Why You NEED to Play NEW Kaid in Rainbow Six Siege


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    Kaid got a nerf but he's still STRONK
    When I'm on Rainbow Six Siege Multiplayer and I play Kaid you better watch out, cause I will hit you with the insanest one taps out there, Kaid if you didn't know is one of the new operators out there, so I'll Kaid until Tachanka gets a rework
    That's the strategy
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    1. BikiniBodhi

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      1. The Voiceless One

        It bothers me that hipfire had such a small reticle and was so accurate, and now, you can't hit the broad side of a barn from inside it using hipfire. At least in console.

      2. Beau Orama

        Hello guppy’s

      3. Nozie.

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      4. Dominick Cap

        How did you find the German dude again

      5. Dominick Cap

        How did you find him again?

    2. Geenathine sincklear

      Dude that crash sound track brought back some memories

    3. Galaxy melody

      German boi is a treasure

    4. ᴛʟ ʙᴇᴛᴇ ɴᴏɪʀᴇ

      Bikini should change the title of this video to "We meet a German and we can't stop laughing"

    5. The R6S Shield Main

      You really going to put an advertisement seconds after a sad moment

    6. Marvin L.

      the - use a shotgun as a sniper meta xD

    7. Anglebeck

      What happened to szepiz

    8. donswald yt

      Video: Bitch Subtitles: Ash

    9. Andràs Adorjàni

      they didnt fix.... :)

    10. ItzBrokenHeart

      6:35 i just love what word he replaced bish with

    11. Akaeral

      Who else has noticed that bikini has been saying Juan longer than Marley

    12. Lambet King

      Dear BikiniBohdi, Hello!! I am from a clan that plays some R6, and we had an idea, that we believe to be excellent! As all siege players that have not been living under a rock knows, our Lord is becoming stronger than ever, and he needs a new look, like, I don't know, an Elite!! I drafted this up, and posted it on the forums, but simply feel it is not out there enough. After some discussion with my clan, we came up with the idea of proposing it to you! You have changed the game in ways that I might not even realize, and you pay attention to your followers and community, and I hope you could get this out, since I'm positive Ubisoft pays close attention to you. Thank you, and keep making amazing videos!! forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/1842018-Elite-skin-ideas?p=15191846#post15191846

    13. Darrin Tapp

      They actually met irl Jäger

    14. angrybirdfreak

      Hey papa can you explain 2020 to me

      1. Piloto Marcos

        Ok all starded with this fucking fire

    15. Luigi Bottoni

      0:47 Him used four bullets?

    16. Norman

      That german guy was 100% russian lol

    17. Etrigan10

      Love from india buddy🤙🤙

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    19. Kodi P

      Me who watches this 2 years later and dosnt realise but is like oh hey got 94k likes good for him to get them quick.

    20. SendPrudes

      Man you play this game like it's your job

    21. Atlas Kasalı

      Scope is still not fixed

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    23. Dream

      I love the crash bandicoot music

    24. Melonen crafter

      im german and i like bekinibody

    25. Phelix_ 381

      What kind of musics does he use in his videos. They are hilarious😂

    26. dat boi

      7:19 what’s that music from

      1. Lassaro

        Metal Gear Solid 3, hufast.info/plan/vide/romjhbGWkXjQoI0

    27. Циктор Вуркан

      2:12 song?

    28. Doragon967

      *Watching Bikini explain 2016* Haha *looks out window at 2020* ... Can we get the gorilla back plz

    29. Nozie.

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    30. Kopeckyy ___

      It’s a click bait, i click on this video because the name of this is why you need play kaid. You pick a clips when you do one tap or something like that and you don’t tell me why I need play kaid. Why you do this to me ?•_•?

    31. Iosif Stalin

      "you fucking toxic son of an Ash" 😂😂😂lmao

    32. PAPIWrong 10

      2:20 :)

    33. ꧁Адонис Кастильо꧂

      Oh, and then they gave the Arab dude a bomb in Burnt Horizon.

    34. Alejandro Padron

      In 2019 actually ubi fixes the scope on the 44. Magnum

    35. Jermaine Jean Dahm

      Ich bin deutsch

    36. DOMINUS beats

      I know bikini because is onetap i know marley because i says mate

    37. MathDaBoi

      Kaid is gud ok D:

    38. luis gastelo

      2020 and it did all start with haramber

    39. Arxu Logic XBL

      Dot 44 magnum 🤣🤣

    40. Jakub Maślanka

      6:35 son of a XDDDD

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      Bouchiba! we need more of him!!

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    45. Diego Caviari

      You don’t have fix it yet an you have90000 likes?

      1. Diego Caviari

        O shit you have fix it he is a good

    46. Mr. Gaming

      I'm also german

    47. Morgan Freeman 420

      He’s my defensive main. Amazing load out and a good special gadget

    48. Kerem Peru

      3:11 fotboll

    49. SenseiSushi.

      Nobody: Me in 2020: Nobody: Me in 2020: Nobody: Me in 2020: Nobody: Me in 2020

    50. Gray Blood

      You didn't fix the scope yet brother

    51. Felix Jonas Hönicke

      Was this the first time u met Bouchiba? I dont believe him that hes German but if.... Bouchiba wenn du deutsch bist wäre das schon krass für uns... Sorry mir ist kein anderer Satz eigefallen 🤣

    52. The Bud Knight

      2:12 what song

    53. San7God

      Like si eres español :D

    54. Gato Pizza

      it's me or bikini is a mix of mexican and italian

      1. Gato Pizza

        And american

    55. Juaneco0599

      so this is wheb kini found boushiba

    56. sheptakurama

      7:35 yeah bro that pistol is amazing

    57. Paprika 39

      Are you rasist when you gass ash

    58. ADUCAL, Keans Charlemagne M.

      85k likes now

    59. רפאל ליאב ביטון

      When i feel like shit i go back to this vid and see how chowder set you up hansel and gratel

    60. Kando

      Anyone else notice crash bandicoot music?

    61. EvenTitan

      7:54 photos taken moments before disaster

    62. XEOICES

      bouchiba2018 origin video

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      Ypu had yor 50k likes and uvi dont remove the espoce

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      Kaid the sniper



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      kaid just fucking strapped an acog to his revolver

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      Imagine getting killed or killing Bohdi

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      Thank you for this wonderful content fren

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    76. Ich mag Döner

      bouchiba ich liebe dich Bruder #NoHomo


      R6 let's give defenders an 84 damage DMR and a 44mag sniper rifle Let's give glaz a slower firing lower damage sniper rifle

    78. Kaiqi Liu

      1:15 how did he get up there??

      1. Bertex HD


    79. Bruh My Pancakes

      I tried him and it shot this guy at least 4 Times with the shotgun and he didn’t die

    80. Jessie Robideau

      Can you throw the shocks darts at blitz shield of Montana’s shield?

    81. Lord Dankchanka

      3:18 Poland: ptsd flash backs of Wehrmacht invading Germany: Poland vi are zoo swveating?

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      is that carsh island theme?

    83. BEANOS

      Did somebody say my name!!!

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      I subbed because I play raindow

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      Bouchiba sounds like a German Fernando Alonso

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      i had smash the like button !!!!!

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      he should have called it a han-tap

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      Ich bin aus Österreich und rede besser English

    89. Mini

      EXACTLY a year later and i get kaid, like literally same day i purchase the op

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    91. Kaan Dinc

      Im from germany too

    92. Big Baffo

      3:27 I wasn't happy with this so here is his r6 tracker account he i still alive r6.tracker.network/profile/pc/bouchiba2018 #bouchiba2018

    93. Plague Scorch

      Bikini: I am a generous god Me: *borderlands 3 flashbacks*

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