WTF Is Wrong With This Rainbow Six Siege Video...?!


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    GUYS WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON in Rainbow Six Siege?
    Operation Steel Wave is by far one of the craziest seasons we've ever had AND I AM HERE FOR IT!
    Really this is just a fun Rainbow Six Siege Montage, with no Melusi, or Ace, if it was Id' tell ya... also I'm a champion legend god gamer don't @ me
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      if this video gets 5 likes I'll fix my upload schedule

      1. 🎃 Cephalon Ashッ🎃

        U didn't get 5 likes so he's not

      2. Wet Sponge

        Gta Tiger I’m joking bro

      3. Gta Tiger

        @Wet Sponge Imagine shaming someone for liking their own comment.

      4. Wet Sponge

        Imagine liking ur own comment lol

    2. Saifullah Habid

      Fuck shit, dammit Sir yes sir

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    4. echo buff

      Entire magazine

    5. Hadi _HA

      6:40 ahahh shut the fuck Why, he didn’t say anything

    6. TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__

      4:12 damn he really went "i like ya cut g"

    7. Eren YURTSEVEN

      7:10 B R U H

    8. juanfecito Macias Ureña

      1:20 asmr momento

    9. Clanka Man

      No. NoiiiI Iiigx6

    10. oli golly

      3:40 NUTTT

    11. BERDUGGO.Gaming

      5:05 he need some milk

    12. Laputa

      rip lenart bladh

    13. Noah Gassler

      the knock sound at 13:00 was so convincing that I actually turned my head and asked, 'Who's there?'

    14. 004

      8:01 song name??

    15. Melted F8ce

      Vote option again please

    16. Melted F8ce


    17. Melted F8ce


    18. Armin Block

      2:09 it is so funny when an american speaks German or try's to do it if you are German

    19. TDW Nickel

      0:30 rare footage of pop smokes ghost

    20. ItsmeLeo

      cmon nate stop s l i d i n g

    21. christianzilla

      The claymore play was supreme content. Amazing, Bikini.

    22. Tachanka Gods

      6:02 wtf kini

    23. Robbie Beckley

      I love how bikini never expects to get a kill

    24. I'm a Weeb

      He do be eating subway tho

    25. Nickylego1

      Bikini predicted the Travis scout burger

    26. Deputy Fish Gills

      doesnt look like anythings wrong to me 3:45 you cant blue ball someone like that man come on

    27. Pelloo

      A Lennart Bladh meme in a R6 video, OMG

    28. BoD

      5:10 Amaru is a good operator

    29. Бисекеев Алан

      4:12 tf was that Muhammad Ali slip

    30. Ники_ PRO

      please realise for samsung

    31. Temmie

      2:03 for myself

    32. ParaLynx280-

      please do more like this I spent the entire video laughing I have watched this over and over again I love this

    33. Andrej Jánošík

      This hits lowkey different at 1 am

    34. Old Raccoon

      "You can't just yeet while I'm putting stuff in my mouth" That goes right into my collection of golden quotes

    35. VerticalPug Studios


    36. GREEN D3ATH

      Bikini, stop the JuanDeags... they make people rage quit cuz you're too good. You're gonna be reported for your AiMbOt. Lmao

    37. Daekgamming

      I hate how he adds the knocking sound effect.

    38. BartXTV

      Why there are no test servers on consoles. So that console players also have the right to check. #FreeTestServersForEveryone

    39. Sadra Niknejad

      0:23 Nate goes brrrr

    40. Casey Matthews

      13:00 scared the shit out of me because i have noise cancelling headphones, and i have a wall next to me.

    41. massimiliano vecchia

      5:06 amaru is a good operator...

    42. Max The Novice Artist

      the video shouldnt be called "WTF is wrong with this Rainbow SIx Siege video" it should be called "WTF IS WRONG WITH SIEGE AND HOW UBISOFT DOESNT CARE"

    43. koolA1dmann

      the knocking actually made me jump...

    44. rodrigo Urquia

      Bikini: stop sliding Nate: woo

    45. GavYos

      I lost it at 4:05

    46. Martijn Rolvers


    47. Pablo Gragera

      11:30 the best song. Ocarina sooong. Lost woods. ▼・ᴥ・▼

    48. Егор Невский

      Katja is Russian?

    49. Bob Boboso

      11:13 oi bikini manda salve pro Pelé:)

    50. Lukáš Walter

      14:54 better than raid shadow legends or nord vpn

    51. Kuzey Arı

      2:09 SCHEIßE LEFT !

    52. Kuzey Arı

      1:52 RELOADING!

    53. RAHAND SIN

      You know what iam mad about the only thing that hold oryx is his gun they could have game him any gun but no lets give docs gun with no fucking acog

    54. Gilosaurus

      Like the pokemon mystery dungeon music

    55. Luigi___

      13:01 actually scared me

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    58. Enrique López

      Oleeee 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

    59. Der_Katzentyp

      Did you guys played like me weeks only r6 and your aim was good? And than you played one fuckimg wz round and this game is so bullshit from aiming that you dont even hit any enemy in r6 in the next round?

    60. Xxth3re4lRAWRxX

      nate was just vibing ya know

    61. OrdinaryAUSSIEGamer

      Ha ha he gets banned

    62. Austin Ballard

      Can we get Operation health 2.0

    63. h

      Who’s here after he got unbanned

    64. Matthew Greiner

      420 dislikes...

    65. Tyler Nicholson

      Kini I’m pretty sure that you got de black ice for jager and bandits shotgun

    66. Kaiden Tomlinson

      Who's here after he was perma-banned | V

    67. DCCX

      Heard you got banned for cheating just wanna say L

    68. Yeetopotomiss Boi

      So sad that he got banned

    69. no

      Who's here after he got banned for "hacking"

      1. peep xzx


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    71. Brandon Rocha

      As a person who’s never finished one of your videos, I am now wondering if the dancing crab has always been part of your outro, and if so I now apologize for not completing a video. I shall now like & sub. Peace out Girl Scout

    72. MrKumBa

      can we have a vid where bikini tryharding all?

      1. Ilikeanime2

        He got banned

    73. Ray

      HAHAHAAHA Wish get games like that when i play.

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    75. Hipfyr

      @ 2:00 how did mans not choke on his fuckin spit

    76. Warpedlogical

      You made flappybird?

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    79. Thrash -fast

      10:05: Archer flashbacks

    80. no simp army

      Who else was doing tukt with him

    81. Squash

      Anyone hear about his ban apparently he was framed for cheating, we love you bikinibodhi cheater or not your the best content creator.

      1. broken

        He got hacked

      2. broken


    82. Samukinha Rodrigues

      I LOVE YOU

    83. JeeBay_

      Isn't that outro crab tired of dancing for so long ????

    84. Bean Clxn

      Anyone else here that would trade a teamate to get smg11 acog back

    85. Denny KAI

      I feel so bad with your account bikini

    86. Miyuki.GODSENT

      Wait at the start of the video, is that the shadow raid heist start sound in payday 2

    87. brody B

      bikini says the G8A1 is broken with angel grip proceeds to use it

    88. Vaxuuu

      5:45 i am eating subway destroyed 😂

    89. misa

      Man I don't really play siege anymore, and I haven't been seeing you in my sub box. Your content is still as hilarious and enjoyable as it was when I played siege.

    90. XiDripV_ YT

      I just subbed

    91. Nexis 230

      Сидж уже не тот....(

    92. AnimatedBlock

      When does he play with Fabian and Katja? I missed it ):

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    94. LOUP BLANC DU 51

      I love you video ❤❤❤❤❤❤😏

    95. Kxttie

      Are you always gonna be in that or gonnaxgange

    96. condog95

      Download bikini bird or he will consume ur firstborn child

    97. condog95

      BRO NAW 13:01 it’s like right in my right ear I just jumped up Jesus Christ why bikini

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    99. Krazzik

      Why is everyone getting banned in his video 😂😂😂

    100. Krazzik

      Why at the start I could see 3 people getting banned by battle eye did anyone else notice that