Why You *NEED* To Play Wamai in Rainbow Six Siege


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    Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides brought us some amazing operators with Wama & Kali aswell as the new Ela Elite which is AMAZING!!!
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    🎵 Music:
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team OST - Friend Area Field
    PAYDAY 2 OST - Heist Successful
    Super Mario RPG OST - Fight Against an Armed Boss
    Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games OST - Snow Theme (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)
    Banjo-Kazooie OST - Treasure Trove Cove
    Donkey Kong Country OST - Island Swing
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Outback Safari
    Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games OST - Puzzle Plank Galaxy
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
    ► Your Brain: bit.ly/2JETObQ
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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      1. Agent piggles

        That fuse strat is just cruel

      2. Darren Oliveros

        8:28 this is a better love story than Twilight

      3. Logan Shank

        Pls nooo

      4. some dude

        Haha! I'll do you one better! What mom

      5. A Person

        Damn you got me

    2. Humberto Lopez

      Do you prefer the MP5K over the AUG?

    3. Hi Im Ryan

      ok i'm buying wamai

    4. Tafffee

      Can we take a moment to talk about how much payday music Bodhi uses?

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      6:07 bonk

    7. SH1KA

      Everybody gangsta, until chowder goes matpat

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    9. Bderix

      Hey Bikini from the past... play more Tachanka until he will be gone on a way u don't espect._.

    10. ixi_xcv

      3:35 doc is alive right there, next clip doc is magically dead.

    11. Joseph O'Reilly

      0:00 there is one impostor among us

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      Wakanda for ever

    13. Springtrap

      **backstab starts playing**

    14. ꞖꜪꜪꝞꞨ

      oh jeez that thumbnail gave me nightmares idk why yt recommended it again

    15. Ethan Velle

      My best wamai play is putting one on the ceiling outside objective and getting someone friendly fire from a frag

    16. MrCatman22

      Is it just me or does Amaru look like she has a mustache 10:59

    17. Ct 7567

      8:22 “Wamace” if you will

    18. D. B.

      0:58 this was craaazy

    19. Todbrot

      a by 3:20 he make a head shot through his shield XD wtf

    20. Tanmay Verma

      This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long long time

    21. DJwinstin

      Jäger also requires a brain but ok

    22. Depression Animations

      Thumbnail long shlong big dong

    23. Gadam

      "Dabs take lifes"?

    24. Leon 2455

      He has banned a guy for 30 days using wamai mangnets Rip fuze

    25. Diavolo Gaming

      Don’t you just “love” Battle eye 5:07

    26. Hsar

      3:00 i used the zofia to stunn the zofia

    27. Rajendra A.K

      Ubisoft should add an operator with Knife/machette/dagger/sword as their secondary weapon/gadget like to agree!!!!

    28. Venom Sweat

      The thumbnail gives me nightmares

    29. GammaINC

      watching bikini play makes me visibly upset

    30. Aeon

      I love wamai on Oregon basement site holding down blue with a shield and endless pancakes is awesome

    31. realluca 632

      11:05 haha. you wanna see a magic trick there is nothing now there is a grenade

    32. Jason Cruz

      Hey wasup i have a question which weapon is better with wamai the aug or the mp5k

    33. Dabnauta

      Payday ST !!

    34. Lyle Party

      So funny

    35. CheapNotch

      1:00 Best part of the video.

    36. Springtrap

      Dude I wheezed so hard when crispy killed a lot of his team

    37. L P

      1:18 drone kickflips best moment

    38. Galaxy_ _Games

      wamai big pp

    39. Lim Chee Soon

      What's that song at 3:41?

    40. Šimon Hromada

      10% PRO Play 90% PRO play with jokes :DD Thx for good plays

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      1:02 there goes that guys score

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      No one talking about the thumbnail

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      7:11 are you just going to ignore the fact that thermite was crawling behind you?

    45. T- Tuscan [TSC]


    46. Off- Screen

      "he actually requires a brain to play" not to mention, genuinely fun to play

    47. elitesgame

      Title: Why You *NEED* To Play Jäger in Rainbow Six Siege

    48. Ayorome

      1:18 impressive☺️

    49. Michael Hickman

      So Wamai is an uno reverse card

    50. Tomás Domicent

      algum br aq?

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      0:01 to kill your enemies, you must be the enemies

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      Luckily I got black ice for him then


      You're quite loud

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      1:02 bro what the fuck that was the best play ive ever seen

    57. Nãoficial

      Press F to respect drone

    58. Magnus Henriksen

      You are showing us epic gameplay, not really Wamai being epic

    59. Dashontwi

      When I saw the stream clip I though “wow Post Malone is playing siege”

    60. Lucariken

      The beat at 4:18 got my blood pumping

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    62. Aden Beyer

      You are hilarious

    63. Aistis Gudaitis

      hate to ask but what soundtrack at 4:19 was that? btw great vids as usual bikini, glad i found a r6 player that also likes payday 2 like me :D

    64. BLACK_HyDrA161

      bikini's laugh sounds like its a soundboard

    65. pickle meister

      i have black ice for aug a2 as well bruv

    66. Anshul Singh

      If Kini was a Bi. BiKini.

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      5:42 Space Dragons 100 része után már felismerem xd

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      You made the thumbnail art for wamai look like he has a bon*r

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      Are these vids set up 1:05 he knows chedda and Manranke

    71. TheBossMaster Channel

      Eeeeee payday music

    72. Austin Foster

      Do you wanna see what Cocaine feels like?

    73. Heritic Slayer

      Bikini showing how ranked players react to a black beard main

    74. DA HUNTER21111

      aug is so nice on wamai tbh

    75. Alloy Volca

      11:03 should be in perfectly cut screams

    76. jinx86

      Hes fun

    77. Timothy Moore

      Welp found my new favorite youtuber.

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      In my language his name is similar to the word fuck😂

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      Peanut butter.

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      The transmog bit was funny because I can relate😂 Ahhh, WoW memes.

    86. Kiremaru

      why you use red dot?

    87. Shalev336

      "lets go team" how do you do that voice

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      *E C H O* These words describe his anger.

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      Is the Mario bros song in there

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      Did you use payday2 music in a rainbow 6 video. I like

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      I swear he gets the biggest bots in his game

    93. Gabe Collins

      Why was it playing payday 2 music

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      2:56 the wameta, wamai meta, get it?

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