron Nutting

      7:40 bruh, FoRTnItE.

    13. Navaltech5295

      4:19 Flex Tape xD

    14. S̷I̸X̶P̴A̷T̵H̸S̶O̷F̸P̶A̸I̴N̸ _

      Damn, that floss remix hits hard

    15. xConvoy

      2:31 I guess hibana is now a heart breacher....

    16. JimZone

      i did NOT expect the "PERKELE SAATANA"

    17. Luksufishy


    18. Максик Чёрт

      МИНУС ТРУСЫ)))

    19. Tommaso Piperno

      1:53 amongus

    20. BlockGuy


    21. blakester

      mauricio i cant, i cant move it move it anymore

    22. Just A Commenter

      8:09 lmao

    23. Inf1n1te

      hibanna after her rework: *laughs in hardbreach* mute in operation crimson fire: *laughs in silence*

    24. Norbert Klár

      I remember when we got paid to playtest games.

    25. Simon Markham

      DOOR STUCK 🤣🤣🤣

    26. Keeghan Isenor

      @4:50 I think the super Shorty needs an ACOG.

    27. tveksy

      3:23 WHAT? HOW? 1 SEC

    28. Stealthz

      I love how he said Dio at 13:00. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in a nutshell

    29. LoneWolfGaming


    30. Suwwan_

      U play on 85 fps???

    31. Jam_Szatan_PL

      Thanks for choosing my gauntlet dude

    32. Ser Vivo Br

      7:28 ffs

    33. Ser Vivo Br

      1:12 what it means ?

    34. yliäänisorsa

      Yezzz its amazing imma from finland

    35. Wonder

      11:58 why does he sound like BadboyHalo saying “LANGUAGE”

    36. daniel Pihera

      if u think that he is good at the game go watch his streams

    37. Verkku Serkku

      When i lose to a copper memer: SAATANA PERKELE VITTU

    38. Mahamed Obeid

      We just ignoring the plant at 3:24

    39. Ego Grzmot

      Anybody knows the name of the song at 3:49

    40. xaM9l4uk

      - трусы

    41. IhmeBoomer

      1:12 saatana pherkele

    42. Q Q

      0:03 МИНУС ТРУСЫ)))

    43. ツY0u_G0t_Clapq3d

      9:32 did hibana cursed?

    44. Fabaah

      U can breach hatchs with 2 pellets

    45. jokez jo

      New reputation system be like: 1:23 2:02 2:27 9:57 10:17

    46. Reed Moore

      1:11 *angry finnish noises*

    47. Luke Hammond

      First time watching this video and I have done the hardcore drone parcore with out watching this vid

    48. Valtteri //Toivanen

      love that "saatana perkele"

    49. Albaraa Bahaddad

      dont worry kids he's just saying coke definitely not a sexual joke kids

    50. Magical 2G2

      11:53 what does the word black have to do with language?

    51. Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim

      1:11 Cultural appropriation

    52. Reeon Calleb l. de leon

      Bro fight karlson in the wishlist

    53. SCP 049

      Kock is duty

    54. FINGAMES

      Saatana perkele Suomi mainittu Finland mentioned omgggggg

    55. Unkn0uun

      Awesome sponsor Kini

    56. Tsar Bomba

      The type 89 is op and so is hibana’s Hardbreach especially on console when nobody wants to play support. And i main her

    57. FunderStrike

      i got an ad at the "AAAAAAAAAAAA" at 1:56 perfectly cut screams

    58. Waffle

      This is a JoJo’s reference it says Dio in it

    59. JxDmini


    60. Charlie Lim

      cock is said like 751049387509287 times in this video

    61. VeikkoKa

      where are you from becouse you said saatana perkele

    62. Hasnain islam

      The heart attack joke. Fekin hilarious bikini👍

    63. LTC Sweeper

      Woooooooo YEEAH BABAY

    64. Ivan Domingo

      now with G.Round I can test games before lost my time to get an ilegacy copy of the game :) :) :)

    65. Mason Villa

      2:25 when you said HEART ATTACK I was so mad and cringed so hard.

    66. Anonymous .0

      1:12 what did he say someone please translate I’m curius

    67. Mctwistflop

      What is that red camo in the beginning of the video?

    68. TossuSSR

      wait.... Bikini not anymore swedish

    69. Mansour Tareen

      Bikini are you from Sweden or Finland

    70. Mansour Tareen

      Ei yo did you just swear in Finnish

    71. Venom -

      Fortnite music

    72. paul thammaracksa

      The vivacious snail formerly command because teller conversly belong circa a angry army. honorable, weak yam


      I am a spanish guy and i am in london for learn english and i didnt speak english very well, and you help with your videos

    74. Gamer Boy

      Bikini did you know with drone hardcore parkour you can get to the roof on house

    75. midon

      it's a heart/hard breach :D

    76. Spooderman

      there is a lot of kock

    77. Alexander Wesström

      Did he just swear in finish? 1:12

    78. Otto 758

      what the fuck out of nowhere this guy swears IN FINNISH

    79. x y

      12:48 thats some mayweather level of head movement

    80. Lukas Hlosta

      Did Hibana really say "Oh shit" at 9:30? :DD

    81. DrDepression

      The “ heart attack “ gave me a heart attack

    82. DuckyGod

      Is zero in the game I haven't been able to play for like 4 months

    83. KOVARIXD

      try next time vittu saatana perkele

    84. Marco Mennella

      Did you say "Satana perchè?"??

    85. Keeva Grace

      Pog for Jesus Christ amen

    86. FmoofBuuf


    87. K1NG

      The "heart attack" had me dead😂😂😂😂😂

    88. Antjuandre Ecton

      It’s a heart breach

    89. Miko Paavilainen

      saatana perkele mä oisin halunnu mun mars jäätelöitää

    90. D.T.G.

      Why was it playing fortnite lobby music for a bit

    91. Lord Tachanka

      hehe BOSG go pew pew hehe

    92. IBRAHIM

      2:23 heart attack scarlxrd

    93. buckyy

      whats the song at 2:40

    94. DJ Leox

      “I Kill Through Kock.” Best part lmao.

    95. Halyo Alex

      As soon as he said "hibana rework" my video quality dropped to 140p, bruh the internet is editing his video too xD

    96. Malware

      8:56 mozzie is that you

    97. Ebstract

      Dang you have alot of effort in your vids👀


      all the rouunds has a guy called sneak..... thats kinda wird I think.....

    99. A Mysterious Gamer Approaches

      Fun fact hibana can now counter the new operator aruni because it would take 2 projectiles to shutdown 1 aruni for a while and hibana has like 18 so 9 shots of disabling the aruni gates lol