Why You NEED to Play Tachanka in Rainbow Six Siege


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    Tachanka must be saved, he's my guy.
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    Still no word on what they will do to my Tachanka in Rainbow Six Siege
    But I will not back down. #SaveTachanka
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    🎵 Music:
    Undertale OST - Muscle Song
    SP: Fractured But Whole OST - Raisins Girl
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Inside A House
    Hans Zimmer - Epilogue
    Hotline Miami 2 OST - Wrong Number
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Lyre, Lyre Pants on Fire
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Beedle's Shop
    Kirbys Return to Dream Land OST - Challenge Stage
    Epic Sax Guy - Epic Sax Guy (Cruzo Remix)
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Outset Island
    Crash Twinsanity OST - Walrus Chase
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
    ► Your Brain: bit.ly/2JETObQ
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
    #RainbowSixSiege #BikiniBodhi

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      1 Like = 1 buff for Tachanka Git that blyat

      1. Dog Moskva

        Rework? Comin

      2. The Vercetti Family

        I spit on you you are a imposter tachanka you use SMG???!!!!?!?!?!?

      3. Moderately Serious Racoon

        I’m a tachanka main and I am looking forward for his full rework hopefully it dose not disstroy our well know god tachanka

      4. - Deskiner

        How do you buff a god

      5. Boss panda 1122

        What about that house tour?

    2. Landon

      F to old Chanka

    3. Diddly Doo Productions

      The good ol days

    4. 醬油

      0:45 best part of the video

    5. Paulo Yousif

      Can we just give him a 1200 fire rate and keep everything else the same

    6. Armando Palacios

      I’m using tachanka for sure now!

    7. ꧁Адонис Кастильо꧂

      So, they are turning the lord into a warlord. They’re giving him a boom stick

    8. JaradRabbit

      Where's the house tour video?

    9. Mr Among us man


    10. Ottmájer Bence

      I have a 1,7 K/D with the Lord. Perfect operator.

    11. Grun_D

      where is house tour

    12. The Ice Butcher

      This tachanka rework is a huge buff

    13. Michael Guerra

      Bikinibodhi you are gonna luv # tachanka is a Romer

    14. Alex Rowe

      4:40 Never have I seen someone handle tachankas turret like that, you homewrecker!

    15. Trupp Zalán

      WhErE Is tHe HoUse tOurE vIdeO?!?!?!?!

    16. Mor_ eno

      Tachanka stays the Lord of siege

    17. Its Cloudie

      I know how to buff tachanka ADD 360 so BIKINI CAN MEME

    18. Cat On LSD


    19. Ruggero Mottura

      Is that sans theme at the begginig 😂😂

    20. nathaniel kaniatobe

      My tachanka kd is 1.6 but my winrate is .8

    21. Seraphina91

      Pp extendus 😂😂😂😂😂

    22. MOZZIEK _01

      3:08 ааааааа мама же рядом.....

    23. THE BEAN

      I main tachanka

    24. YX

      I want a 360 degree tachanka

    25. Noob Squad: Wolfpack

      Не ну реально же, у американцев с русскими проблем нету, а вот у русских...

    26. DeathTaters Taters

      2:00 Crysis 2 Music qmazing

    27. rechimu

      0:50 song?

    28. Otto Kohout

      I just started playing Rainbow 6 and Tachanka is like my favourite Op

    29. The_forbidden_sock_

      Who’s the 11% who chose fortnite over siege I hope that is a joke

    30. 15.Gavrila Ezekiel Ray

      Where is your house tour?

    31. Maxiy

      Press X To Doubt

    32. Sharkie

      This makes want to play him again...

    33. Bezzy DB

      0:32 look at the bottom right corner XD

    34. Nickoli Von Krain

      I've joined team chanky

    35. Matthew Svetlichniy

      Wer is a house tour vid?

    36. Vierynbryn

      "no idea mate." *dead* "understandable"

    37. MJA

      Ubisoft just needs to add 360 rotation for the turret and probably give tachanka access to acog or at least impact nades

    38. oreenge

      This video made me main tachanka😂

    39. Pan1cked

      every attacker gangsta until tachanka get a quad feed

    40. Shark Crest

      They really don’t need to rework him just add 360 turning.

    41. Boptheoneye

      tachanka the point and click adventure of sige

    42. RIPieces

      I have actually tried the spawn peak with Tachanka. It is so much fun. He is actually good

    43. BIG FRIES

      Bruh... Just make him blackbeard on defense with an LMG like maestro's


      I’m already a tachanka main my guy

    45. IvanMrtc

      Where is the room tour

    46. Koni _JustKoni

      Is ffs the pet from Finland just asking he just sounded like he had a finish accent.

    47. Berendi Pál

      Made itt pls 🙏🙏🙏

    48. Okky Prasetyo

      u know wat, BEST DEFENDER SPAWNPEEK.... doing that is FUN thx for making this vid i learned it

    49. Uncle Leo

      5:34, name song pls

    50. Jasson Khoo

      Yyyyyy wheres the house tour eh ? its 54k likes

    51. Redon Z

      What song is that it starts 0:54 plz

    52. Ivan Chan

      i hear that crysis 2 music bikini

    53. JJ's Trim

      where's the house

    54. garrysmoddudey


    55. Google Account

      House tour vid

    56. delimiter

      Kini:"pls do nut ruin me joke" Community:"Don't mind if I dooo, yeez?"

    57. delimiter

      Got dam lord ace hufast.info/plan/vide/fGmWjNxnlZqZkIE

    58. Garrett Ford

      I’ve mained tachanka

    59. TheTwistyGod Russian

      My friend says that all the time about his pp

    60. 07kilswitch

      Like your crab ravs outro

    61. Ian Frisch

      Whats the song from when cob was on the turret

    62. 1amF34R

      Where the house tour!!!

    63. Antonin

      is there ever a Jayy, Bikini and Dark game together?

    64. ABOD GAMER ْ

      fortnite it's trash and poop

    65. Xavi Cartanya

      House tour plx

    66. Nerro Frontier

      Справедливо блятб

    67. HNLB


    68. Tijs909

      PP MAX is better

    69. Liav Tahar

      Bikini you didnt post your new ampartnet you lie to your susicribes you got 56 k and you ssy 20 k only

    70. Alex Sager

      House tour video

    71. Craigthedefaulty Oh yea yea

      My name is whymypphard on console

    72. AWS SGTR

      I'm a chanka main but I dont know who to play on offense

    73. Bence Ternyák

      House tour?

    74. Eeveelution9

      House tour

    75. Xavi Cartanya

      house tour confirmed

    76. The Daily Nate

      Im a Tachanka main, and I will stand for our lord, for Papa Chank.

    77. Badger 2357

      I love Tachanka even more now XD

    78. withgolm clark


    79. ElectricZz HD

      Whats the song name? 0:53

    80. Chris Liam

      Give chanka turret an ACOG scope

    81. lovdusk

      Tachanka daddy

    82. MrTall

      Whatvwas song at 0:58

    83. Maverick McFarlane

      Fortnite is gay, Siege is bae.

    84. Mystic The Wolf

      55k likes... where dat house tour at?

    85. KING TATO

      Where’s the damn tour

    86. Snowyn Keim

      I think he should get an acog on his turrent

    87. CatFlexy

      3:09 почти русское блять гуд джоб бэкини

    88. Long Phan

      where’s our house video?

    89. Mike Poelman

      came for siege, stayed for the outro

    90. Bodstar14

      I love the Vids man keep it up and we got the same name 😍😍😁

    91. Mergim

      Hahahah thanks to you I know how to plax with him When I play with him I always get spawnpeek kill 😂😂

    92. Trench_Knife

      M Y P P G O T L I C K E D

    93. Communists TookMyLiberty

      chanka really rework?

    94. xBorisJ _

      No tachanka was harmed during the making of this video


      55K likes house tour

    96. The lord

      That its my brother

    97. August

      OMG you played with SHA77E, how do you run into so many pro league players

    98. The hero I need


    99. HarperJR1 Stern

      Thank you for showing me da wae my friend needs you he thinks za lord is poop plz help him his name is dabbing delta if you find him help I'm plz

    100. Giovanni Lins Moreira